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  1. I think the way the dates land may hurt Endgames changes of breaking either OD or OW records... not impossible but it does make things hard given some states are off holidays...... As noted :- Wednesday is the OD and it's a full day from 8am till last session around midnight starting i think depending on location. There are no previews on the Tuesday night / mids either. but then thursday is a public holiday but is only a half day for cinemas due to the anzac day regulations. I suspect that Wednesday + thursday afternoon/night will play like the full Opening Day would have making the actual OD slightly lower than it might have under normal circumstances. my gut :- Here's my prediction :- (no OD or OW records here but i'd imagine the 5 day total is gonna be impressive ;)) Daily - OW aggregate / total Gross Wed - 8.5m thurs - 7.5m - 7.5m / 16m Fri - 5.5m - 13m / 21.5m Sat - 7.5m - 20.5m / 29m Sun - 6.5m - 27m / 35.5m OD = 8.5m OW = 27m Total Gross to date = 35.5m As I said both records are close but i think we will just fall short due to the thursday public holiday in this. EDIT - without the way it's opening i think it would have landed close to a 12m OD and 30-32m OW... that's my thoughts on it here... either way the opening is impressive, but i think star wars can hold onto it's records here.
  2. Right so time to put things in perspective here :- Opening Weekend Records (please correct if i miss something) 1. Star Wars: the Force Awakens 27.3m 2. Avengers: Infinity War 21.2m (29.9m if you include the Wednesday Opening Day) 3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi 21.0m 4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 18.4m (25.5m if you include the Wednesday Opening Day) Opening Day Records 1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens 9.4m 2. Avengers: Infinity War 8.7m 3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi 7.1m 4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 7.0m (I think i'm missing a OD but i can't find the records anymore) the best comparisons here are Infinity War (of course and is probably the yardstick it needs to beat) and Harry Potters then record opening is also relevant but less so... Especially given Endgame opens on the Wednesday like Infinity War - I think this will put the OW record out of reach at this point (27m seems a stretch for the normal 4 day weekend but 35m over 5 days seems in reach however.
  3. ok that makes life simpler! will update my spreadsheet accordingly.
  4. @chasmmi Chas - so i understand the scoring system here. Incorrect Answers count as Cashouts or not (in the context of the number of Cashouts) - just clarifying so this is scored correctly
  5. I have a sneaking feeling Chas is trying to pull a swiftly on us. Both songs by Celine. Mmmmmm very suspicious
  6. Can I ask how many songs that someone picked as no.1 didn’t make the top 106.
  7. just looking, it's on 4 x VMAX, 2 x Gold Class and 1 x normal - pretty much only playing on a premium format.... Just looking at Avengers endgame - i see it opens on the 24th here ? (a day earlier than expected). Also noticing that the first sessions are 8am on wed (exclude thursday because nothing starts before 2pm), fri, sat and sunday. last sessions on thursday, friday and saturday start at 11pm too... so pretty much playing all day (been a while since i've seen sessions that early and late)
  8. i think it's going to be interesting which film everyone puts to the top of their domestic.... you could argue 3 films have a shot based on predictions :- Avengers Pika The Lion King They are appear to be the 3 front runners for top spot this game... It's almost a toss up this one. you could debate that toy story 4 is an outside but very unlikely shot too. it's going to be interesting game (could we see 3 films go in excess of 600m in 1 summer ? too low ? 700m then (I've seen predictions for all 3 films that or higher) As for OW u would think Avengers has that sewn up however i suspect pika and lion king could end up a lot closer than u think and heck who knows where spiderman lands in all this (if I were sony I would have released this in november avoiding the craziness that is this summer....)
  9. bold club... nice one... but i'm still OUT.
  10. Pika will bury this club list most are saying here. but it's a bold and good call. I'm not in however, without Pika this would have almost been a given. first weekend - only 1 film will be over 100m and that film opened in April 2nd weekend - Pika buries this club with i'm thinking around 150m+ opening 3rd weekend - John Wick 3 should land with at best 50m OW (hell if Pika opens big enough it could still be on top :D) memorial - all eyes look towards aladdin and i have to agree, 50m seems about right but i could see an opening as low as 30m ... or maybe slight breakout to around 70m. not feeling this one at all... post memorial - godzilla might be a serious threat to this club also, but i think around 80m OW seems about right this early on.. so out based on Pika alone. but without pika this club has a shot.
  11. I won't be surprised if it reaches 300m OW however there is plenty of room to take down the OW record (from IW) and not hit 300m OW. I'm not sure that it's possible just yet. however i'm around 280m so not far away either... and i'm not seeing Pika Pika getting anywhere near this level as good as that film looks.
  12. It seems everyone is in on rating all the star wars films so here's my hot take on the Disney Star Wars...…... 1. Rogue One - I love this film. to be honest i'm quite happy to watch Rogue One and then A New Hope back to back... it fits so neatly it's almost like watching 1 film. Beyond that, there are some just plain awesome scenes in there... 2. The Force Awakens - I have jumped back and forward on this one - it was top for a while but I find Rogue is more rewatchable... just slightly. 3. The Last Jedi - much maligned, I think a lot of the hate is unwarranted. I actually enjoyed the film and liked the general direction it took the franchise. There was a few things which annoyed me. the whole casino bit I felt was a little misstep, but overally still enjoyable. 4. Solo - I just couldn't get into this film and I love star wars.
  13. Here is my take on the mcu and how I like each film.... The 2 weakest films in the mcu for me is The Incredible Hulk and Thor 2. Infinity War is the strongest but The original Avengers, GOTG, and Antman and the wasp also hit the big notes for me too.. Phase 1 Iron Man 8.5 / 10 The Incredible Hulk 7 / 10 Iron Man 2 8 / 10 Thor 8 / 10 Captain America : The First Avenger 7.5 / 10 The Avengers 9.5 / 10 Phase 2 Iron Man 3 8 / 10 Thor : The Dark World 7 / 10 Captain America : The Winter Soldier 9 / 10 Guardians of the Galaxy 9.5 / 10 Avengers : Age of Ultron 9 / 10 Ant-Man 8 / 10 Phase 3 Captain America: Civil War 9 / 10 Doctor Strange 8.5 / 10 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 9 / 10 Spider-Man: Homecoming 8 / 10 Thor: Ragnarok 9 / 10 Black Panther 9 / 10 Avengers: Infinity War 10 / 10 Ant-Man and the Wasp 9.5 / 10 Captain Marvel 9 / 10 [yes I have seen it and enjoyed it - great addition to the mcu…] very much looking forward to endgame!

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