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Who Killed Drax's Wife and Daughter?/Other GOTG Questions

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Drax has one goal and one goal only, which is to kill Ronan because of a past tragedy.

What is the past tragedy? Is it the killing of his wife and daughter? I would assume so. We know that Ronan is the main villain and that Thanos is lurking above it all that could mean anything that is revelaed could be a lie. Will this continue or be revealed that Thanos was the one who killed his family and is Drax's purpose in life to kill him?


Nebula and Gamora will be sisters, maybe not in the family sense, but both being related to Thanos. In the comics Nebula was the self called granddaughter of Thanos, will this be played out?


Both Gamora and Nebula got their training under Ronan in the movie version, but not in the comics.


Hope we get this:

Posted Image

From this interview it seems me might not. If true not this:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thats is a big mistake.

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She's been given maximum exposure as can happen for a character totally unknown to the uninitiated general audiences. 

Via that exposure there is now enough for audiences to care about her expanded backstory.

She's been consistently seen in the last several Avenger cartoons the past decade. 

A DDVD prominently featuring her in the co-lead with Punisher was just released.

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