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  1. I’m going by some of the guys I follow on Twitter, they’ve been pretty reliable with respects to how movies have tested recently. Same ones said Shazam tested well along with Aquaman. Nothing is guaranteed of course but it’s been nothing but positives about this movie.
  2. If I had to guess I’d say this is probably a similar situation to Shazam, both movies tested well and this is WB knowing they have something good on their hands and trying to make it even better with some bigger reshoots for action sequences cause it says it’s all second unit stuff.
  3. The wife and I thought this was just ok, wasn’t bad or anything but not very scary. She’s a huge horror fan btw and was really excited for this.
  4. I still feel like WB should of had a “coming next in the DC Universe” scene after the credits in Aquaman for Shazam. Not sure how much it would of helped but a lot of people would of seen it that’s for sure.
  5. Pretty much this, could Shazam’s marketing have been a bit better? I guess so, but unfortunately the movie released the week EG tickets went on sale and was overshadowed by that and CM. And overseas it didn’t connect with audiences in some bigger markets. What I find hilarious is that people want to rip on WB for Shazam but won’t mention the billion dollar DC movie that released just a few months before that. 6 months is more then enough time to market a movie and it seems like that’s the strategy that WB has adopted now for these movies as mentioned by Patty Jenkins about WW marketing starting up in December.
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