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  1. And honestly that’s completely fine if it’s too disturbing for someone and they didn’t enjoy it. She’s a RT critic, she could speak with her review. No reason at all to tweet at WB about the creative team of suicide squad.
  2. True. I’m still fascinated how she has a fan base and I’m really not trying to be rude to anyone who follows her. I just don’t get it. She has some strange views on things.
  3. If that’s what she thought she could review the movie on RT and give it a negative review. Not put out a tweet to WB about suicide squad. One has nothing to do with the other.
  4. I only copied this here cause I was laughing so hard at her tweet. James Gunn only produced this movie and I get they’re using his name a lot around the movie but I think we all know why they’re using his name.
  5. I’m also just not sure what this movie is going to do overseas. Is the Joker name going to sell this movie? Maybe the Joker is just that big and this will be pretty huge. Only time will tell.
  6. This got massive hype on line and over a million likes on the trailer on YouTube but after Pikachu I’m weary about that stuff now, and it’s also never really mattered for DC movies. If they make another good trailer and hype stays pretty high on line I feel like this will have a pretty big opening weekend.
  7. If the budget is really 55m then this movie is going to do fine whatever it makes. It’s gonna have a decent size opening weekend just from the curiosity factor. Legs might suck if it’s divisive though. I think this makes 300-400m worldwide.
  8. Ya the movies were definitely busy today here, I finally took the kids to see Pikachu at one of our smaller local recliner theatres and our showing was sold out (70 seats).
  9. Aladdin (May 19th update) 7:30 - 65/390 10:30 - 5/390 I will update again Thursday.
  10. Late shows for jw3 are basically the same numbers as the early shows for the two theatres I tracked so the 7m does seem right, very strong sales.
  11. Last update for John wick 7:00pm show, my theatre is 102/225 and the VIP theatre is 107/115 I’ll update the late shows after.
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