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The CAYOM Comet Awards Discussion

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Okay, this is something we’ve been talking about doing for a while now, so I figured I might as well start a discussion thread about it now. Especially since this subforum sorely needs some life breathed into it. The idea of The CAYOM Comet Awards is to celebrate those films that usually tend to get overlooked in the Oscars, like the blockbuster and the horrors and etc, as well as to give us something fun to do partway through the year. Now, I have thought about a decent set-up for these awards, but there are a few things I’m wanting to hear people’s views and opinions on.


1) What period of time should it cover? My current plan is for it to take place in between Trimester 2 and 3, to give us something to do then. So should it just cover the first two trimesters and leave the third (which is usually Oscar bait) high and dry. Or should we cover the third trimester of the previous year? (So Y11’s awards would cover Jan-Aug Y11 and Sep-Dec Y10)


2) Should we implement restrictions to stop films from sweeping both ceremonies? I’m mainly thinking about films like Mushishi and Numbers’s historical epics here. Perhaps just a restriction on just the major Oscar categories like Best Picture or Acting, so you can’t aim for both.


3) How do we do the voting? We don’t want to completely copy the Oscars here since a) that’ll take too long and b ) it’ll kinda devalue the Oscars themselves. My idea is that everyone PMs to the host their five favourite candidates for each category (ranked in order), we skip nominations and just go to announcing the winner (and perhaps a couple of runners up). In addition, there will be a ban on voting for your own films, again to make it different from the Oscars and more interesting.


4) In a ceremony celebrating blockbusters, how exactly do we define a blockbuster? At the moment, I’m defining a Blockbuster as a movie that has...

  • At least a $70mil budget
  • Opening in at least 3200 theatres
  • Has at least one extended action sequence

But people may have different opinions on this.


5) To what level do we include animations? Personally, I consider animated films very well represented at the Oscars and don't really see much of a need to include them in any award (except maybe Horror/Comedy). But what does everyone else feel.


And brings me to the question I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. What categories should we include? Here are the ideas I’ve come up with so far.


Best Blockbuster

Best Horror

Best Comedy

Best Actor in a Blockbuster/Horror/Comedy

Best Actress in a Blockbuster/Horror/Comedy

Best Supporting Actor in a Blockbuster/Horror/Comedy

Best Supporting Actress in a Blockbuster/Horror/Comedy

Best Motion Capture or Voice Acting in a Live Action Feature

Best Fight Scene

Best Sequel, Prequel or Spinoff

Best Filler (There will be a suitable word limit)


And here are a few ideas I’m slightly iffy about, but may be interesting to do as well.


Best Sci-fi/Fantasy

Best Acting Ensemble in a Blockbuster/Horror/Comedy

Best Hero

Best Villain

Best Story Twist

Best Original Concept


Are there any major categories you feel are missing or should be included? Anything else you think is worth talking about? Discuss below.

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