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  1. Because it is hard for victim to come forward. People never believe them. Even harder when it is big celebrity.
  2. Wow looks great!! Thank you for sharing @Water Bottle
  3. Best picture *The Holdovers Anatomy of a Fall Barbie Bob Marley: One Love The Color Purple Dune part 2 Killers of the Flower moon Lee Past lives Saltburn Director * Martin Scorses Blitz Bazawule Celine Song Greta Gerwig Jonathan Glazer Actress * Fantasia Barrino-The color Purple Kate Winslet- Lee Greta Lee- Past Lives Margot Robbie- Barbie Phoebe Dynevor- Fair Play Actor *kinsgley Ben-Adir- Bob Marley: One Love Bradley Cooper- Maestro Coleman Domingo- Rustin Leonard DiCaprio- Killers of the Flower Moon Paul Giamatti- Holdovers Supporting Actress *Lily Gladstone- Killers of the Flower moon America Ferra-Dumb Money Da’Vine Joy Randolph- The Holdovers Tariji P. Henderson- The Color Purple Viola Davis- Air Supporting Actor *William Dafoe- Poor Things Brian Tyee Henry- Fling Strong Charles Melton- May December Robert DeNiro Killers of the Flower Moon Ryan Gosling-Barbie Screenplay original *Past Lives Barbie Holdovers Rustin Saltburn Adapt *Lee Are You there God its Me Margot The Color Purple Dune part 2 Killers of the Flower Moon Cinematography *Lee Dune part 2 The Killer Killers of the Flower Moon Zone of Interest Editing *zone of interest The Color Purple Dune part 2 Killers of the flower moon Saltburn Production *Barbie The Color Purple Dune part 2 Killers of the Flower Moon Napoleon Hairy style and Makeup *Maestro Barbie Dune 2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 Priscilla Costume Design *Barbie Dune part 2 Killers of the Flower Moon The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snake Wonka Sound *Ferrari Dune part 2 Maestro Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning part 1 Napoleon Visual Effects *Dune Part 2 Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 Indiana Jones & the dial of Destiny The Marvels Transformers Rise of Beast Animated *Across the Spider Verse The Boy and Heron Nimoa Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wish Score *Priscilla Across the Spider Verse Dune part 2 Elemental The Killer international * anatomy of a fall zone of interest the boy and heron
  4. Also worth noting since Slumdog. Ben Afflect is the only director to win best picture and not had a previous movie nominated for best picture
  5. Best picture winner runtime since 2000 Everything everywhere 140 minutes coda 112 minutes 108 minutes Parasite 133 minutes Green book 130 minutes shape of water 123 minutes moon light 111 minutes Spotlight 129 minutes Birdman 120 minutes 12 years a slave 134 minutes Argo 120 minutes artist 100 minutes king’s speech 118 minutes the hurt locker 131 minutes Slumdog millionaire 120 minutes No country 122 minutes The departed 151 minutes Crash 112 minutes Million dollar baby 132 minutes return of the king 201 minutes Chicago 113 minutes a beautiful mind 135 minutes gladiator 155 minutes the academy hasn’t been going for long times 1 movie over 3 hours 3 movies of 2.5 hours. most movies in 110 minutes to 135 minutes In the 90s 3 movies with a 3 hour runtime won best picture and Braveheart runtime is just short of 3 hours by 2 minutes. I don’t think a long runtime movie is winning best picture recently the academy likes a positive emotional ending. I think the Holdovers is the best bet right now.
  6. If want to watch good movie this year watch the new Terrence Malick film that is suppose to come out this year. Movie that actually has characters you can watch The Holdovers or Poor Things. or movie with big productions values you have Killers of the Flower moon
  7. I want a different take on bond. His bond would be similar to Craig. But when the next next bond is reboot in 20+ years than I would like Nolan to do a bond movie when he is 75
  8. The Q followers are crazy dumb people. They will believe anything and lack critical thinking skills. This why they distrust the education system. They believe fake stuff instead of focusing on the real problems. Pizzagate proves that these people don’t care about children. They just want to believe crazy things about people or groups of people who they don’t like. They share with each and believe each other instead of people who are knowledgeable. They are making the problem worst by spreading all of their fake shit. Jim Caveziel Doesn’t give two shits about children. He just a saying shit and the Q people believe him and willing to give him money. He is only interest in money not children.
