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Due by May 1st at 11:59 pm PST.


You have four choices for this spur of the moment question.  You can answer, all, none or as many as you would like.


1) Will ASM2 make more than Captain America 2 did on Thursday?

2) Will ASM2 make more than Cap2 on OD?

3) Will ASM2 make more than Cap2 did on OW?

4) Will ASM2 fall more than 67% on Monday?


Each answer you get correct is worth 5000 points


Abstain from all four questions, get 4000 points.  If you go for at least one of the questions, you do not qualify for the abstaining points.


No bonus or penalty for getting all four right or wrong.  


As a bonus, what will ASM2 gross for it's OW?  If you are within 3.5%, the bonus is worth another 5,000.  No penalty for missing the gross by more than 3.5%.


Good luck.  This is an unusually large point amount for a SOTM question but it is the first one of the year, so we're starting off big!


All answers go in this thread.

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With ASM2 disappointing this weekend and Neighbors getting a lot of good buzz, this question popped inside my head, pretty much just now...I'm even making this up as I go.


You have five options for this SOTM question.  You can only pick one option and it is mandatory, there is no abstaining.


1) Will Neighbors open to more than 40 million this weekend?

2) Will Neighbors finish higher than ASM2 this weekend?

3) Will Neighbors have a Thursday of more than 2 million?

4) Will ASM2 fall by at least 61.9%?

5) Will ASM2 have a Saturday increase of more than 55%?


Each question is worth 8000 points if you get it right.  If you get it wrong, you lose 5000 points.  Remember, you can only choose one of the five questions.


Now what would a SOTM question be without some pitfalls? :)


You have the option of going for all 5.  If you choose to answer all five questions, and you are correct IN ALL 5, YOU WILL EARN 20,000 POINTS.


If you get even one wrong, you will lose 25,000 points.  No exceptions. 


These all look like fairly normal questions.  Do you have to balls (or the stupidity) to go for all five?


Please make sure you understand the question before you answer it.


Deadline is Thursday at 11:59 Tele's time (PST)


Good luck!

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By the end of the game, choose which film Neighbors will pass in gross.  


You can only choose one film on this list.  As long as Neighbors passes the film you choose, you will get the corresponding points.


This will be another SOTM question worth a lot of points.  But you can also lose a lot too.  Like the knight says to Indy, "choose wisely."


There is no abstaining and the higher you go, the more you will receive, and of course the more you will lose if you get too brash with your choice.  


1) The 40 Year Old Virgin:  109.449M

2) Big Momma's House:  117.559

3) Superbad:  121.463

4) Anchorman 2:  127.352

5) Animal House:  141.6

6) We're the Millers:  150.394

7) The Heat:  159.582

8) Bridesmaids:  169.106

9) What Women Want:  182.811

10) Wedding Crashers:  209.255

11) Hangover 2:  254.464

12) Hangover:  277.322 (you have a 2.5% window for this one)


Point structure:


1) 3000 if right/-3000 if wrong

2) 4000 if right/-4000 if wrong

3) 5000 if right/-5000 if wrong

4) 6000 if right/-6000 if wrong

5) 7000 if right/-7000 if wrong

6) 8000 if right/ -10,000 if wrong

7) 10,000 if right/ -12,000 if wrong

8) 12,000 if right/ -12,000 if wrong

9) 15,000 if right/ -12,000 if wrong

10) 20,000 if right/-14,000 if wrong

11) 25,000 if right/-14,000 if wrong

12) 35,000 if right/-14,000 if wrong

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What date will these films surpass the number in question?  So you would answer with both the month and the date....for example ASM2 will pass 202 million by July 7th.


1) Amazing Spider-man 2:  202 mill

2) Neighbors:  105 mill

3) Mom's Night Out:  8 mill

4) Godzilla:  165 mill

5) X-men DOFP:  128 mill


You can go for as many of these as you like.  There are no restrictions.  But, the more you go for, the more points you can lose.  


For every film you call on the exact day that the gross is surpassed, you receive 5000 points.

If you miss it by one day, you still get 3000 points


If you miss it by two days, you lose 5000 points.

If you miss it by three days, you lose 7000 points.

If you miss the gross by more than three days, you lose 12,000 points.  


If you go for all five films, you cannot miss any of the films gross by more than three days.  If you do, not only do you not get any points, but you will lose at least 36,000 points.  The only way you can lose more is if you miss four or five films by more than three days.  So if you go for all five films and you miss at least one by more than three days, the MINIMUM you lose is 36,000 points.  You will lose whatever is greater in amount.  


So for clarity sake, if you go for 4 films, you don't have to worry about the 36,000 rule, unless of course you miss all four films by more than 3 days, then you would actually lose 48,000 points (-12,000X4).


If there are any questions, please let me know.  


Deadline for this is also Saturday May 17th at 9AM forums time.





Here is what would happen if you go for all five films and miss every one of them by more than three days:


You would lose 60,000 points (-12,000 on every film)





I think I worded this correctly.  Please let me know if there is any confusion.


Good luck!

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Between Memorial weekend and July 4th holiday releases, I have chosen 10 films that will qualify for this SOTM question.



A Million Ways to Die in the West

Edge of Tomorrow


The Fault in Our Stars

22 Jump Street

Think Like a Man Too


Deliver Us From Evil

Earth to Echo


You have 8 possible SOTM questions to choose from.


Your choices are:


What will have the best OW (this will include any 5 day openings).

What will have the best total?

What will have the best opening day?

What will have the best midnight/early shows from the day before the official release?

What will have the best legs (multiplier...note, multiplier will count from a three day OW only)?

What will have the smallest opening weekend?

What will have the smallest opening day?

Name any film that will not have at least a 3 multiplier (note, if you choose to answer this one, and you feel that no film will miss a 3X, you can answer "none")?




Get any question right, win 7,000 points

Get any question wrong, lose 15,000 points


You are allowed to go for a maximum of three questions.  

If you answer all three questions correctly, you get a bonus of 3000 points so the maximum you can earn for this question is 24,000 points.


Of course, you can go for all 8 but if you do, you must get at least 7 of the 8 correct.  You have a window of one wrong.  If you get 7 or 8 right, you will obviously get a massive amount of points (49,000-56,000 points).  If you go for all 8 and you do not get at least 7 of the 8 correct, you will lose the same amount of points as the maximum win, yes, 56,000 points.  


If you want to abstain from answering this question, you get 2000 points.


To make it even more interesting, I'm making the deadline Wednesday May 28th at 6:59PM.  This means you will have Blended's numbers already.  


You have a lot of time to work on this one.  There are a lot of points for or against.  Choose wisely.  You don't want to end up like this guy:


Posted Image


Posted Image


I've read over the question 3 times.  I think it's pretty clear but I'm not sure how it will look to you.  If you have any questions, please ask them here.


Good luck!

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