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  1. If they did you can't tell from that video. That video is just cut in a way to fit the narrative that the person that made it wants to tell. Please provide an unedited video that shows how the cast hates the movie.
  2. I havn't talked on JCF in a couple years. I take part in the patreon area of Star Wars Explained. It's the only place where you can go where people really know all that much about what they are talking about (I prefer to get into all the material and not just surface level thoughts about the movies). And did you actually watch the video or just read the headline. THe video is just one big joke.
  3. Lol first you need to back up one of your points before we can continue. There are channels out there that are created specifically for the things you are trying to do.
  4. Mmm. I'm not sure you know what you are talking about as you are coming off as another one who is just trying to troll the ST and JJ. The only point you are trying to make to back up your statement is easily countered.
  5. You can definitely tell how much Filoni has learned based on what the Siege of Mandalor arc ended up being like but he still needs to stay under Favreau's wing in terms of live action for now. He probably needs a few more seasons of things being the way they are now before he would be able to do a real good job of showrunning his own live action series. And people who say he should run Lucasfilm are probably recovering from some concussion that they got within the past week.
  6. As I said you really have to be reaching in order to try to say that Filoni was invalidating the sequels during that conversation. The topic was about Anakin and Luke's relationship. THe sequel movies don't have anything to do with Anakin and Luke's relationship. Now if Filoni said the first six movies complete the story of the restoration of the Jedi Order or the full story of the fight against the Emperor than that would be invalidating the sequels. But the video in no way states that at all. At best you can say is that if all you want to know is the story of Anakin and Luke's relationship than you don't need to watch the sequels.
  7. I swear with as many subscribers as Star Wars theory has you'd think he would put more effort into the production of his videos. And I saw that episode on Disney plus and I am not even going to bother to listen to Theory's opinions on it but you really have to be reaching for something to try to imply that they were trying to bash the sequels in that episode. They were specifically talking about that scene. Everyone knows that the sequels were just added on material after the fact and not including the sequels when you are mainly just talking about Vader's arc is not bashing the sequels in anyway. Come on @Amadeus you know better than that.
  8. Campea hasn't read all the books. He's maybe read a couple and that was only when he believed that the movies were going to directly take things from the books. Once people like him and Harloff found out that they weren't going to get anything more than easter eggs regarding the book material they lost interest in them. And you may not agree with my opinions but if you start trying to get into a fact check debate with me you will be destined to lose.
  9. Campea is better than 95-99% of the youtubers out there and I occasionally pull up a video from him and Rob when they are covering a subject that interests me. However he pretty much covered his feelings about TROS in detail around the time it was released so no real point in watching another video just to see him say the exact same thing. He probably decided to make a Star Wars video because it is around the 40th anniversary of ESB. He is primarily a movie guy so he doesn't really have much to say about the Star Wars material that has been released since TROS.
  10. I guess you chose to ignore that whole long process in AOTC about Obi Wan finding out about the Clones because he was either sitting in a booth or a chair or walking down a hallway.
  11. The two really go together because a lot of the times when the characters are standing around talking in the prequels they are talking about politics and what not. And that dialogue has to be written and acted out.
  12. Perhaps. But if you are trying to say that the politics isn't one of the main gripes about the prequels than you are simply not paying attention.
  13. If it is as insignificant as you try to say it is than why in the twenty years since the prequels have been around has it been one of the main gripes people have with the movies? THe prequels having poorly executed politics is about as key of a problem people have with the prequels as the sequels not being planned out in advance is.
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