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  1. So it looks like the few Cinemarks that opened are now open on weekends only. No showtimes listed for Mon-Thur. It makes sense, though if they had opened one near me, I wouldn't be too keen on Fri-Sat-Sun, I would have much preferred one of the slower days at an off time. That said, I guess it's also pretty telling. The business they're currently doing is losing them so much money that they decided to just straight up close for half the week.
  2. Anyone know when the next New Mutants delay is due? Next week?
  3. Cinemark has removed all the theaters that they were planning to open on July 10 and 17 from the schedule: https://www.cinemark.com/theatre-reopening-schedule Yet they're still pressing ahead with all the July 3 openings. Go figure.
  4. https://deadline.com/2020/06/cinemark-mark-zoradi-interview-reopening-theaters-coronavirus-theatrical-window-tenet-mulan-1202961827/ Free movies, eh? I'll admit, I might be tempted by an empty-ish screening of a few classics. Looking at what they're playing down in Texas this weekend, I could go for Jaws, Blade Runner, and Raiders. Hmm, looks like I could see The Hunt for free too. (Already saw Invisible Man, and just saw Fury Road on the big screen again last year.) The theater I go to is scheduled for July 10 (https://www.cinemark.com/theatre-reopening-schedule), which is only a week before Inception opens, so that's a possibility too. And if you want to see how their ticketing and distancing will work, just click on a seat and see what happens: https://www.cinemark.com/theatres/tx-dallas/cinemark-17-and-imax?showDate=2020-06-19
  5. Wow, they moved it to my birthday. I didn't even know WB cared!
  6. Didn't we hear that there were something like 200 or 300 theaters open a week ago? It's just that most of them are playing movies that aren't getting reported, either because the big studios aren't bothering with the tiny numbers right now, or because they're super old movies from the 80s. For example, the drive-in here in Toledo finally opened 2 weeks ago. One screen is showing Trolls World Tour with Dolittle, and the other screen is showing Knives Out with Bad Boys For Life. Here's an example of a theater that's currently open down in Texas, that's showing a mix of 2020 and classic movies. https://weatherford.filmalley.net/ And they're actually adding The Wretched this weekend. Same for its sister theater in Terrell. So that'll be a few more theaters added to The Wretched's theater count, even though those 2 theaters actually opened a week ago. All very confusing right now. We'll never have a complete picture, though there might be a few movies that have their totals adjusted a few months from now.
  7. You really want large groups of people flying in from the US, UK, India and all over the world in 4 or 5 months time? Seems like a bad idea.
  8. And yet August and September look pretty crowded, at least with a large number of movies that I'd ordinarily see under normal circumstances. Which seems like it wont leave much room for legs.
  9. This article lists the top movies in a few countries that have theaters running: https://deadline.com/2020/05/international-box-office-re-openings-weekend-box-office-coronavirus-1202938117/
  10. #1 movie in the country 3 weeks in a row! I saw The Wretched last year, and I quite enjoyed it. If you're into horror and it's playing at a drive-in near you, give it a shot.
  11. Back in February, Hasbro announced that this fall they're finally making a ton of Marvel Legends figures from the various X-Men movies: https://thefwoosh.com/2018/02/marvel-legends-6-shopping-list-round-up/ You have to scroll down a little bit to where it says "X-Men (Fox MCU) 20th Anniversary + Comics sets (September 2020)" to see the pics -Negasonic Teenage Warhead!!! -They've got a Magneto/Xavier 2-pack with swap-out heads for both sets of actors. -Cable from the Deadpool 2 movie comes with a teddy bear on his waist! -plus I believe more were due to be announced in a month or two (probably at SDCC, so who knows when and where now), presumably main characters similar to the Funko character selection above
  12. Based on this new release date, it's safe to say the country and the world is heading for another surge in covid cases in late July and early August that will cause everything to be shut down again. Don't let your mothers and grandmas go outside after July 15th. Thanks for the warning, New Mutants!
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