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  1. Trailer Rankings 1. Smooth Moves 2. Penzar's Dragon 3. World War Z 4. The Last Airbender 5. The Cast Aways 6. Wild Thornberries 7. Plus 2 8. My Hero Acadamia
  2. Jojo Rabbit is about dancing. Movies about dancing are good. Jojo Rabbit is good All hail queen Thomasin
  3. uhhhhhh kinda awkward time to celebrate but winning cinematography really was the big dream with Tower of Babylon for me so I'm very pleased with the award
  4. ayyyyy Pillars pulling it in score (also thanks for my first oscar in visual effects guys)
  5. Can you like bold what the category is or include it in the spoiler tag? some of the cats are confusing if i just glance over the write up
  6. I would guess it's gonna be here somewhere. It was number 8 last time
  7. every film had a fair chance. This isn't meant to be a perfect list it's just a refection of what the people here like and well... they love em some pixar
  8. look foreward to seeing the counts after the awards
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