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Thrylos 7

For the love of God "tomb of Dracula must come to the big ,or small, screen"

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First of all I hate the blade movies, apart from part 2 which I don't really consider a movie in the blade universe . Marvel should either make a film about the true "tomb of dracula" universe or, even , better a series with a big cable channel (so that the budget is enough ) .

It's such a pity that we haven't seen the best version of dracula ever created or the amazing characters this series introduced like Frank Drake , Deacon Frost , Hannibal king the vampire detective, the vampire killers squad (Quincy Harker, Rachel van helsing , taj nital ) which bare absolutely no resemblance to the disgusting versions we got for some of them in the shitty blade movies .

The world needs a great dracula/vampire franchise and marvel has it ready just waiting to be filmed ....

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