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  1. BvS is when I joined, and then I didn’t come back for a few months lol
  2. If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from and did the jokes work ok for you?
  3. The marketing did a really good job of not giving away too much and the third act was really good and had lots of surprises for people. The Superman bit at the end really got my theatre, literally everybody let out a loud gasp. I was loving it. I’m pretty excited to see where they can take a sequel with Mister Mind so I hope this movie makes decent money.
  4. Ya I have no idea but if people were allowed to purchase tickets it probably brought in a bunch of new trial accounts.
  5. Also, anyone who wasn’t a prime member could of just signed up for a free trial and bought tickets I assume(unless the states doesn’t have the same trial thing as Canada). I’ve been a prime member 4 different times with the free trial period thing.
  6. I think the number is actually really good when you figure how much US and CM made this weekend and they ended up adding an extra showtime for Shazam cause of demand. Personally for myself I don’t really care for the comparisons numbers but I was expecting like 1.5m tbh. I don’t think the number means much in respects to it out opening something( say Aquaman or w/e) but I’m honestly pleasantly surprised.
  7. I’m glad you posted this cause I didn’t know that and when I was looking at presales at my theatre for US this weekend I couldn’t figure out why they were so low in comparison to the tracking thread.
  8. I can’t really speak for other parents but I know nothing in this movie would of bothered my kids at all ( even when they were much younger) but again, that could just be my kids.
  9. My wife and kids had to go out of town this weekend so I went myself today. Can’t wait to see it again opening weekend with them.

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