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Announcement: 24 hour bans are here, and this time, we will not be afraid to nuke you from orbit. It's the only way to be sure!

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We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.


Over the last year or so, the moderating team has done all that it can, all that we feel was fair and just, when it comes to the DC/Marvel nonsense.  We have given out warnings, temporarily banned members, instituted thread bans, created a thread for all things DC/Marvel, one where all the villainy and scum could go to air their grievances.  We've been lenient and we have been fair.  We have laughed with you and we have tried to keep the peace.


But you guys are pushy little bastards sometimes, and unlike Mr. Lawrence's sensei, we don't like that.  The time has come for some drastic measures.


We've gotten a litany of private messages from all kinds of users here saying that this place is poisoned by a select few.  We agree.  80-90% of you that post here on a consistent basis are good posters who just want to talk box office, have some fun in the process and be nerds like the rest of us.  But the other 10-20% of you are determined to grind each thread into a bloodbath of epic proportions.


Here's what we all know:


Since Nolan got out of the Dark Knight and Snyder has taken over, the films have been divisive to say the very least.  We know that Zack Snyder isn't the film maker than Nolan is.  We know that MoS, BvS and SS have had poor multipliers, poor RT scores and poor reviews from a lot of fans.  We know all this because we are reminded of it every day in every numbers thread.  It's over kill and we have all had enough.  There is a thread created in the Speakeasy where all DC/Marvel bashing was supposed to go.  Somehow that has been shoved aside and now people just go off in the daily threads.  This stops.  Not tomorrow, not in an hour and not when you feel like it.  




Starting from the moment this thread is posted, anyone who doesn't know how to play nice in these threads (meaning enough of the critic conspiracies, enough of Zack Snyder bashing, enough of the Marvel DC stuff) you will be given an automatic MINIMUM 24 HOUR SUSPENSION and that's for starters.  And every moderator here will have complete autonomy to do so.  You guys want to be abrasive twats who don't want to follow rules, then you will be treated as such.


If during this 24 hours the admins ( Water Bottle and Tele) feel that the suspension was done in haste, then they will reinstate your posting privileges back.  If however in this 24 hours, they feel that we acted with the best interest of the sight in mind, your suspension will be upheld for the 24 hours OR IT WILL BE EXTENDED. 


ADMIN ADDENDUM: Please note, if you are thread-banned or suspended, you will also be given warning points.


Ladies and gentleman, this is supposed to be a fun site.  There's nothing wrong with jokes, there's nothing wrong with having fun.  But when you start making not only the members but the staff want to avoid threads due to the vitriolic diarrhea being crapped out, then it's desperate times and as you know, that leads to desperate measures.  


In the words of King Theodin, "HOW DID IT COME TO THIS?"  Well, those of you who can't follow simple instructions are to be blamed.  


Please, for the love of this site, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, just be nice and stop with all this crap.


Everyone starts with a blank slate.  Whatever has been done in the past is the past.  So please don't make us have to use this rule, please don't make us have to suspend you for 24 hours or longer.






The Staff.

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