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The story of Harry Potter was only the beginning. With the new play, virtual experience, and now a new trilogy on the horizon, the magical world remains alive. Discuss the franchise with muggles here.
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  2. Sorcerer Stone: No favourite scene as such but Wizarding World recognising Harry felt good and Harry being in awe of it. Chamber of Secrets: Chamber Prisoner of Azkaban: Time Turner & Whomping Willow Goblet of Fire: Graveyard scene Order of Phoenix: Final Battle between Voldy & Dumbledore Half Blood Prince: Liquid Luck, Cave, Everyone lifting their Wands on Dumbledore death and You Dare Use My Spells on me. Deathly Hallows 1: Seven Potter, The Journey, Dobby is a Free Elf. Deathly Hallows 2: Piertotum Locomotor and Protective Spells, Snape's memories and Harry getting up after Neville speech. All Potter films had great 3rd act. All of them. Deathly Hallows just like Endgame peaked in start of 3rd act but still ended better than Endgame for me.
  3. And MCU Phase 3 changed that. And changed it how? Biggest Movie Franchise the World has ever seen.
  4. I guess. Its resolved than. Star Wars is bigger in USA and Harry Potter is bigger elsewhere and worldwide.
  5. A foreign friend and I are big fans of Harry Potter. We actually met at a certain fancon and from then on, we became good friends regardless of our distance. We keep talking about our what-ifs of the book and the movie and we actually came up with a theory that Harry Potter is now immortal. Originally, the prophecy said that the only one who can kill Harry is Voldemort and the only one who can kill the latter is the former. However, now that Voldemort is gone, is there a reason for Harry to die according to the prophecy? Does the theory make sense or it is just probably our imaginations going wild?
  6. It's still incredible to me how easily the overseas grosses were dominated by 3 franchises throughout most of the 2000s. I mean from the Order of the Phoenix in summer 2007 all the way until Ice Age in the summer of 2009, for those two straight years the top 10 overseas aside from Titanic was made up of 3 Lord of the Rings Films, Two Pirates of the Caribbean films and 4 Harry Potter films. In fact, from Finding Nemo in 2003 until Ice Age in 2009 not a single film ended up in the Top 10 OS that wasn't either Harry Potter of Pirates of the Caribbean. If you want to take that further, From 1999s The Sixth Sense until 2009s Ice Age, for 10 years only TWO films hit Top 10 OS that weren't LOTR, Harry Potter & Pirates. And during the whole 2000s decade (2000-2009) only FOUR other films hit Top 10 (Two of those being in the final year) whereas ELEVEN were from those 3 franchises. (6 Potters, 3 LOTR, 2 Pirates) Pretty incredible to think about considering from 2010-2017 we've seen 13 franchises ended up Top 10 OS (Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story, Harry Potter, Pirates, Transformers, Avengers, James Bond, The Hobbit, Ice Age, Frozen, Fast & Furious, Star Wars, Jurassic Park)
  7. SS - Mirror of Erised CoS - Basilisk/Chamber PoA - Buckbeak's Flight/Time-travel sequence GoF - Graveyard/Voldy's Resurrection OoTP - Possession/Ministry Battle HBP - Cave/Wandlit Vigil DH1 - Harry & Hermione Dance/Godric's Hollow DH2 - Statues/Courtyard Apocalypse/Prince's Tale @Goffe
  8. Nothing for me compares in either book or movie form to the entire scene in the graveyard in GoF. That's my favorite scene in both mediums in this series because it is just amazingly written and narrated by Voldemort in the books, and is appropriately foggy, dark, grim, and terrifying in the movie. So glad I got to see it in LieMax last year again.
  9. Mine: Found pretty hard picking just one for HBP and POA while I struggled to find one I liked substantially better than the others in COS, DH1 and DH2. Tagging @Noctis because he's the second biggest HP stan around here
  10. Sound like a rumor to me, according to Heyman in interviews no one was signed for more than the first 2 movie being a really big surprise success and franchise not being the norm back then, even the Twilight trio was signed just for the first movie. And I doubt you could sign young child (as young as 10 year's old) for that long and for those contract to hold up in court anyway if they want to break them year's later. The kids were pretty much signed one movie at a time for all the series according to him. And apparently the big negotiation issue with Watson was school time not salary. He talk about it in this one if I remember correctly:
  11. Budget went up cause WB had negotiated the trio’s salary only for 5 movies. When the sixth movie came, they had to renegotiate the contracts, and the three actors had a loooooot leverage. I even remember rumors Watson threatening to not do the following movies.
  12. Hard to tell how close to the truth those numbers are, but looking at the release date maybe it became more and more costly for WB to keep people away from the DVD revenues participation and had to accept into bigger money in advance. If you look at the negative cost/advance line here: http://deadline.com/2010/07/studio-shame-even-harry-potter-pic-loses-money-because-of-warner-bros-phony-baloney-accounting-51886/ We can assume than those movie ended costing them over 300m in generals anyway and it could have just changed when it did...
  13. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=harrypotter6.htm anyone know why this cost 100m more than the others?
