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BSG Week 12.1 Put your Michael Bay thinking caps on (sample trivia)

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Here is a sample of what you will be up against this week.  Do not answer these, they may or may not be included in your trivia this week.


All answers will be pm'ed to me when it's for real.


1) What actor appeared in two Michael Bay films?  In one, he got broken up with by the hottie and in the other, he got to have sex with the hottie, telling her that her tits were stupendous.


2) In Armageddon, Ronald Quincey, who Truman says is probably the smartest man on the planet, says that he went to MIT with the presidents adviser on this matter.  What grade did the adviser get in astro-physics?


3) What is the name of the hacker in Bad Boys and name one professional basketball team he played for.



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