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  1. That’s actually originally what I was thinking he meant but I think what @Lokis Legionsaid makes more sense. I’d be pretty shocked if JC beat BW on PA.
  2. Wonder what the Rock meant by this on Instagram. “For now, I’ll just say word on the street is Jungle Cruise is performing in the market place by a measure that no other movie has done this summer” Maybe this did really well on PA?
  3. That was the goal this year and it’s been going ok but I couldn’t agree more( and I think WB knows as well) series are the way to go to get subs, and then you can throw in the odd movie like they’re doing for DC as well, they want to release 4 DC movies theatrically and two for Max a year.
  4. Think this all depends on perception tbh(with respects to TSS), People see comic book movie and have big expectations which is fair but not all comic book movies fall under the same circumstances. I’ve been saying for awhile now that the first movie was really going to hold this one back and I believe that more then ever now after seeing presales. I think marketing and trailers have been fine, not great but that’s not what’s turning people off, it’s seeing Harley and others from the first movie (and even BOP) and thinking this will be more of the same, and I don’t blame anyone for
  5. Thanks! I won’t comment on wether the numbers are good or bad as I leave that to the experts from that part of the world but the actual number that came out was a lot better then I thought it would be after that first initial number. I trust the people who are saying it’s not very good but it’s still better then expected to me. Hopefully wom can help.
  6. Both JC and TSS opened in France this week or it’s second weekend for JC?
  7. Gunn already made Peacemaker for hbomax, they’ve also already had talks about other projects with him( he said that yesterday) so I’m sure there will be something else with Gunn one way or another.
  8. Not much you can do, WB was part of the problem wth the first so let’s hope this time they do things right. Even if it doesn’t do well box office wise let’s hope they have a plan and stick to it and build off that.
  9. Happy to see it’s getting good reviews so far, not feeling very optimistic about box office but we’ll see what WB thinks after this releases next week. For now I’m just excited to see this cause it sounds fun.
  10. I read awhile ago but I don’t remember where the budget was like 150-160m but I don’t know for sure. Either way unless things turn around with sales it’s not breaking even obviously. I think WB has written the whole year off personally cause of Max but we’ll know after the movie comes out with what they announce(at Fandome?) what they really thought.
  11. Ya at my local cineplex Green Knight has already sold 48 tickets for Thursday, JC has sold 15. Old had only sold 29 seats for previews on the day of. But Green Knight only has 4 tickets sold over 4 showtimes on Friday.
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