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  1. I don’t think there’s any way this club can fail with fans like this.
  2. The video on Ryan Reynolds Twitter has close to 4m views already and over 240k likes, and on the movies official twitter page that came on a few minutes after has another 3.3m views and over 125k likes. This movie is most definitely breaking out big time and it will hurt anything it’s opening around.
  3. Apparently there is an advance screening of this today in NY and LA. It will be interesting to see how much comes out about the movie, probably best to mindful of spoilers starting today lol.
  4. Tbh, I think if you’re expecting this to open anywhere near 100mil then you’re only setting yourself up to be disappointed(and you guys all know how big of a fan I am). I know cbm are huge now and I know anything is possible but you have to consider all the factors here. -opening around two other big blockbusters plus a big spider man animated movie the week before. -holiday season is known for smaller opening weekends and longer legs(for anything that isn’t star wars) - DC doesn’t have the best reputation now for live action movies in the last few years - I think reviews are going to matter more for this cause of the time of the year the movies coming out. I do hope I’m wrong ( and I have been a lot) but I’m just hoping for an opening weekend of around 50-60mil, 200mil domestic and 500-600mil WW and decent - good reviews. Anything more would be great and make me really happy.
  5. Apparently there’s some cool/new stuff in this clip, I’m not watching anything else at this point but feel free to if you’re interested.
  6. WB does test screenings etc for people beforehand and if Wan has finished the movie already I’m sure others have seen it as well. Also, we know EC always watches movies early so I don’t see what he would gain out of lying, he just obviously didn’t like the movie. If I’m not mistaken @ViewerAnon has seen Aquaman before as well, I can’t exactly remember what he said on Reddit but I’ll leave it up to him to comment on what he thought of the movie if he wants.
  7. Can’t wait to see this, the first is my favourite animated movie.

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