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  1. Some of you may know me as the Summer / Winter Game guy. Some of you may know me as the guy who does lists and countdowns that take a reliable 4-6 weeks to complete from reveal one until first place. However, way back when, I was also the creator of the 9th most prestigious Box Office Game in all of the forum, Box Office League. So, I thought that as we cannot really do the winter game right now, why not bring back Box Office League for a third season as this can be sustained by the Box Office numbers that are currently existing (just about ) So, what is Box Office League? It's simple. Entrants are placed in a league format (depending on numbers) the top x players progress to a play offs for the chance to become ultimate champion. Every Week is a 1v1 showdown vs another player in the league with point scored based on who has the better prediction and the accuracy of said predictions. With the exception of play offs, no week has more than 5 simple Box office based predictions to make. The total game run time is dependent on the number of entries obviously, but the maximum number of weeks it will last is about 11. Once a final list of entries is in. A fixture list will be drawn up. If more than 9 players join, players will be drawn into groups. Either way after the regular season, the top x (depending on number entries) players will proceed to the playoffs from which the champion will triumph and be crowned. All predictions are done by PM. And the second post ill give more details in scoring for those interested in the inner workings Links to previous Season: I will post the more exact scoring system and such a little later once interest has been gaged. (Expect one of those annoying tag all posts in a few days.
  2. Think I'm gonna try and resurrect the fabled Box Office League for a third season. That can probably just about subsist on the 'Box Office' that is reported in the present climate
  3. 101st-125th The Ring Japan 77 Wild Tales Argentina 76 Phoenix Germany 76 Aguirre: The Wrath of God Germany 75 Kuch Kuch Hota Hai India 75 Breathless France 74 The Raid 2 Indonesia 74 Close-up Iran 74 Howl's moving Castle Japan 74 Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Japan 74 Tokyo Story Japan 74 Farewell My Concubine China 72 Elle France 72 Hum Aapke Hain Kaun India 72 Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham India 72 Wolf Children Japan 72 A Tale of Two Sisters Korea 72 Porco Rosso Japan 70 Throne of Blood Japan 70 When Marnie was There Japan 70 The Good, The Bad, and the Weird Korea 70 Pain and Glory Spain 70 Fanny and Alexander Swedish 70 Kung Fu Hustle China 69
  4. 126th-150th Taare Zameen Par India 69 Irreversible France 68 orpheus France 68 Waltz with Bashir Iran 68 Millenial Actress Japan 68 The Fool Russia 68 Carlos Spain 67 3 Iron Korea 66 Andrei Rublev Russia 66 Ikiru Japan 65 Day of Wrath Denmark 64 Army of Shadows France 64 Cleo from 5 to 7 France 64 La Femme Nikita France 64 Raw France 64 Goodbye Lenin Germany 64 Eat,Drink, Man Woman Hong Kong 64 Police Story 3 Hong Kong 64 Dil Se India 64 Munnabhai MBBS India 64 Tumbbad India 64 Smiles of a Summer Night Swedish 64 IP Man Hong Kong 62 Corpus Christi Poland 62 martyrs France 60
