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BSG: New Preseason bonus question has been added

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It's at the bottom of the beginning post as well and that's where you need to answer it, but I'm posting it here as well so that if you have any questions, you can ask them here.

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What will the highest grossing comedy be in each of the first three months of the summer?  So for the months of May, June and July, tell me the highest comedy to come out of each month. Obviously, each film has until the end of the summer to make its money.




For each month you call correctly, you get 15,000 points.  

For each film you call incorrectly, you lose 5000 points.


For a bonus, tell me the next highest grossing comedy to come out of May, June and July.  So, how it works is as follows.  Each month will have one comedy that will be the highest grossing.  Those three films will rank 1-2 and 3.  Then you pick the next highest grossing film out of the three months.  Now obviously, the next highest grossing film could be bigger than some of the films in gross, but kind of like seeding in some professional sports, it will still be the fourth highest ranked film because it came in second in that particular month.


If you can call the fourth highest film correctly, you get a bonus of 25,000.  If however you go for the fourth film, you must get this film right, if you do not, you do not qualify for the points you earned on parts 1,2 and 3 and you will lose 15,000 total.  


For optics sake, here's what your answer might look like:


May:  Mom's Night Out:  125 mill

June:  22 Jump Street:  150 mill

July:  And So It Goes:  95 mill


Then you would choose the highest grossing comedy out of all the months.  So lets say Neighbors was the highest grossing comedy remaining, and it grossed 122 mill, you would pick that as your fourth.  If all four films are correct, you win the points.  


This question could be a very big windfall for you.  It is potentially worth 70,000 points.  But remember, greed could also do you in.  This is a tough question imo.  There are, imo, at least three comedies that could be the biggest of the summer.  So tread carefully.  And good luck!


If this is not clear, please let me know.

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