  14. 1. DH2 2. POA 3. DH1 4. OOTP 5. GOF 6. COS 7. HBP 8. SS 9. FBAWTFT Deathly Hallows 2 is a near perfect movie in my eyes. Not only was it made extremely well, but it's entertaining throughout and was a fantastic send-off. Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely the best from a cinematic standpoint. AC is a fantastic director, and he made POA the first film to feel like more than just a book adaptation. Deathly Hallows 1 may suffer for most from being a build-up movie, but I love it. I grew up loving Harry, Ron, and Hermione, so to see a film that just focuses on them is awesome, and all three actors had really come into their own at this point. I didn't realize how much I loved Order of the Phoenix until I recently reread and rewatched the whole series. Of all the lengthy books in the series (minus DH), I think it does the best job of streamlining the plot to make sense as a movie. It's also the only one I like more than the book version. Sirius is so much more likable in the movie and the film does much better than the book at creating emotional payoff. Also Imelda Staunton made an incredibly hateable villain. Goblet of Fire is probably the most entertaining film, as is expected of a story with three set pieces layed out in the premise, but the plot has some pacing issues, and it's not the best at adapting the book. Also, the Moody reveal was made way too obvious with that lip licking tick. I don't get the hate for Chamber of Secrets. It may be the longest, but it doesn't feel obvious (and really it's only like 10 minutes longer than SS). It's a fun little mystery that felt suitable for both kids and adults, and it was great at adapting the book. Don't hate me! I feel like Sorcerer's Stone is only good from a nostalgia standpoint. It just holds up the least in my eyes. It's kinda cheesy and it feels like the actors are just reading the book to you. Still entertaining of course, but I sometimes find myself laughing at moments I probably wasn't supposed to. Half-Blood Prince suffers because it had no clue what it wanted to be. The book was a lot of context and backstory, so obviously that would be hard to work with, but they gave up so much of that. So many things were left unexplained (so what was the point of the Half Blood Prince subploy exactly?), and way too much focus was given to the teen romance subplots. And too many attempts at humor that didn't work. That said, well directed, well acted, well shot, and the final 30 minutes or so are fantastic. Despite my criticisms, I still love all 8 HP movies. But I was so disappointed with Fantastic Beasts. First of all, the characters are boring. They have nothing on the HP characters personality wise, and I don't really care for any of them, minus Jacob, but only because he was pretty funny (the non-magic character really shouldn't be the best character in a film about magic). Second of all, the plot was unengaging. Every time it jumped back to Graves and Credence, I got bored until he just suddenly became an obscurus. Effects were good, but that's pretty much it. Rowling works better as a novelist because she allowed us to get to know Harry through his thoughts. Newt, Tina, Jacob, Queenie, etc. have no substance. Still gonna watch FB2, but I'm less excited than I was for FB1.
  15. From the LOTR trilogy, NO. But then again that was not a whole decade. Regarding Hobbit,inflation and exchange rates play a huge part here. Azkaban must have sold more admissions than any Hobbit film. Furthermore,there was a big break between the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies. So yeah, Harry Potteer remains the most consistent franchise in history until today.
  16. I was not sure to understand what was going on here, before realizing that it was 2014 and that 2014 was before Force Awaken. Even then, middle earth was not that far from potter: The 6 movie average: 975 million Lowest entry: 869.3 million Last entry: 956 million Highest: 1119.1 (in 2003) Potter in 2014 was at Average: 965 million Lowest entry: 796.7 million Highest and last entry: 1341.5 million Was it really in a different realm of sustained success than Lord of the Rings ?
  17. With the destruction of the Transformers franchise (the only thing that might make me believe in the existence of a benevolent God), it goes to show just how fucking impressive Potter was at the box office.
  18. Just started the third one. I was a little late on that one but had a lot of school work and not much time. Feels delicious so far.
  19. I am changing my mind every once in a while so here are some thoughts: Rank based on which ones I enjoy/like the most: 1.) DH2 2.) DH1 3.) HBP 4.) GOF 5.) POA 6.) OOTP 7.) FBAWTFT 8.) COS 9.) SS Rank based on how well they worked with the material they had from the books. (FB excluded of cource) 1.) PoA 2.) DH1+2 3.) SS 4.) COS 5.) HBP 6.) GOF 7.) OOTP As you can see there are big differences between the 2 ranks. I think it is better to rank the movies this way considering that book adaptations are always limited from the book material. If I have to choose between rewatching Sorcerer's Stone or Order of the Phoenix I would go with the latted but it is mainly because I believe the plot is far more intresting. However, taking into account the book material, with SS they did a very good job while with OOTP they did a bad job.
  20. I'm not really like HBP because too much of plot changing from book to movie,just to show teenage-romance..... I do read the book, don't worry....
  21. Depends............. a. have you read the books? b. where the hell do you get off!? HBP and DH1 to me are the best. POA I find a little over-rated and have it at rank #4 out o thef 8 HP movies. POA is brilliant in parts, damp in parts. So I can totally understand if someone likes SS, COS more than POA. OOTP to me was a missed opportunity in many ways. Probably I was spoiled by the scale of LOTRs but at some point was expecting HP to launch off to a new level and give an epic feel. OOTP was that opportunity. I found both, the battle with Death Eaters and battle with Voldy, to be meh. Things were way too rushed. GOF too I can't get over abruptly cutting off the world cup and leaving some memorable parts out of the book. Ideally GOF and OOTP together should have formed 3 movies...of POA, GOF and OOTP should have formed 4 movies with end of POA launching the start of GOF but that can get disorienting for non-book readers and can be a logistical/marketing/economical nightmare.
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