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  1. I heard Japan has “Tom Cruise day”,he is indeed most popular western actor in Japan(even more popular than most of local superstar)
  2. This is a joke.IO2 performance in China is like the movie do £10m in UK totally.(if the WOM not break out during later leg)
  3. It’s really break out in every part of EU.now the series box office achievement in the region gonna challenge Ice Age 3 (Highest Grossing Animation film of all time in EU)
  4. Maybe I’m in some bias,Just saw some line research shows JJK more popular than DS in Japan during High school age kids recently,SPYxFamily more popular with teen girls in Japan. Of course Demon Slayer still most popular one consider all age group,80 years old grandmother in Japan probably know what Demon Slayer is.
  5. 2 years ago I would say these 3 movie gonna made $1b cause Demon Slayer nationality level popularity in Japan,now seems the series popularity going down a lot ,series already end and the hype dying down
  6. Frozen 2 also doing over $60m in Southeast Asia ,shatters all animation record in Southeast Asia countries except Vietnam and Singapore.It also break Animation movie record in both India and Pakistan(Pakistan is for western record,no.2 include local)and become major hit in Middle East as well.Really doing insane number in all Asia,that’s why it’s hard to beat for other animation film
  7. Is gonna beat Frozen 2 easily in North America,Latin America and Europe,but Frozen 2 is just the freaking monster in every part of Asia..
  8. Interesting Fact:Singapore is only market across Global that Inside out 2 opening lower than first one
  9. Insane performance,feel like what Toy story 4 crush everything in LA that year
  10. Deadpool is a popular character in China but not a mainstream popular character,he indeed has its die hard fan here but not like “everybody know Deadpool,if the Deadpool movie released everybody at least gonna has either big or small interesting on it”,only Spider-Man is household name for average joe and has potential to do great number Made me remember years ago people project how much Joker can do if it’s release in China,the answer is also same,Joker is good movie but the character and the type of the movie has very niche audience.
  11. 40m is way too low…60-80m is good. Although 100m seems really hard since Hollywood doesn’t have major hit here since Avatar The Way of Water.Next HLW movie made 100m here probably Avatar 3/Spider-Man 4
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