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  1. This movie was destined for a pretty big opening weekend just off of good will from the first movie so while anything’s possible I don’t think this has anything to do with the movies quality. I’m not saying it will be good or bad, I just think this was all about Hbomax.
  2. Ya I feel like this has Stankey/AT&T written all over it as well. It’s all about streaming to them, they don’t care about the theatrical side of WB business. I still don’t think this was the right call and I don’t believe it would of hurt the company significantly to hold out till June of next year. Patty and Gal deserved it imo with how much success the first Wonder Woman brought the studio. I really hope they were on board with this and Patty does come back for another Wonder Woman and more.
  3. Only way it releases on Disney+ is if something strange happens with vaccine distribution and This movie connects to a show they need to get out on Disney+. That’s the only way I see it happening.
  4. These numbers being thrown around are so depressing lol, I’m so disappointed. I really thought this had a shot a improving on the first movie and maybe even hitting a billion. I know this is just the way it is but I still wish they would of delayed it, I don’t think people would of been less interested if it released in June or whatever.
  5. I can open the forums in another browser now, so that works. But when I click the top forum banner where it says “The box office theory - forums” I still get the error. Just letting you know, it’s not a big deal for me though.
  6. I mean if you’re gonna steal movies you’re gonna steal them, doesn’t really matter the situation, let’s be honest. I’ve never watched a movie like that, nor would I ever.
  7. The money isn’t the issue for me(Disney+ is $10/month here), it’s the content on Disney+, but I don’t want to derail this thread so I’ll leave it at that.
  8. I still get the same error when I open the forums in a different browser on my phone. Like I’m on the forums now but when I open a new browser I get the same error I was getting yesterday.
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