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  1. Damn. Finally Edgar Wright made something different and Last Night in Soho is actually a good movie anchored by strong performances from both Thomasin and Anya. I was hoping that it will go at least 8-10m. Oh well.
  2. Outside of Baby driver, none of Edgar's movies had good run in the BO even though they were higher rated in RT. So, I don't know why some are overanalyzing this. Lol.
  3. I reaaly doubt even with strong reviews. The Last Duel had high 80's in RT from critics with starpower in Damon, Affleck, Driver and the breakout actress and Emmy winner in Jodie, directed by Ridley Scott and yet the movie only managed to open under 4m. If the movie is not Marvel/remake/sequel, the BO result speaks for itself. That's the reality.
  4. According to Deadline, Soho is tracking around 5m OW. Any chance for the movie to go at least 10m?
  5. I guess under 5m opening week for Soho then, even lower.
  6. October is coming. We have a lot of potential BO movies like No Time to Die, Halloween Kills and Dune. What's the projection for Edgar Wright's Last Night in Soho? The movie will open on October 29, one week after Dune and before The Eternals. Anyone?
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