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  1. I’m definitely not an expert on this stuff but I don’t know if I agree with you guys about the time it took to test and get approved, but I’d be curious to hear what @Jason thinks, he’s probably the most knowledgeable person in regards to this stuff. Also, I should of been more clear about what I meant about “making the vaccine”, I meant the process of getting it tested, approved and into arms but you’re definitely right, it was made quickly.
  2. You’ve obviously never looked into how long vaccines actually take to make normally. What these companies have achieved in this short period of time is literally incredible. They’re gonna end up saving so many lives cause of the work they’ve done.
  3. They’re not bad, they don’t really outright scoop, more just hint towards stuff that’s happening or going to happen.
  4. They’re implying that the Batman movie has a Lexcorp tower or a reference to him in the movie which I guess would imply there’s some form of Superman on his earth 2. That’s just me guessing but I think that’s what they mean.
  5. He was doing voice over work with Gunn a few months ago, he posted a video on Instagram.
  6. The 94 is worldwide for Disney+, I don’t know if they’re over 35m in North America but I don’t keep close watch of that stuff so could be more.
  7. Maybe I’ll be back in a theatre when I’m vaccinated and they have private rentals. Not till at least August-September here.
  8. Maybe consulting on another Hbomax show from another TSS character? I think he’ll come back after gotg3 but I’m not sure what else he could do after peacemaker when he has to start filming gotg3.
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