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  1. Suicide Squad was so disappointing BO wise. I loved the movie. But I think it's failure had more to do with an awful first movie and releasing on HBOMAX than Delta Variant. Makes me worried for Dune which has to do good just so the rest of the book can be adapted.
  2. I do think that Venom 2 was always going to gross less than the first. a lot of people like it, but a lot also hated it. I personally enjoyed, but I wouldn't call it a great film by any means, fun and somewhat unique in a cheesy way maybe even good, but not great.
  3. IMO Venom would be in a much better position if they moved it back to it's late September release date, it would have almost no competition, mid-october it would have to compete with like 4 other blockbuster hopefuls (Bond, Dune, Halloween and Hotel Transylvania) all hoping to reach $100m (Bond will for sure, not sure if all the others can)
  4. So is Shang Chi a fluke or is it safe to see that the box office is in a rebound? considering Free Guy, Candyman and Shang-Chi have all overperformed, as long as there isn't anymore more major lockdowns then it would seem the box office is on a rebound. October is set to be huge. people can say august was down, but there just wasn't that much to see. if most of the films releasing Oct-Dec keep their release dates we are in for a strong 4th quarter. with several potential $200m hits and at least one $300m hit (Spidy NWH)
  5. Yeah Disney completely monopolized 2019. didn't realize admissions were so low. Boxofficemojo seems to have dropped a lot of thier tools, how do you see admissions per year now?
  6. It did 11.3b. the only other year above it was 2018. it had 3 films over $500m and 6 over $400m yeah they were all Disney but how is that awful?
  7. Disney it's already at $500m and Shang-chi is probably going to add $125m+ and Eternals and Encanto are still set to be released and probably do anther $300m+ between the two of them. WB maybe could have had they not made the decision to release all they 2021 slate on HBOMAX the same day Godzilla Vs Kong is their highest grossing film and it barely got above $100m. I hope beyond hope Dune does well anyways. but even if my some miracle it hits $200m. WB would still be behind Disney. they do have The Matrix though. which will almost certainly make over $100m. but a lot of it's gross
  8. They just reinstated a local mask mandate in my town, but hat is only for 30 days I think, didn't need to wear a mask for a while before that and my theater has been opened at full capacity since May I believe. I saw Tenet (Sep) The Broken Hearts Gallery (Oct) and WW84 (Dec) last year after theaters opened. went 10 times in 2020. the lowest since like 2005 for me I think. This year I have seen 11 so far.
  9. So isn't this weekend (labor day) the first weekend since the pandemic started that the box office is actually above the weekend box office of 2019?
  10. I almost never buy Dvd's anymore. I bought WW84. and occasionally I will buy dvd's for more obscure films that I can't find on streaming. but that is about it.
  11. It is not on that level. but I do know that hundreds of thousands of people canceled their Disney+ when Gina Carono was fired. I did. (I gave in and re-added it later, cause it was when WandaVision was airing). but I read about and know people personally that did. ScarJoH. was not nearly as bad. but it doesn't look good. yeah its not on the level of The Weinstien Company. but they keep it up they are slowing alienating and losing fans.
  12. I mean if one of the major animation studios has the balls to release a PG-13 animated film and it's great and groundbreaking it could happen very soon. but it would have to be a specific film imo. most of the mainstream mind set is Animation = Family friendly + Kids. or else its a raunchy comedy like Family Guy or something. probably be something unique major studios just don't make animated films like this in the US.
  13. Love them or hate them they have had a PR nightmare this year. first with the controversial firing of Gina Carino ( I personally don't think anyone should be fire for their political views). and firing her probably hurt them as a company more than it helped. And now the lawsuit from Scarlet Johansson which also seems to be pretty legit. For a company that seems to stand for women's rights and equality they seem to have alot of angry and mistreated female employees (or ex Employees in Carino's case)
  14. Hey I having been doing a list and countdown of the first 300 films I've seen in theaters on Instagram. And was wondering if I could it on here as well. more film enthusiasts and I can do a little bit more. plus I already have the first 40 some pre written so it would have a good jump start.
  15. Yeah I was doubtful too, but they have been slowly bringing alot of EU stuff in some form or another for a couple years now. I do think she will show up eventually, think it has too much potential to pass up. I just hope they don't screw her up when they do. Sounds like as of now if they Make KOTOR with their currant plans it's going to be awful. So I wouldn't want it to be something like that.
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