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The Cuckoo's Calling; is it worrth it?

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I feel completely ashamed that only recently I found out about JK's adventure with crime novels under the nckname of Robert Galraith. I am a huge crime/mystery fan having a LOVE for Agatha Cristie's work and I heard some pretty rave reviews for he Cuckoo's Calling. I would like to know what fellow Harry Potter fans that read it felt about it and whether it is worth reading it.

P.S.: I though this was the right place to make that post considering that the main audience is Harry Potter fans. If I have done something wrong please let me know.


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I have just finished reading the first one. I can say that I really liked it. I think that the main strength of the book are the adorable main characters. Only after the first pages you can't help but start loving Cormoran and his genial assistant Robin. You will find yourself caring for them before you are able to understand it. It may be because they are described in a way that they seem ordinary people. Nothing heroic or flawless. They have their cons, the difficulties are always existing in their lives and at the same time they are both exceptionally gifted in a very charming way. One problem that someone may find is that the book is actually pacing very slowly. Only after 400 pages things are starting to get really exciting. But If you are like me a fan of JK Rowling, you will be get used to it and you will actually enjoy how much effort she puts in creating the background of the crime. You won't find the typical focus on action as it is commonly seen in most crime-fiction books.

On the other hand, I think that there are some problems too. The plot is very long complicated. The events take place for nearly a month. So, you may find yourself forgetting names or events. It was somewhat common for me. Furthermore, I think that the whole puzzle is far from outstanding. The background is very intresting but If like me, you are used to the exceptional puzzles of Agatha Cristie with incredible depth you will be a little unsatisfied in the end. Not that anything was predictable but that was my feeling. Another problem that I had in the beginning, is that I have kind of connected crime literature with older periods of time. The events happening in today's age it felt akward to me. I just can't have computers and detectives at the same time. I was seeking for that amazing class of the legendery Hercule Poirot.

All in all, it was a pleasant read. I can't wait to start the second one which seems to have a more intresting plot, at least to my eyes. Overall, it was a very good novel. It was a better novel than a crime novel :) .

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