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  1. Boy am I glad I just watched this on HBO Max so I could just fastforward to all the fighting scenes and skip all the absolutely painful human scenes. I tried watching this movie straight up for about the first thirty minutes of it and that was all I could take of the non Godzilla and Kong action. I realize that a lot of people are just watching this movie for the Kong and Godzilla action anyways but trying to sit through the rest of the movie is extremely difficult in my opinion and really brings it down.
  2. Well then if they aren't releasing anything strictly because of China then it is better off the movie gets bumped after seeing how the box office is still performing in NA. In anycase it is getting to the point to where it doesn't matter anylonger because the release date is just a little over two months away and the marketing for the film hasn't even started yet. If it doesn't start within the next week or two you can pretty much count on the film getting bumped. They aren't going to releae a movie that is that expensive to make with only a few weeks marketing push in this environment.
  3. And if North America isn't ready to support it yet then keeping it on release date strictly because of China would be a very bad business decision when the last film of the genre that was released there made as little as it did.
  4. WW84 only made 25m in China. What the latest American made Super hero movie made in China is going to have a far bigger impact on what Disney decides to do then what a Chinese comedy did there during a Chinese holiday.
  5. Was that the reason or was I taking issue with the fact that you were making fun of Carano when all she was doing was refusing to give in to people who were trolling her. It had nothing to do with how I feel about trans rights.
  6. Sorry but the crazy things you have said in this thread so far have pretty much just made you a bud of jokes. So sorry if I don't take your comments seriously.
  7. Yeah says the person who is strictly just looking at it from the perspective of getting their movie theaters back.
  8. When you are dealing with something like deaths you can't go on something like trends or predictions. You have to go on facts. And the facts still say that 3,000 people a day are dying and the number of daily infections are still at the level they were at just a couple months ago when it was truly starting to get bad. Sorry but you don't work with trends and predictions when you are dealing with human lives. Especially human lives that aren't in the army.
  9. Until reports come out that the number of deaths per day are dropping (which we are still having about 3,000 a day) than there aren't going to be any thoughts at all about opening things up. And studios aren't going to want to bring their movies to theaters until well after reports of death tolls significantly dropping. And even though the number of cases per day have dropped a bit it is still at the point that it was at about November. They will probably want to get numbers at the point they were at in the opening months of the pandemic before they really feel comfortable opening things up. And you probably wouldn't see all that many people willing to go to the theaters again until they are either vaccinated themselves or the numbers are at the levels they were at at around last March or April.
  10. This isn't the thread for this but I'll just say even if you think it is dumb a lot of people will view it as more exciting than your normal romantic routines.
  11. And many of the people who have this viewpoint will probably end up having an affair or breaking up in the not to distant future. What is boring are people who go 'hey you can't do that yet it's not the right night of the week for that.'
  12. You mean the people that basically invented the term 'netflix and chill' are going to go to the theaters when they are actually being encouraged to stay at home and do 'netflix and chill'?
  13. Sorry but unless they start getting people vaccinated far more quickly than they are now then there is no way they are going to release a major blockbuster in May. And sorry but showing a weekend that had 11 million total dollars for the entire top 10 as an example that they will be able to release a major blockbuster soon (where they need about 800m for it to be a worthwhile investment) is laughable. The only way Black Widow stays on its May release is if they make it a simultaneous theater and Disney plus release.
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