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WInter SOTM 12 - Counter Intuitivity for the win :) - Deadline is Thursday 28th January at 11:59pm

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Below we have 6 questions connected to Kung Fu Panda 3:


Lets go wrong... :P

1. Will KFP3 open higher than Kung Fu Panda 2? (47.65M)? No 


2. Will KFP3 have a better multiplier than Goosebumps by the end of the game (currently 3.38)? Yes


3. Will KFP3's domestic total have passed Shallow Hal's worldwide total gross before the end of the Game($141.06M)? No


4. Which of the following films' total Domestic gross will KFP3's OD be closest to: 

A: Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny ($8.33M)   

B: Envy ($13.56M)   

C: Saving Silverman ($19.4M)? 


5. Will KFP3's second weekend beat High Fidelity's OW (27.28m)? NO


6. KFP3's China gross will be closest to:

A: Shark Tale Domestic Total (160.86M)

B: Gulliver's Travels WW total ($237.38m), 

C: King Kong Foreign gross (332.43M)  

D: Kung Fu Panda's foreign gross (416.31M)


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