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  1. Great trailer that managed to not give away all the big money shots! Wow, never would have thought that Threepio would be the one to bring tears to my eyes!
  2. That's not too shabby, just below Parasite's 380 last weekend from 3 theaters. I obviously haven't seen either yet, because I don't live in NY/LA, but I'm curious if people think that there's a chance that Jojo Rabbit will expand better in a few weeks if it appeals a bit more to the masses. Though I see that The Lighthouse is going to open here next weekend, so at least that's something.
  3. Jaws is one of the best movies of all time. That isn't up for debate. The characters, the tension, the music, the atmosphere, those incredible lines. Absolute cinematic perfection!
  4. Regarding the question of who's going to be #1 next weekend, is there even a snowball's chance that something like Countdown could overperform and beat both Joker and Maleficent to the top spot? Personally I haven't even seen a trailer or a single ad for Countdown, so I know nothing about it other than a 1-sentence plot, but it is a horror movie right before Halloween after all. So maybe a few magical days could make some money for it. (Mind you, I'm certainly not expecting it, I'm just asking if it's possible.)
  5. Glad to see there's no huge disparity between deadline's numbers and Charlie's early numbers this week. Or maybe I should say "sad to see", since it's much more fun when things could still go either way.
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