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  1. Ethan Hunt

    Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    This movie is gooooooooooooooooood #bringbacktheromcom2018
  2. Ethan Hunt

    CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

    I imagine Cookie will have a behemoth or two that's longer than that
  3. Have I ever mentioned how much I want to have sex with this trailer?
  4. It's not a comedy. But it certainly has comedic elements.
  5. It's not quite as good as Detroit. Real strong though
  6. Hey guys I'm taking this over for That One Guy. He sent me the information for what's been received so far. So send lists to me
  7. Ethan Hunt

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    I think that would indeed be a good idea
  8. Ethan Hunt

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    I don't knoe that I'll get anything out other than The Wake Up Call. Delay?
  9. The Wake Up Call Best Picture Best Director- Spike Jonze Best Ensemble Best Actor- Ryan Gosling Best Supporting Actor- Chris Pratt Best Supporting Actress - Jenney Slate -Kristen Stewart -Shaliene Woodley Best Original Screenplay Best Cinematography Best Film Editing Best Production Design Best Sound Mixing Best Sound Editing
  10. Baseball Boy: Swing for the Fences Release Date: January 24th Studio: Hunt Productions Genre: Animation/Family Director: Simon J. Smith Theatre Count: 3,100 Rating: PG Runtime: 89 minutes
  11. The Wake Up Call Release Date: December 11th Studio: Hunt Productions Genre: Drama Director: Spike Jonze Theatre Count: 3,240 Budget: 60M Rating: R Run Time: TBD Cast: Ryan Gosling Jenny Slate Kristen Stewart Chris Pratt Shailene Woodley Plot: In Progress

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