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  1. Between 1 state in shutdown, lack of new product, half price tickets I can't a see big weekend incoming. (Doubting we will get near the limit of sales at the moment.)
  2. Um. The current headline shows are David Copperfield and sonic. I'm not seeing anything wide till Staten island. It's a pretty dry month assuming unhinged doesn't come unstuck on its 31st July release date in the US. If unhinged moves again going to be long dry period for cinemas here
  3. if say it's staying on it's date, i'd say it's a limited release now. otherwise expect it to move very shortly go down the VOD route.
  4. I should note (especially given QLD is now being used as an AFL hub & storm are playing out of brisbane now too), that as of today (3rd July) stadiums gave have up to 50% capacity to a max of 25000 at a game. won't get to test that limit until the Brisbane Lions have a home game (AFL). Can't see the Bronco's filling suncorp anytime soon thanks to lowly run so far this year. Remaining stadiums outside of suncorp and gabba are capacities < 50000 anyway.
  5. indeed. AFter this weekends games all victorian teams will be playing from 3 seperate AFL hubs for at least the the next month however rumour mill is that this is setting up to be the remainder of the season should covid continue on in victoria as it has been. 2 teams in Perth 2 Teams in Sydney 3 teams on the gold coast 3 teams on the sunshine coast ' as a seperate note, Melbourne Storm (Rugby League) are currently based (training) out of Sunshine Coast (using their feeder club as their base) and are now playing out of suncorp stadium (Bronco's home stadium) - at the moment this is indefinite until advised otherwise. No sport in melbourne for the foreseeable future i think.
  6. Given the numbers we are seeing. It’s trending up at the moment. Even a complete shutdown right now probably means at 2 prob 4 weeks before the trend starts down again. Realistically cinemas are prob closed for 3 months before they reopen. And i feel this a bare minimum. We are doing 50k/day rn. It’s not going to magically drop to a low level. Even with large scale shutdowns (not happening) we are as I said 2-4 weeks away. I think a few are right here when u look at this logically. No cinemas till 2021. Not completely unrealistic. The question I ask in this environment, could we see movies released in some markets, VOD in others, delayed in others. US shuttering could wipe otherwise viable businesses out without new product (or limited)
  7. With Cal basically locking it all down again for 3+ weeks. Pretty much studios would reviewing after the coming weekend again. With the uncertainty in cal and NY amongst other states, I’d say the release date line up shifts 2-4 weeks backwards from where it is now.
  8. Same with trolls down under. Interestingly, while most films have delayed to their US release weekend, unhinged is holding a 16th July release (same as Staten Island) - at least as according to Event Cinemas.
  9. It's a tough one for sure... but realistically cinemas in QLD are reopening with David Copperfield and Sonic as their headline releases (ie. on the biggest screens and most screens). and there isn't going to much additional releases until 31 July now (assuming unhinged moves in AUS in line with the US change) - going to be a tough sell when u can buy sonic for $21 at the moment on blueray - especially if that's gotta sell for the next 4 weeks.
  10. Agreed. I mean for example one of the biggest cinemas in QLD - Chermside is showing Sonic and David Copperfield as the major releases starting on the 2nd July when it reopens. If you look through the list, essentially they are showing the same films which were in release in March when they closed + a few slightly older films - Ghostbusters, Inside Out, Bohemiam Rhapsody. Mind you they are also are reopening with half price tickets across the board - almost tempted to go and see Jumanji TNL again but in 4DX Also noting that the # of sessions is way down on what they used to show. (probably around half especially with no sessions starting after 7.15pm local time) . For reference Sonic is already out on blueray and you can buy it for $21 AUD from JB right now. going to be a hard sell if this is the bulk of what we have in cinemas until end of July.
  11. Yeah would think so... but you move all those out.. what does that do the release calendar - cinemas in NZ and AUS can't survive without the bigger releases long term.
  12. Looking @ Event's Coming soon list, i think either the location distributors haven't bothered to advise (some changes only just happened i guess) or we are getting the films earlier that the US Current list of Coming Soon Films (according to Event QLD) I've bolded the films which i know have moved the US Release Date. 02 July The Personal History of David Copperfield 02 July Love Sarah 09 July Waves 09 July Escape From Pretoria 12 July Never Too Late 16 July The Broken Hearts Gallery 16 July The King of Staten Island 16 July Unhinged 23 July Babyteeth 23 July Mulan 23 July The Burnt Orange Heresy 30 July Tenet 30 July The High Note 06 August Empty Man 13 August Bill and Ted Face the Music 13 August Wonder Woman 1984 <that will do for now>
  13. By the looks, most locations outside of Victoria are reopening by the 2nd July. not a lot of info for when village cinemas open there. (Village are already open in locations outside of Vic) edit - reading cinemas are open everywhere. Hoyts not open anywhere yet. Very hit and miss
  14. Event are reopening most of their locations from the 2nd July. The are about a dozen locations holding until end of July though.
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