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  1. How many weekends will F2 remain at #1? I noticed that there hasn't been a film since Your Name (?) that stayed at #1 for over 10 weekends.
  2. Endgame had sold out showings this year. Another one that did the same was with Deathly Hallows back in 2011. Both of those films were: Conclusion to a saga that spanned across a decade (Infinity Saga took 11, Harry Potter was 10) Had a huge opening weekend Became the highest grossing film of all time for said studio and of that year Has a large fanbase and following (of course, it's still going on to this day) I don't know what you mean by sold out shows getting rarer to achieve. If you mean by there hasn't been a sold out showing for a film in a long
  3. @Eric Plus I mean, Frozen 2 is the big movie, it's a blockbuster. More blockbusters take up the screens since they're the huge things right now. I saw Frozen 2 yesterday and there were more showtimes for that film compared to Harriet, Ford V Ferrari, and A Beautiful Day. Of course, that's because those films have less screens compared to Frozen 2, which is at over 4000.
  4. Same with Blade Runner 2049. When BR 2049 came out as a flop, people in the comment sections of places such as Youtube, Reddit, etc, referred to the general audience as "dumb" or that "they don't understand true art". No, that's not the answer. Not a lot of people in terms of the general audience have even heard of the original Blade Runner or even The Shining. It's more of a cinephile crowd than a general audience one.
  5. I was going to compare this to Aladdin, but the huge difference is that Aladdin is 4-quandrant, family friendly, and was a summer release. Plus, there was the memorial day weekend it had too. In its 7th weekend, Joker did 5.3M. In its 7th weekend, Aladdin did 7.5M.
  6. The funny thing is everyone back then expected Titanic to flop, but it went on to become a big success. And then James Cameron did it again with Avatar, and that became a bug success. The 2nd rerelease of Titanic felt too early though as of recently. Then again, the 2012 rerelease was for the 15th Anniversary and went it crossed 2B, the 2017 is for the 20th Anniversary.
  7. Not really. Streaming isn't going to kill the theater going experience. The only reason why there's a low opening is because, well, depending on the sequel, it deflates. But not only that, people are most likely waiting to see the movie next week during Thanksgiving compared to this week, where kids are off on those days.
  8. Pixar has done original films, just not a lot of them during this 2010s decade. In this recent decade (2010s), they've released 4 originals films: Coco (807M), Brave (540M), Inside Out (857M), and The Good Dinosaur (332M). As for sequels/followups/prequels, they've released 7 of those: Toy Story 3 (1.06B), Cars 2 (562M), Monsters University (744M), Finding Dory (1.02B), Cars 3 (383M), Incredibles 2 (1.2B), and Toy Story 4 (1.07B) It makes sense as to why they're going back to original standalone films.
  9. Reminds of what happened with Age Of Ultron and The Last Jedi. Both of those films got labeled as disappointing in terms of worldwide gross, but they still did well at the box office.
  10. There's definitely a difference between the sequels: Frozen 2, Incredibles 2, and Toy Story 4. I don't know how the reactions were for when for Frozen 2 was announced, so there's that. Toy Story 4 was one where people were conflicted, since there were people who enjoyed the way that Toy Story 3 had ended, and thought that a 4th one wasn't needed. It went on to do well at the box office, and outgross the 3rd Toy Story film. Incredibles 2 was one that people had been wanting and asking for years. Everyone wanted one, and Brad Bird delivered. Plus, there was th
  11. My friend and I both saw Frozen 2 today (Saturday). It was so so good. I would not mind watching it a second time. The final parts of the film were definitely unexpected and surprising. We both cried a few times, but it was still an overall wonderful film. Also, Lost In The Woods was a really good song. And another thing: The animation was absolutely breathtaking.
  12. I can't remember if someone stated this in here or not, but someone stated that Frozen 2 will likely end in Beauty And The Beast numbers (504M domestic)
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