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  1. If it helps with the calculations, 1st place on a list is worth 50 points and in fact you get 10 points for somebody placed 41st-50th. So the only way 10 points is making the top 100 is if there were only like 3 lists.
  2. Week 1: November 1st Weekend: - Will Terminator make more than $30M OW? Week 2: November 8th Weekend: - Will Last Christmas open above Midway? Week 3: November 15th Weekend: - Will Ford vs Ferrari open in 1st place? Week 4: November 22nd Weekend: - Will Frozen make more on Sunday than the next two highest New entrie's combined total weekends? Week 5: November 29th Weekend: - Will Frozen drop more than 52.5%? Week 6: December 6th Weekend: - Will Playmobil's OW make more than 4% of Frozen's OW? Week 7: December 13th Weekend: - Will Jumanji manage to more than triple the combine OW of the next two highest New Releases? Week 8: December 20th Weekend: - Will Star Wars open to more than $225M? Week 9: December 27th Weekend: - Will Star Wars drop more than 40%? Week 10: January 3rd Weekend: - Will the Grudge Open in 2nd place? Week 11: January 10th Weekend: - Will the highest new entry's OW finish within $5M of Star Wars' Weekend Total? Week 12: January 17th Weekend: - Will Dolittle and Bad Boys combine for more than $80M? Week 13: January 24th Weekend: - Will Bad Boys have a higher percentage drop than Dolittle? Week 14: January 31st Weekend: - Will Jumanji drop less than 25%? Week 15: February 7th Weekend: - Will Birds of Prey open to within $25M of Frozen 2? Week 16: February 14th Weekend: - Will Sonic's 4 day (Including Monday) make more than Cats' OW?
  3. Not quite an SOTM, but also not quite a preseason and it runs every week. It is one thread. One question per week and a simple Yes/No or Over/Under question. e.g. Pikachu makes $100M in its 5th weekend Over / Under? Players post in this thread their prediction and the thread is locked over the weekend. 1 question per week for every week of the game Correct answer is 20,000 points (Cumulates) Incorrect answer cashes you out at half the points won over the player's current answer streak Cash Out cashes you out at full points won THERE ARE NO PASSES ANYMORE. FAILURE TO ANSWER FOR A WEEK IS AN AUTOMATIC CASHOUT WITH A 20% TAX REMOVED FROM PRIZE POOL (Rounded up to the nearest 1000 points). After cashing out, players are automatically reentered into the next question, but the points per question is reduced as follows: After first reentry - 15,000 points After Second reentry - 10,000 points After Third Reentry - 5,000 points After forth Reentry - 3,000 points is the lowest limit. BONUSES: - 0 Cashouts = 300k - 1 Cashout = 250k - 2 Cashouts = 200k - 3 Cashouts = 150k - 4 or more Cashouts = 0 HOWEVER Incorrect answers modify the bonus as follows :- 0 Incorrect answers = 100% of bonus (as per above) 1 Incorrect answer = 75% of bonus scored 2 Incorrect answers = 50% of bonus scored 3 Incorrect answer = 25% of bonus scored 4 or more Incorrect answers = 0 bonus If you can master the whole summer and complete everything with zero Cashouts AND zero mistakes you get 400k So it's not about the # of correct answers it's all about how many cashouts and how many mistakes you make. (Cashouts = posted cashout for a week, or failing to answer a week.)
  4. Ok here is the 3rd preseason SOTM (SOTM 4 won't appear till the game itself is in motion, so this is almost the end of the preseason trials Below are 8 questions with multiple choice A, B, or C answers. For each question you can either answer or abstain. If you are correct you win 25,000 points If you are incorrect you lose 40,000 points If you abstain you get 3,000 points 1. Star Wars, Frozen, and Bird of Prey's combined OW will be: A. Less than $375M B. Between $375M and $450M C. Over $450M 2. Frozen 2's Japan Box office will be: A. Less than $125M B. Between $125M and $200M C. Over $200M 3. Star Wars'' Total admissions in South Korea will be: A. Less than 900k B. Between 900k and 1.2M C. Over 1.2M 4. Terminator's China gross will be: A. Less than $90M B. Between $90M and $125M C. Over $125M 5. The film with the best mulitplier will be: A. Charlie's Angels B. Black Christmas C. Bad Boys 4 Life 6. Frozen's number of weekends in the domestics top 5 + Star Wars' number of weekends in the domestics top 5 + Jumanji's number of weekends in the domestics top 5 will be: A. Less than 15 B. 15-18 C. Over 18 7. Frozen 2's Domestic Gross divided by Cats' Domestic Gross will be: A. Less than 4 B. Between 4 and 5 C. Over 5 8. Jumanji's Overseas (excluding Domestic) Box office will be: A. Less than $550M B. Between $550M and $700M C. Over $700M Extras: * If you answer at least 4 questions and do not get one question wrong, correct answers are worth 35,000 instead of 25,000 * If you abstain to 4 or more questions, lose 20,000 points (you still score abstain points though) If you score less than minus 200,000, your score will be increased up to minus 200,000 points. Deadline is start of game. Good luck
  5. 101st Jak - Jak and Daxter (58 points) So is Jak the boy, or the squrrely thing? Yeah it's a second game in a row that I haven't played. This was made by the Crash Bandicoot guys right? Anyhow, I can see why this game could get some love. It's Sony doing its cartoon platformer, but edgier Schtick it loves to do, and when it works, it works out pretty well. Then you get poor lost souls like Gex and Croc who didn't receive a single vote In case you are wondering, whichever one of the two is Daxter, did not get a vote. I'm gonna assume Daxter is the boy.
