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  1. In. PG13-rated + horror stuff will never fit. The reason why Insidious films pale in comparison to Conjuring Universe films in terms of box office.
  2. Asyulus

    Venom Under $100m

    Since this is the second supervillain-centered movie, I can say that even a $100m DOM OW is a spot on.
  3. Oh, and one last thing, before I leave for good. Here is my season 3 predictions that were posted prior to my elimination.
  4. *bids* Farewell. It has been a honor, my game has come to an end, great to see everyone still participating. *Cheers*. I ‘ll now have happy time to see who gets eliminated after me. Go for the first place.
  5. Great: Fantastic Beasts, Creed 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet Avengers 4ever, Lion King, Aladdin, Star Wars 9, Captain Marvel, Frozen 2, Dumbo, Joker, Avatar 2
  6. Asyulus

    Box Office Game

    Thor 3. Avengers 3 or 4?
  7. Asyulus

    Guess The Opening Weekend

    $328m Avengers 5?
  8. Asyulus


  9. Asyulus

    Box Office Game

    Jungle Book. Frozen 2 or Captan Marvel?
  10. Asyulus

    Hotel Transylvania 3 OS Thread

    Does this have a shot at $400m?

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