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Just finished reading Sorcerer's Stone and the many issues I have with it.

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First off I want to say that I liked this book, and movie well becuase if you have seen or read one of them they are virtually the same. but there are just some things that really bugged me about this story like


The adult wizards are incredibly stupid and contradict themselves all the time like for example, the students are not supposed to be outside of the grounds after nightfall becuase it isn't safe. and when Professor Mcgonagall finds Harry, Hermione and Ron outside she is furious and takes 150 points off Gryffindor and gives them detention, and what is detention? to go into the forbidden forest and find what has been harming a unicorn. that makes perfect sense not to mention they only have Hagrid who is to be it bluntly honest is dumb as a rock.  and professor Quirrell who turns out to be super evil and before that seemed like a total pansy, neither which seems like much good for protection. 


And when the elixir of youth being is looked for, and mischief going all around at hogwarts, which apparently dumbledore knew all about from the beging, he just sits on his ass and lets bunch of first year students risk their lives and nearly die, becuase he wants to give them a chance?? seriously some of the logic here makes no sense.


also Harry and gang tell Professor Mcgonagall that they think that someone is going to try and Steal the sorcerer's stone and she just brushes it off and sits on her fanny??


and Slytherin, they are the bad group, in bold writing, well then why on earth does Hogwarts a school for good wizards have an entire house that breeds evil wizards and witches and do nothing about it?


also it was super mean for them to change the score at the end after they already had the slytherin colors and everything and they are like sorry guys, we hate you, cause your evil so Gryffindor wins. 


and I mean come on Draco has had a terrible upbringing with stuck up pompous parents, maybe had harry tried to be nice to him or maybe if they at least made Draco's character not so stinking one note he wouldn't have turned out so awful.


In short Hogwarts is like the most dangerous school ever for kids and it's kind of ran by imbeciles and apparently you are either bad or good and there is no changing that. that's not to say I didn't enjoy reading the book, but for something that had such a monumental impact on society, it seems like pretty big errors to ignore. anyways I was just wondering what other people thought of this if you noticed things about the story that bothered you.


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