  5. 150th - 175th The Triplets of Belleville France 60 run lola run Germany 60 Drug War Hong Kong 60 Audition Japan 60 A Bittersweet Life Korea 60 Autumn Sonata Swedish 60 La Vie En Rose France 58 The White Ribbon Germany 58 Perfect Blue Japan 58 The Vanishing netherlands 58 Nosferatu Germany 57 The Secret in their eyes Argentina 56 Daisies czech 56 The Earrings of Madame De France 56 What's in a name France 56 Playtime Germany 56 Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara India 56 Godzilla Japan 56 Paprika Japan 56 whisper of the heart Japan 56 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Swedish 56 A town called panic France 54 I Lost my Body France 54 Drunken Master 2 Hong Kong 54 Shaolin Soccer Hong Kong 54
  6. 175th - 200th Alexsandr Nevsky Russia 54 All about my mother Spain 54 Ponyo Japan 53 The boy and the beast Japan 53 Thirst Korea 53 Eyes Without a Face France 52 Police Story 2 Hong Kong 52 House Japan 52 Late Spring Japan 52 A Taxi Driver Korea 52 black book netherlands 52 The Devil's Backbone Spain 52 The Orphanage Spain 52 The night comes for us Indonesia 51 The Wailing Korea 51 Loves of a Blonde czech 50 Les Visiteurs France 50 The diving bell and the butterfly France 50 The Passion of Joan of Arc France 50 Don't go breaking my heart Hong Kong 50 Abigail Hungary 50 The lunchbox india 50 The Secret Life of Arriety Japan 50 The Cranes are flying Russia 50 Women on the verge of Nervous Breakdown Spain 50 Shadow China 49
  7. 201st -300th Woman in the Dunes Japan 49 Cure Japan 48 Sanjuro Japan 48 Sword the Stranger Japan 48 tokyo godfathers Japan 48 ugetsu monogatari Japan 48 Ivan the Terrible: Part 1 Russia 48 My Life as a dog Swedish 48 Ghost in the Shell Japan 47 A very long engagement France 46 Diary of a country Priest France 46 La Haine France 46 The Lovers on the Bridge France 46 Barbara Germany 46 Summer Wars Japan 46 I saw the Devil Korea 46 Uncle Boonmee Who Can Remember Past Lives Thailand 46 the hidden fortress Japan 45 La belle et la Bete France 44 Black Sabbath Italy 44 Jules and Jim France 43 The Dinner Games France 43 The Act of Killing Indonesia 43 Adam's Apples Denmark 42 Elevator to the Gallows France 42 Rififi France 42 Dogtooth greece 42 Once Upon a Time in China Hong Kong 42 Peking Opera Blues Hong Kong 42 Gates of Hell Italy 42 Lust Caution Hong Kong 41 The Heroic Trio Hong Kong 40 Ivan's Childhood Russia 40 The face of another Japan 37 The Fifth Seal Hungary 36 Red Beard Japan 36 The Cat Returns Japan 35 The girl who leapt through time Japan 35 Only Yesterday Japan 34 Drunken Master Hong Kong 33 To live China 32 Wolf Warriors 2 China 32 Au Hasard Balthazar France 32 Friday Night France 32 Armour of God Hong Kong 32 Black Robe Canada 28 Happy Together Hong Kong 28 My Friend Ivan Lapshin Russia 28 The Celebration Denmark 25 Black India 25 October India 25 The Terrorist India 25 Metropolis Japan 25 Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within Brazil 22 Eastern Condors Hong Kong 22 company india 22 Gadar India 22 Offside Iran 22 The Seven Beauties Italy 22 Time of the Gypsies Romany 22 Letter Never Sent Russia 22 Yi Yi Taiwan 22 High Tension 22 The Story of Qiu Ju China 20 Fanny France 20 Ils France 20 The Chorus France 20 Three Colours: White France 20 Tout Une Nuit France 20 Cat City Hungary 20 Children of Glory Hungary 20 Anand India 20 Awara India 20 Baazigar India 