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  1. THe thing though is that when people subscribe to something they have a bad habit of not cancelling it even if they don't use it much. There are definitely a portion of people who will subscribe to the streaming site because a new movie is on there. Something they likely wouldn't have done if the movie wasn't on there initially. If that person went to see the movie in the theater they would likely pay to see it once or twice and not bother with the streaming site because they already saw the movie. By subscribing to the streaming site though many of them will just keep their subscription going
  2. In the long run though advertising their streaming service and gaining new subscribers is more financially viable for them then releasing it in theaters. A movie released in theaters has a very quick end to how much it will make yet people who subscribe to a streaming site because of that movie the studio will see the benefits from it for a much longer period of time. People who are big fans of the theaters don't like it but it does make a lot of financial sense to use new movies to advertise their streaming sites.
  3. A portion of them probably would have however there is no basis to your argument that it would have completely changed the box office results. And it also is a little silly to argue against people watching it on HBO Max who are paying for a subscription because all they are doing is paying for it in a different way. Like someone else said if people really wanted to go to the theaters to see the movies they would have gone to the theaters. Lots of people though are looking for ways to cut the theaters out of the equation and there is nothing wrong with that. It's just changing times and we simp
  4. Trying to say that the box office numbers we are seeing are completely due to streaming or pirating is a very faulty narrative when you are basing it mainly off of what you and your close friends think (and I assume that many of these close friends you are referring to are big theater buffs also who are a little bitter about what is transpiring).
  5. Exactly where is your proof that the people who pirated these films would have gone to buy a ticket at the theater. In many cases pirates are pirates for a reason because they don't want to pay for things.
  6. Feel sorry for a movie like Dune. They will continue to make comic book movies even if a current iteration of one flops but if a movie like Dune flops it might be twenty or thirty years before another Dune movie is made (if it ever is). In anycase they have to figure something out because there simply isn't a market for these overly expensive movies currently. The argument that it is completely becaue of piracy is flawed because there is no proof at all that people who are pirating it would be going to the theater anyway (infact a lot of them probably wouldn't and they would simpl
  7. The same audience that lead Titanic to make as much as it did. 13 year old girls. You think Marvel or Star Wars fans are intense. They pale in comparison to young girls looking at romance stories with cute guys in it.
  8. Football stadiums are planning on being at near full capacity again this season so the variant isn't going to get any better anytime soon. They are really going to have to cut some deals over the next couple years with the 200m dollar films they have on the horizon because there is no way the theaters can support those films in the upcoming future. Will also be interesting to see what they do with the expensive films slated for 2023/2024 that havn't started filming yet. Will they make those films slightly less expensive than they would have been otherwise? Because as of now there i
  9. Subscribing to Disney plus and paying a 30 dollar pay wall to watch one movie actually makes a lot of sense for individual families as it is actually cheaper for a family to do that then it is to go to the theater to watch it. And I am sure that a portion of the people that watched it through Disney plus did so for that exact reason. And lots of people tend to have a habit of keeping a subscription even if they don't really use it much. They keep it around just in case they want to watch something and it is there for them at a click of a button. I guarantee you a lot of people subscribed to th
  10. Have you just been ignoring all these acknowledgements we have heard over the past couple years that streaming is where the priority is going to now be? That the main focus is now going to be in studios trying to build up their streaming platforms. It makes complete sense for them to put one of their main movies directly onto streaming because it helps advertise their streaming site (you know the thing that they are mainly focused on now). I'm sure they know that a portion of the audience will try to find ways around paying for it (as they try to find ways around paying for anything these day
  11. You are trying to say it is moronic and makes no sense when they have made a streaming service that has gotten as many subscribers in a year and a half as Netflix got in a decade and will likely be the biggest streaming service in the world five to ten years from now. And you are trying to say that earning 60m in a weekend off of a pay wall was moronic? Yes you are going to have to get used to the fact that theaters are no longer the priority for studios. They are now earning every single month from their streaming site about what a major blockbuster would earn them. I think Disne
  12. People watching it on Disney plus is exactly what Disney wants though. Even if a portion of them are watching it for free (and I think you are exaggerating a bit just how many of them are watching it for free) it still means their eyes are on their streaming service. A streaming service that we all know is a far bigger priority for them than the movie theaters are. I'm sure a certain portion of them paid for a new subscription to watch it on Disney plus and if some watched it for free on disney plus a portion of that group also paid for a new subscription. People are just going to
  13. I'm beginning to think that Tess is going to get cut from this version of the story as we have gotten announcements all the way down to 'Bill' but we still don't have anything regarding Tess and she was the one who sent Joel and Ellie on their way in the game. They could easily though incorporate Tess's character into Marlene for the show. Infact that might be what the plan was. Tess's role in the game was really to be a second character to help out with fights until the player got used to gameplay.
  14. Possible. But I think there is going to come a point within the next year if movies continue to underperform compared to how they did pre-pandemic that people are just going to have to admit that this is the new normal. THeater attendance had been declining for quite a while even before the pandemic hit. Fewer and fewer people are desiring that 'theater experience' with each passing year. Now that we have streaming and people have systems built in their homes that resemble the theater experience an increasing number of people are going to choose that route then going to a theater f
  15. Yep. Think it is something people are going to have to get used to though as it looks like it is going to turn into the new normal.
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