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  1. Apparently, Mark Blum has passed due to complications after catching COVID 19. Mark Blum has had many roles over the years (mostly TV & Theatre) however probably his most memorable role was in Crocodile Dundee where he played Susan's New York boyfriend. (not sure if it's been posted already - this may have already been posted as he passed 2 days ago) RIP
  2. Ok so cases are up to 1893 now. but this still excludes QLD, WA, SA, Tasmania and ACT at this point. I'm aware that QLD is +78 on this already, so i'd say we will be clearing 2000 cases in Australia today. Also for reference the total ICU beds in Australia is 2229 (874 NSW, 476 VIC, 413 QLD, 44 ACT, 50 TAS, 188 SA, 22 NT and 162 WA)
  3. Last report for sometime with cinemas now closed indefinantly. As expected much weaker results. Noted some are showing coming soon from June with Wonder Woman first. Not thinking this will hold. Thinking more like September at this point.
  4. All the fun options removed. Well done people on bondi beach the other day. You brought this on us much sooner than planned!
  5. For those outside Australia, it’s been called stage 1 of lockdown. To be reviewed monthly as needs arise.
  6. Restaurants and cafes remain open for take away and delivery. Just no dine in options im guessing that includes food courts which are essentially take aways around a central dine in?
  7. There is an enter missing there hotels not accom (in hotels) cinemas are closed effective 12 noon
  8. so ACT and NSW have joined Victoria in shutting downs all non-essential services WA is also shutting down its borders too.
  9. In addition to the above : - All Australians are urged to cancel non-essential Domestic Travel - South Australia to close it's borders as of Tuesday [I think it's now only a matter of time before all State Borders in Australia are closed now] [i'm not bringing up all the stimilus packages that have been announced] Given all of the above, I'm starting to think that that this will be last week cinemas are open here in Australia for sometime.
  10. UPDATE : Cabinet Session has been called for tonight (Australian Time) to discuss a potential lockdown of all non-essential services. NSW and Victorian Governments are pushing for a lockdown at this meeting. Apparently Victoria will go it alone if the remainder of the country does not (schools will close as of Tuesday for example). Northern Territory and Tasmania Borders have also been closed effective immediately.
  11. Interesting that while the VOD experiment is happening in the US, in Australia Trolls has been delayed to September. Not on VOD at this point
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