20 Bajrangi Bhaijaan India 20 Lage Raho Munnabhai India 20 Mother India India 20 Mughai e Azam India 20 Footnote Israel 20 The Bad Sleep Well Japan 20 The Chaser Korea 20 Chapiteau Show Russia 20 The return Russia 20 Black Girl senegal 20 The Method Spain 20 Who Killed Captain Alex uganda 20 Salo 20 Shoah 20 The Cremator czech 18 The Class Estonia 18 Days for Night France 18 Jeanne Dielman plus address France 18 Last year at Marienbad France 18 Marius France 18 Pierrot le Fou France 18 2046 Hong Kong 18 Iron Angels Hong Kong 18 Prince Bob hungary 18 The Danube Pilot hungary 18 Border India 18
  8. 301st - 400th Don India 18 Hera Pheri India 18 Hindi Medium India 18 Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam India 18 Kati Patang India 18 Page 3 India 18 Rab Ne Banadi Jodi India 18 Satya India 18 Shatranj Ke Khiladi India 18 Veer Zaara India 18 The Big Dig Israel 18 Marriage Italian Style Italy 18 Good Morning Japan 18 Ju'On The Grudge Japan 18 My Sassy Girl Korea 18 Welcome to Dongmakgeol Korea 18 Dersu Uzala Russia 18 Touki Bouki senegal 18 The invisible Guest Spain 18 Elvira Madigen Swedish 18 A Brighter Summer Day Taiwan 18 Ong-Bak Thailand 18 Elite Squad Brazil 16 Monos colombia 16 Pickpocket colombia 16 Babette's Feast Denmark 16 Cyrano de Bergerac France 16 Irma Vep France 16 Anatomie Germany 16 Victoria Germany 16 In the line of duty 4 Hong Kong 16 Mirage Hong Kong 16 Web of Deception Hong Kong 16 Aurora Borealis hungary 16 Sleep Tight hungary 16 The Paul Street Boys hungary 16 Andaz Apna Apna India 16 Jaagte Raho India 16 Kapoor and Sons India 16 Mungaru Male India 16 shootout at Lokhandwala india 16 Super Deluxe India 16 Thappad India 16 Vinnaithandi Varuvaya India 16 Taste of Cherry Iran 16 Tel Aviv on Fire israel 16 Caesar Italy 16 Rome Open City Italy 16 a silent voice Japan 16 Confessions Japan 16 Early Summer Japan 16 Late Autumn Japan 16 Mishima: A Life of Four Chapters Japan 16 Chingu Korea 16 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Korea 16 The Saragossa Manuscript Poland 16 Trial on the Road Russia 16 Twenty Days Without War Russia 16 A Summer at Grandpas Taiwan 16 Baskin Turkey 16 Dead Snow 16 Central Station Brazil 14 The Wedding Banquet China 14 Ordet Denmark 14 Certified Copy France 14 Heal the Living France 14 Le Corbeau France 14 Le Jetee France 14 Rust and Bone France 14 Stalingrad Germany 14 System Crasher Germany 14 The Cabinet of Dr Caligari Germany 14 Wings of Desire Germany 14 Heroic Trio 2: Executioners Hong Kong 14 Lethal Partner Hong Kong 14 Project A Hong Kong 14 A Palacsintas Kiraly hungary 14 The Little Fox hungary 14 The Witness hungary 14 Hey Ram India 14 Mohabbatein India 14 Paan Singh Tomar India 14 La vita e Bella Italy 14 The Night is Short Japan 14 Bad Man Korea 14 Sex is Zero Korea 14 black cat, white cat serbia 14 Rec Spain 14 Relatos Salvajes Spain 14 Alone Thailand 14 Dog Days Austria 12 Maskerade Austria 12 Bus 174 Brazil 12 Mommy Canada 12 Long Day's Journey into Night China 12 The Road Home China 12 The Green Butchers Denmark 12 Breath France 12 Contempt France 12 inside France 12
