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  1. So the billion is either: A. Going to be announced on Friday B. Waiting until Sunday to hear the news, and the film passing The Dark Knight (1.004B)
  2. Opening Weekend wise, the movie has a chance at beating out Catching Fire's Opening Weekend numbers (158M). But can it beat out Incredibles 2 numbers (182M)? And possibly go even higher than that?
  3. A Star Is Born still has the most consecutive days for a recent R-rated release (39), but Passion Of The Christ still holds that record (48).
  4. Animated is what I stated. Funny thing is someone pointed this out on the box office subreddit regarding both The Lion King and Jurassic World, more so the Dinos vs Lions since the beginning: -Jurassic Park did 914M WW in 1993, making it the highest grossing film of all time in that year -The Lion King came the year after and did 763M WW, making it the highest grossing film of all time in that year and 2nd behind Jurassic Park -Jurassic World released in 2015 and did 1.671B at the box office. The Lion King (2019) ended up doing 1.653B. Currently, JW is the 6th highest grossing movie of all time, while The Lion King is the 7th
  5. I listened to Into The Unknown the other day (Brendon Urie of Panic! sang it), and it's such a good and catchy song. 😁 It's definitely going to be a hit.
  6. Incredibles 2 was the closest at 182M. And that ended up becoming the highest grossing animated movie at the domestic box office, and was the first animated film to make 600M domestically.
  7. So now with Joker at a lock to make a billion, along with Frozen 2 and Rise Of Skywalker, that will leave us with 9 films reaching 1B. Here's hoping Jumanji possibly hits that so we can have all 10 be billion dollar grossers!
  8. I think Joker may end up somewhere in between these films: -Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (1.017B) -Alice In Wonderland (1.025B) -Zootopia (1.023B) Then again, Joker's run has been a wild and unpredictable ride, so who know where it'll end up at.
  9. Possibly? With this total, Joker will end up being in between Rogue One (1.056B) and Dead Man's Chest (1.066B)
  10. It was somewhere in the Joker forum, either the International and/or Overseas (can't remember), that Joker doesn't plan on getting a China release. Even so, this movie's going to hit a billion without China and no 3D release, which is huge.
  11. The only time a movie almost ended up trying to past that record was Deadpool back in 2016 at 363M. Joker, even with a re-release will probably end up somewhere behind American Sniper (350M).
  12. Its quite sad to see how the franchise has fallen at the box office. After the whole thing with Solo, the box office for this thing is definitely unpredictable. Hell, even the International gross has gone down. For comparison: -The Force Awakens=1.13B -The Last Jedi=712M For domestic gross, I posted this on Reddit's box office sub in terms of where it could end at in terms of WOM and legs. I split it into three categories: Great, Okay, and Terrible. I used TLJ domestic gross for comparison.
  13. I had to check and see and wow, it is bad. And based on how the numbers have gone in India over there for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, I don't even think it'll crack 1M over there.
  14. 1.1B's definitely a tough one to do. But, with a rerelease (if there is one), it has a chance of possible chance of hitting that number. I agree with Joker doing 1.05B. It will pretty much put it over/under Aladdin. Then again, it might also have a chance at stopping somewhere in between On Stranger Tides (1.04B) and Despicable Me 3 (1.03B), depending on how it legs out.
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