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  1. Apparently this week's episode of Disney Insider on D+ has an inside look at Mulan. (Which should've been in theaters today.)
  2. ??? saw this on cnn: Obviously not as far as other states are going, but it's clearly a positive first step.
  3. Wow, Boris Johnson. If nothing else, I hope that wakes up more of the public to following stay at home rules.
  4. So is this still scheduled for April 17? Here's a new red band trailer:
  5. erc twitter says it finally gave up on April 10, now "tbd"
  6. Because telling people to go out and party for 5 straight days before the lockdown would completely defeat the point.
  7. So just judging by China, you're not going to want to open your giant Black Widow/Wonder Woman tentpole in the first week or two after theaters reopen. (Which we already knew, but here's some hard numbers.) https://deadline.com/2020/03/china-movie-theaters-open-500-international-box-office-1202890025/ It'll be interesting to hear reports from China over the new few weeks.
  8. Society has collapsed. Civilization has ended! Pomroy thanked the 135,000 employees for "adapting so quickly to a constantly evolving work environment, taking every step to keep our customers, couriers and teams safe and looking after each other so very well." It was unclear when the restaurants would reopen.
  9. Yes indeed, they are an impressive machine. When things do restart, it'll be interesting to see if the big studios like Disney and WB are able to ramp up much faster than others. Speaking of production restarting, it seems like we will probably be at a point (hopefully as soon as this summer) where things are okay to proceed again. But I'm thinking, it may not be the same for every country. Will a production in Australia be able to start up a few weeks or even a month sooner than a production in UK or US? Or vice versa? If so, part of the release schedule going forward may be decided by which films picked the right country to film in. Or do we think it would start all at the same time globally?
  10. Did you mean to respond to someone else? I was responding to someone about Falcon and Winter Soldier. There's no question at this point that both movie and tv schedules are going to face a massive upheaval.
  11. Bob Iger officially announced it would debut in August during the quarterly investors call about 6 or 7 weeks ago.
  12. With filming not yet complete, there's a very realistic chance that Falcon and Winter Soldier will not be ready to debut by the planned August release date. We could be looking at a significant wait for new MCU content.
  13. wow, so Friday was smaller than Thursday?
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