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  1. Regardless of what this ends up profiting it’s crazy, this is way beyond what almost anyone anticipated. Curious to see what WB green lights next for these elseworld stories.
  2. I’ve never heard anything but good things from all the people who have worked with Snyder over the years, did I miss some articles or something about him? I can understand not liking his movies which is fine but he seems like a decent enough person.
  3. TROS - day 1 ticket sales, I tracked 22 theatres that were reporting. 8434/43371 so a little above 19% which is obviously very good and I expect way more showtimes to get added later on. I don’t have any good comps for this really but it has already surpassed Jokers total sales that I had from the day before preview night. Obviously this is going to be way bigger but that’s the only somewhat useful comp I have from my info. I’ll update these numbers every week going forward.
  4. Tickets just went on sale here, I’ll do a first count tomorrow morning when I get up. No point counting now as the site is slow and people are still buying but it’s obviously looking very good as I expected.
  5. I have it recorded, my wife and I had a party last night and didn’t get in till late so I’ll watch it today. A few friends I know who watched it all loved it though and everyone on my twitter feed has nothing but good things to say as well.
  6. My Netflix will probably be gone once Disney+ comes cause I like my amazon prime shows as well. Netflix doesn’t really have anything that’s really exciting for me After I see the Irishman next month. It also depends how fast hbo max comes and what’s going to happen with some of the DC shows I watch. Titans was originally on Netflix but doom patrol and swamp thing came to my normal channels on my cable box so if that continues that I really have no use for Netflix.
  7. HBO for me is is well worth it as it has probably the best quality shows imo, my tv package is hbo and movie channel together for $20 but I’ll obviously be switching over to hbo max next year once it launches. Everyone has their own priorities for what they wanna spend on obviously and I can respect that it isn’t worth it for everyone.
  8. Everyone be like Scott and watch Watchmen tonight (TV show on HBO), I heard it’s great.
  9. Definitely one of them but I still believe Batman is tops for DC characters. I’m not saying reeves movies will outgross joker or not but Batman will always have the most potential to be the biggest imo.
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