  9. The author of book said he was surprised how much dialog in the book is in movie.
  10. The Reagan director doesn’t inspire confidence (Bratz, Soul Surfer, The Suite Life Movie, Raising Your Voice, Even Stevens movie, 3 Ninja High Noon at Mega Mountain) beside Soul Surfer and King’s Daughter all of his stuff is kids movie made for TV instead of getting Director who done adult dramas.
  11. My ten 1. Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple/Paramount) 2. Dune part 2 (Warner Brothers) 3. The Color Purple (Warner Brothers) 4. Mastero (Netflix) 5. The Killer (Netflix) 6. Air Jordan (Amazon) 7. Lee (Focus) 8. Poor Things (Searchlight) 9. Barbie (Warner Brothers) 10. The Holdovers (Focus) My next 10 11. May December 12. All Dirt Roads taste of Salt (A24) 13. Napoleon (Apple) 14. Saltburn (Amazon) 15. Ferrari (STX) 16. Asteroid City (Focus) 17. Untitled Bob Marley movie (Paramount) 18. Showing up (A24) 19. Next Goal Wins (Searchlight) 20. Boys in the Boat (MGM) Dark horse mentions 21. Untitled Safdies/Sandler Project 22. The Way of wind 23. Challengers (MGM) 24. blitz (Apple) 25. Iron Claw (A24) 26. Eileen 27. Elemental (Pixar) 28. Rustin (Netflix) 29 No Hard Feelings (Sony) 30. Enys Men (Neon) longshots 31. How Do you live (Toho) (Japan) 32.Shirley 33. The Peasants 34. A Thousand One (Focus) 35. The Island (film nation) (Poland) 36. The Red Sky (Germany) 37. A polite society (Focus) 38. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar ( Netflix) 39. Priscilla (Apple) 40. Civil War (A24) Hail Mary contenders 41. Mission impossible Dead Reckoning (Paramount) 42. The Old Oak (UK) 43. Creed 3 (Warner Brothers) 44. True Love 45. Eric Larue 46. Cat Person (StudioCannel) 47. Havoc (Netflix) 48. The Bikeriders 49. Les Indésirables (French) 50. I saw the TV glow (A24) the true underdogs 51. Wonka (WB) 52. Flamin Hot (searchlight) 53. Wish (Disney) 54. How to build a pipebomb (Neon) 55. Sanctuary 56. Dumb money 57. Inside (Focus) 58. The outrun (Studiocannel) 59 the book of solutions 60. The Beast wanted to make it a 60 just to see how bad this turns out and how things change.
  12. I had stuff came up so I could not. finish the list but here is the rest of the list 1947 Miracle on 34th street 1948 bicycle thieves 1949 The third man 1950 Cinderella and Sunset Blvd 1951 A Street Car Name Desire 1952 singing in the Rain 1953 Roman holiday 1954 Rear Window 1955 The Night of the Hunter 1956 The Killing 1957 12 Angry Men 1958 Vertigo 1959 Some like it Hot 1960 Psycho 1961 West Side Story 1962 Lawerence of Arabia 1963 High and Low 1964 Dr Strangelove 1965 Few Dollars More 1966 Persona 1967 The graduate and The Jungle Book 1968 2001 A Space Odyssey and Once Upon Time in the West 1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1970 The Aristocats 1971 A Clockwork Orange 1972 The Godfather 1973 The Sting 1974 Godfather part 2 1975 Jaws 1976 Taxi Driver 1977 Star Wars 1978 Halloween 1979 Alien 1980 Empire Strikes Back 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark 1982 E.T. 1983 Return of the Jedi 1984 Once Upon Time in America 1985 Back to the Future 1986 Aliens 1987 The princess Bride 1988 My Neighbor Totoro 1989 When Harry Met Sally 1990 Goodfellas 1991 Terminator 2 1992 Malcom X 1993 Schindler’s List 1994 The Shawshank Redemption I995 Heat 1996 Fargo 1997 Titanic 1998 Saving Private Ryan 1999 Toy Story 2 2000 Gladiator 2001 Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring 2002 Lord of the Rings The Two Towers 2003 Lord of the Rings The Return of the King 2004 Incredibles and Before Sunset 2005 Batman Begins and Squid & the Whale 2006 Pan’s Labyrinth 2007 No Country for Oldmen 2008 The Dark Knight 2009 inglorious Basterds 2010 Inception 2011 A Separation 2012 Perks of being a Wall Flower 2013 Wolf of Wall Street 2014 Interstellar 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road 2016 La La Land 2017 Call Be Your Name 2018 Spider-man into the spider-verse 2019 Little Woman and Avengers Endgame 2020 Tenet
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