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  1. Not impressed by these numbers but they are not bad. Just nothing special. The upcoming U.S. numbers is where people should panic.
  2. Will this even make 70 million in the U.S.A The only must see event film for GA seems to want to see in theaters right now is Shang Chi. Maybe The Matrix and Eternals will bring people out because it will not be Dune.
  3. 1.8 million Friday. May make a little over 4 million this weekend. Massive flop for the WB again.
  4. I was so wrong about this movie. I loved even though everybody I saw it with hated it.
  5. It’s a Ridley Scott film so most likely it’s going to be a campy mess. He will have two misfires this year.
  6. How are pre sales and walk ups looking for Malignant. My 7pm show has only sold 4 tickets so far. It can’t be as bad as reminiscence opening can it.
  7. Looking at pre sales will this movie even make 4 million this weekend. This will be a major lose for Wan and WB. also starts with a 36 on Metacritic and Likely to drop in the 40s range on RT. Already dropped from 83 to 58 in an hour. Looks like early word was right.
  8. Seems like the WB is just throwing this film away like they did with Reminiscence
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