  6. 102nd Tiny Tina - Borderlands (58 points) So it was bound to happen, we get to a game I have literally played zero seconds of. In fact I thought I was looking for a Bioshock character for some reason (I mean the games both begin with B). Anyhow a character made by the company with a CEO that thinks porn stars have magic powers, Tina is one of 6 Borderlands characters to receive votes, but the only one that has made the list. The next best results were Handsome Jack in 183rd, and Mad Moxxi in 325th.
  7. 103rd Wheatley - Portal (57 points) We're onto another game that I have played sections of, but not all of. Portal is one of those games that does an awful lot with very little when it comes to its characters. Each game pretty much only has the one, and they pretty much rely on the voice actor and the script writer to sell the character. Wheatley does an excellent job of keeping you entertained and invested in a puzzle game sequel. You can't help but love him really.
  8. 104th Mickey Mouse - Kingdom Hearts (56 points) Now forgive me if my summary isn't the best as i only played Kingdom Hearts 3 and not 1, 2, or 365/2. But in this game you play as a variety of nothing anime characters while Disney explodes around you. You spend your time trying to work out if the person you are chasing is the original person, the dark clone, the light clone of the dark clone, the broken duplicate created by a piece of a light clone's heart, a member of the order of the bad people who are anagrams of the good people with an x thrown in, except for the times when they are not. On top of this you get fucking Goofy and Donald Duck being charged with delivering 2 minute long emotional monologues. Oh and you start by seeing that Maleficent is looking for a box and then she promptly disappears and is never heard from again. So yeah, in amongst all that, sure. Mickey Mouse is a character that has a background, a very wide reaching story and a lot of development. But anyone that can tell you what that development is, is a better man than I.
  9. 105th Kazooie - Banjo Kazooie (54 points) I feel there may be disquiet somewhere when it is revealed that a major Witcher character was beaten by a vuvazula wielding parrot. Unlike with Sam and Max where the two title heroes go pretty much hand n hand with each other in popularity and respect, there is a bit of a gap between Kazooie and his (her?) pal that we will find out later in which direction. Kazooie did also debut in games later than Banjo I believe as I do not remember him showing up in Diddy Kong Racing at all. Overall though, 105th isn't a bad placement for a glorified glide mechanic
  10. 106th Triss Merigold - The Witcher (54 points) Now my experience playing the Witcher was a rocky one. I spent the opening 20 hours pretty much hating the game and most characters in it. Even when I found a guy who seemed cool, turned out he was a drunken baby murderer and that was a deflating thing to find out about a person. Eventually I soldiered on through the game and did actually kind of enjoy it by the end (although it would have felt much better if the end of Act 2 was the finale). Anyhow on the quest for characters i liked I finally came across somebody who was actually cool, decent and I wanted to get behind and know more about them. That person was of course, Skjall. Sadly the game delights in making his entire existence a living torment so that was sad. Then there came the love interests. As you are not able to have an extended relationship with the topless forest witch, you are left with two choices for Geralt to be with. Those are either Triss, or the wrong choice. The more of this game I played the more I personally liked Triss as a character. She has a soul, is not completely callous, and is fun to side-quest with, I am actually kind of glad she made the (extended) list.
  11. 107th Scorpion - Mortal Kombat (54 points) I think it took me an embarassingly long amount of my life to realise that this guy is called Scorpion and not Scorpio. Scorpion is a mainstay of the Mortal Kombat series and one of its most iconic characters (and arguably its number one most iconic move/soundbite?) This may or may not be the last Mortal Kombat character that we see appear on this list, I will say that there were a number of different fighters to receive some love and it's clear that different members have different tastes in fighters from those that essentially just changed the color scheme of Scorpion, to people with cool hats, to those characters that prove that is a girl has boobs, she can literally have a jaw designed to castrate you if you ever got close to her and its still not a red flag.
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