  9. 401st-500th: Les Miserables France 12 Monsieur Hire France 12 My Mother's Castle France 12 piano Teacher France 12 Pola X France 12 Rules of the Game France 12 Heidi Germany 12 Crime Story Hong Kong 12 Indul a bakterhaz hungary 12 Kemenykalap es Krumpliorr hungary 12 Kincsem hungary 12 Stars of Eger hungary 12 Angrej India 12 Bandit Queen India 12 Barfi India 12 Bhaag Mikha Bhaag India 12 Darr India 12 Mahanadhi India 12 Nikka Zaildar India 12 OMG Oh My God India 12 PK India 12 Punjab 1984 India 12 Raanjhanaa India 12 Special 26 India 12 Past Life Israel 12 Don't Torture a Ducking Italy 12 Zombie 2 Italy 12 5 centimeters per second Japan 12 Battle Royale Japan 12 Deathnote Japan 12 Grotesque Japan 12 Pulse Japan 12 The Blue Sky Maiden Japan 12 When a Woman ascends the Stairs Japan 12 Castaway of the Moon Korea 12 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Korea 12 The King and the Clown Korea 12 Turning Gate Korea 12 Trollhunter Norway 12 Cold War Poland 12 bed and Sofa Russia 12 Dust Russia 12 Russian Ark Russia 12 The Motorcycle Diaries Spain 12 The Skin I live in Spain 12 Timecrimes Spain 12 Talk to Her Swedish 12 Through a Glass Darkly Swedish 12 Men behind the sun 12 The Wall Austria 10 No Man's Land Bosnia 10 Closely Watched Trains czech 10 The Shop on Main Street czech 10 A Woman is a woman France 10 Angel Face France 10 Asterix and Obelix France 10 Raw France 10 Shame France 10 Touche pas au grisbi France 10 Alice in the Cities Germany 10 Fack Ju Gohte Germany 10 Fitzcarraldo Germany 10 Transit Germany 10 A Simple Life Hong Kong 10 Dragons Forever Hong Kong 10 Fox Hunter Hong Kong 10 Madam City Hunter Hong Kong 10 She Shoots Straight Hong Kong 10 The Inspector Wears Skirts Hong Kong 10 Glass Tiger hungary 10 Hippolit the Butler hungary 10 Kontroll hungary 10 Mephisto hungary 10 The Corporal and the Others hungary 10 The man of Gold hungary 10 Apur Sansar India 10 Badhai Ho India 10 Devdas India 10 Enthiran India 10 Haider India 10 Nikka Zaildar 2 India 10 Vikram Vedha India 10 Visaranai India 10 Sallah Israel 10 a special day Italy 10 Black Sunday Italy 10 Everybody's Woman Italy 10 swept away Italy 10 Umberto D Italy 10 Ghost in the Shell 2: innocence Japan 10 Kuroneko Japan 10 Onibaba Japan 10 shall we dance Japan 10 The Machine Girl Japan 10 I'm a Cyborg but it's OK Korea 10 Shiri Korea 10 Where do We Go Now lebanon 10 An Autumn Marathon Russia 10 Assa Russia 10
  10. 501st - 600th: Battleship Potempkin Russia 10 Hard to Be a God Russia 10 Paper Soldier Russia 10 Underground serbia 10 Cries and Whispers Swedish 10 Winter Light Swedish 10 The scent of green papaya vietnam 10 The Virgin Spring 10 The Twelve Tasksof Asterix Belgium 8 Not One Less China 8 Red Cliff China 8 Amores Perros France 8 Band of Outsiders France 8 cold water France 8 Summer Hours France 8 Devil Hunters Hong Kong 8 Outlaw Brother Hong Kong 8 Tiger Cage 2 Hong Kong 8 The Ear hungary 8 Aparajito India 8 Guzaarish India 8 Jallikattu India 8 Jodhas Akbar India 8 Virumaandi India 8 The Salesman iran 8 The wind will carry you Iran 8 the leopard Italy 8 War and Peace Italy 8 13 Warriors Japan 8 Drunken Angel Japan 8 Like someone in Love Japan 8 One Wonderful Sunday Japan 8 A man and a woman Korea 8 the rocket laos 8 Nightwatch Russia 8 one hundred days after childhood Russia 8 A Touch of Zen Taiwan 8 The Admiral: Roaring Currents Korea 8 Ju Dou China 6 A Royal Affair Denmark 6 ernest and celestine France 6 Holy Motors France 6 House of Pleasures France 6 quest for fire France 6 Shoot the Piano Player France 6 The