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TOURNAMENT of BOX OFFICE GREATNESS: What is the greatest BO run ever? NOMINATE and VOTE NOW!!

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What is the greatest DOMESTIC box office run since 1975? 


The cool thing about huge box office runs, like Rogue One, is that it brings to mind many of the historic box office runs of past years.  Many titans from the past have been brought up in discussion lately and I thought it would be fun to have a battle for the greatest box office run of the past 42 years where everyone in this forum can have a say.  (We begin with 1975 as that is when term blockbuster was born with the summer release of Jaws).


Why do this?

I think it's always a blast to compare great films.  It should bring great discussion if people actively participate. I would love to see the possible matchups of Twilight, Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beverly Hills Cop, Blair Witch all being compared.  Many have followed box office for many years-for me it has been almost 20.  I love thinking back to what it was like when certain box office runs wowed the movie-going public (and have made our forums meltdown). I think a competition for the top spot has the potential to be fascinating.


Here is how it works:


First off, this is DOMESTIC box office runs. If people enjoy a thread like this enough, maybe a WORLDWIDE competition could be a possibility for another time.



This is up to you! This is subjective and however you define "Best box office run" is how you should vote/nominate.

Maybe you value pure massive numbers and don't care about the budget?

Maybe you like huge opening weekends or amazing legs?

Maybe a big surprise-out of nowhere type run gets more value in your mind?

Maybe adjusted numbers are your thing?

However you come about what you think is the "Best box office run" is totally up to you.  There is no perfect formula.


This "Battle" will be broken down in to 3 phases:


1. The Nomination Phase:

Anyone can nominate up to 64 films from 1975 to present time. (You don't have to, but that is the max).

-To encourage nominating more than just a few, people who nominate 20 or more can get more points for their top tiers.  If a forum member nominates 64, they divide them up as many as-but no more than 3 tiers (1st tier, 2nd tier, 3rd tier) they will get the following nomination points:

1st Tier: 3pts each (20 films)

2nd Tier: 2pts each (20 films)

3rd tier: 1 pt each (24 films)


If you decided to only nominate 25 films, it would go this way:

1st Tier: 2pts each (20 films)

2nd Tier: 1 pt each (5 film)


If you did 19 or less nominations-each film would get a point.  If a member posts a list and doesn't divide the films into tiers, then they would all be 1 point. Hope this all made sense.






Feel free to post on the site, or send me a PM with your nominations list.


The Nomination Phase will be complete at 1PM EST on Friday Jan. 12.  The 64 movies with the most points receive a bid into the "tournament."


2. Seeding

Once all the nominations are in, I will tally the nomination points and seed in the exact format (for those who are familiar with) the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament.


There will be 4 Regions-named after the top-seeded franchise from each Region. 

16 teams per Region, 

In the first round it would be: 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, 3 vs. 14 and so on.


3. Competition

Once the seeding is set, the competition will begin.

We don't want to overwhelm people with too much voting so we will vote one region at a time-8 matchups at a time (4 day voting period), then move on to the next region.

I will put up the matchups and you will PM me your vote on the winner of each matchup.  The most votes for a side wins.  If there is a tie, the high seed wins- another good reason to get some good noms in at the beginning.  After 4 days of voting, I will post results and voting for the next Region will begin.  This will whittle down all the way until we get to a 1 on 1 Championship matchup (just like the NCAA tourney).


I encourage you to:

*Be active.  If you feel strongly about a particular film that may be overlooked, use the thread to campaign for it.  You may campaign or push for it to make the field of 64.  You may get behind it and bring up reasons during the competition why it should beat another movie in a match-up.  Feel free to give reasons as why a particular box office run should be supported.  That is what will spur on great conversation about our box office passion.


*Separate quality of the film for your noms/votes/ This list has nothing to do with how much you like a movie.  It's about the  greatness of a box office run. Try look at the box office run itself-not the quality of the film in your eyes.


*Don't dismiss movies because they are from a long time ago-or because they are recent.  We tend to dismiss movies not fresh in our mind or a run that occurred before we followed box office numbers.  Conversely-we tend to overlook greatness of a box office run and dismiss it because it is so recent and it doesn't have the built up "legend" status of an older run.  Try look at the entire picture of the box office run no matter what the year it was released.


*Have fun.



Please let me know if you have questions as some of this could be confusing-especially the nomination phase.  I just hope people participate as this thread has the potential to be a great time. 


Any interest?  Send in those noms!










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