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Industrious Angel's Top8 of 2015

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Well, it took me some time to catch up with most important 2015 releases but now I think I've reached a conclusion. There were exactly 8 "A" movies in 2015 for me, meaning at least an 8/10 rating on my imdb list. Among them 6 releases I rated 8/10 and 2 9/10ers - here we go:


8/10 in alphabetical order:

Mad Max Fury Road


Shaun the Sheep

The Force Awakens

The Martian

The Revenant



Ex Machina



Well, when I saw MMFuryRoad, and my jawbone hit my knees halfway through without coming upo again, I didn't expect another 2015 movie to match it in intensity but now that the year is over, there are even two (Revenant, Victoria) which managed exactly that. Especially Victoria is an experience, not a single weak link there - a much "smaller" story then the other ones on my list (except maybe Shaun) - but the camera breathing through those 2 hours with the main protagonists (absolutetly pitch-perfect performances here) makes this an unforgettable ride. This is what movies were invented for! The only thing keeping it from a 10/10 (upon two viewings, maybe that'll change) is the story itself, a bit too convenient or well-crafted to fit the ultra-realistic acting. Whoever calls the one-take approach a "gimmick" has obviously not seen the movie.

As to my other 9/10er: Ex Machina is, also, a very intimate story, brought alive through perfect acting and carefully selected set design, light and editing. Here, it was rather some technological and logical loopholes that kept it from a 10/10; otherwise easily the best SF movie of 2015.

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