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  1. I didn't, I did almost put it at 100. but the sequels tainted that film for me. I do still quite like TFA, but it was just such a missed opportunity, it will just be that film that had a bunch of really good set up that never went anywhere.
  2. I wouldn't say 0%, but unlikely. it's also very unlikely theaters will stay closed the ENTIRE year too. imo
  3. Just because movie theaters will reopen does not necessary mean there will be no more cases by then. China has begun to reopen theaters and there are still new cases here and there. you would have to be an extreme pessimist to think that it will still be at a high by August.
  4. Yeah I doubt it, why do you want them to die out so bad?
  5. I Still Believe A- Birds of Prey A- Timmy Failure A- Sonic the Hedgehog B The Gentlemen C
  6. This is a family movie though, and one family can rent it and have everyone watch, as opposed to say $8 a ticked for a family of four. plus drinks/popcorn they are spending $25-$50 anyways.
  7. I thought they had already finshed filming Falcon and Winter Soldier. I saw a picture for the filming production wrap for WandaVision too.
  8. They will probably just bump everything by 1 Nov 2020 BW. Feb 2021 Eternals, May Shang-Chi ect..
  9. People have had entertainment at home for decades. they still go to the theater.
  10. 1.11.20 1917 A 1.16.20 Little Women A+ 1.21.20 Weathering With You B+ 2.5.20 The Gentlemen C 2.8.20 Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) A- 2.16.20 Sonic the Hedgehog B 3.15.20 I Still believe A- Rest of 2020???
  11. But. this is a completely unique situation. and that is just speculation at this point. remember we had our biggest film of all time last year. people will always want to get out and watch entertainment for an escape. I know I certainly will once this is over.
  12. I am aware the situation is bad. most of the nation is shut down. being optimistic is not the same as being stupid. and I don't like being accused of such. have a little faith people. even if the nation were to shut down for the dreaded 18 months.. guess what we would still recover. I don't believe it will be that long though.
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