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  1. The mods shouldn’t have to be babysitters, I get what you’re saying but I guess I just want to have more faith in the other people on this site to obey the rules. I have no issues at all with people who aren’t interested in this or think it looks bad, just don’t come back in constantly and make similar posts to your pasts ones. Just my opinion of course.
  2. Why bother coming back into this thread if you’re not interested in the movie at all or you think it looks bad ? State your opinion once and then come back and gloat or whatever you wanna do if the movie performs the way you expected. There’s so many movies that are coming out that I have zero interest in and I never even go into those threads. Some of you are so strange.
  3. Also, people have to remember that this is basically an origin storey for all characters except Harley, and even with her case we barely saw any of that in SS. People want to feel invested in these characters to a certain degree and then as the interest grows they’ll turn out more and more for sequels. I’m sure WB has learned to keep expectations in check after MOS and BvS.
  4. I don’t think the rating matters all that much at least here in North America, I saw young kids on opening night for both deadpool movies. If the movie has a decent reception from critics and good wom from the GA it should do fine.
  5. Pretty decent starting point for tracking. Hopefully it can go up a bit. Critical reception definitely matters to a certain degree but in the end it will all depend on what this makes or what WB expectations were for this for us to truly know where they will go next with these characters.
  6. Holy shit did anyone just see that thing on CW crisis crossover wtf lol. I don’t want to spoil it here but wow lol.
  7. Why does anyone care if someone loved joker or if they didn’t? If someone thinks it was a masterpiece, then fantastic, if they thought it was shit, that’s fine as well. People need to stop acting like their opinions are facts. These comments about joker deserving or not deserving these oscar nominations are about as stupid as the black panther ones. We have a lot of hypocrites on the internet.
  8. Plenty of people didn’t like Joker, just use these forums as an example. That’s the beauty of all of this, we all have our own opinions on what we like/love or don’t.
  9. I can’t speak for anyone else but Joker was easily my wife’s favourite movie of the year.
  10. Reading all the Phillips hot takes on twitter is amazing, gonna keep me entertained for a few hours while I work out.
  11. Lol maybe he deleted it already, it was the gif of Jared walking by the Spider-Man poster from the trailer.
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