Innocents France 6 Two Days, One Night France 6 Nowhere in Africa Germany 6 Dreaming the Reality Hong Kong 6 In the Line of duty 3 Hong Kong 6 Magnificent Warriors Hong Kong 6 Royal Warriors Hong Kong 6 The Legend Hong Kong 6 The Seventh Curse Hong Kong 6 Tiger Cage Hong Kong 6 Firaaq India 6 Koi Mil Gaya India 6 Life of Pi India 6 Manichitrathazhu India 6 Super 30 India 6 Leila IRan 6 La Strada Italy 6 Departures Japan 6 Love Exposure Japan 6 My Neighbours the Yamadas Japan 6 Stray Dog Japan 6 The Crucified Lovers Japan 6 Miss Bala MExico 6 Headhunters Norway 6 Wings Russia 6 Everybody Knows Spain 6 Paradise: faith Austria 4 Black Orpheus Brazil 4 The Demons Canada 4 The Dance of Reality Chile 4 Au Revoir Les Enfants France 4 Belle De Jour France 4 Juste Une question d'amour France 4 Kinkou and the sorceress France 4 The City of Lost Children France 4 The Baader Meinhof Complex Germany 4 The Tin Drum Germany 4 Angel Terminators 2 Hong Kong 4 Come Drink With Me Hong Kong 4 Fallen Angels Hong Kong 4 IP Man 3 Hong Kong 4 Iron Monkey Hong Kong 4 Naked Killer Hong Kong 4 Agneepath India 4 Monsoon Wedding India 4 Fellow Citizen Iran 4 I vitelloni Italy 4 In the corner of the world Japan 4 Kon tiki Japan 4 The Ball at the Anjo House Japan 4 The Castle of Cagliostro Japan 4 The Housemaid Korea 4 The villainess Korea 4 Soldier of Orange netherlands 4 Beanpole Russia 4
  11. Also there are a film or two that do not qualify for the list, again, I only sought to double check/remove things like that if they were threatening the main top 100. Anyhows: 601st and below: The Mirror Russia 4 matador Spain 4 Show me love Swedish 4 The emigrants Swedish 4 We are the Best Swedish 4 Pusher 3: The angel of Death Denmark 2 The Wave Denmark 2 Chocolat France 2 Day for Night France 2 Le Samurai France 2 OSS 117: Cairo Nest of Spies France 2 Fearless Hong Kong 2 Fist of Legend Hong Kong 2 Magic Crystal Hong Kong 2 Rumble in the Bronx Hong Kong 2 The Iron Monkey Hong Kong 2 Wheels on Meals Hong Kong 2 Yes Madam Hong Kong 2 Dreams India 2 A Girl who walks home at night iran 2 Children of Heaven Iran 2 Zero Motivation Israel 2 Blue is the Warmest Colour Japan 2 Jiro Dreams of Sushi Japan 2 Lady Snowblood Japan 2 Tokyo Drifter Japan 2 Burning Korea 2 Brother Russia 2 Summer Interlude Swedish 2 Journey to the West Taiwan 2 Chocolate Thailand 2 The Protector Thailand 2 Tu Dors Nicoles Canada 1 An Elephant Sitting Still China 1 Ash is Purest White China 1 Red Sorgum China 1 Shanghai Triad China 1 The Flavour of Green Tea Over Rice China 1 Birds of Passage colombia 1 Beauty and the Beast czech 1 4 days in France France 1 A single Girl France 1 Alphaville France 1 Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra France 1 Fantastic Planet France 1 Fat Girl France 1 I stand alone France 1 Nocturama France 1 Purple Noon France 1 The king and the mockingbird France 1 M Germany 1 36th Chamber of Shaolin Hong Kong 1 On the Run Hong Kong 1 SPL Kill Zone Hong Kong 1 Spy Games Hong Kong 1 A Long Goodbye Russia 1 Brief Encounters Russia 1 Leviathon Russia 1 Pretty Village, Pretty Flame serbia 1
  12. Okay, gonna post the full list of films: (There may be the odd mistake with the nations etc, as I only super checked things if they made the top 100, but here goes...
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