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  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark Forrest Gump Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars: A New Hope Spider-Man Jaws 
  2. Ethan Hunt

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. First Man 2. Roma 3. Boy Erased 4. The Favourite 5. The Old man and theGun 6. Us 7. Haloween 8. Beautiful Boy 9. Into The Spiderverse 10. Bad Times at the El Royale
  3. I'm seeing A Star is Born tonight. I'm hyped as hell couldn't care less about Venom
  4. Well fuck if Cjohn is gonna make an appearance I guess I do too
  5. Ethan Hunt

    Ethan Hunt Reviews: Year 4

    January Johnny Test- What bet did Bay lose? I would almost pass it off as nothingness IF IT WASN’T 2 AND A HALF HOURS LONG- F Dead Space- Looks nice and the actors do what they can to elevate the material but alsas this awkwardly structured Horror sci-fi fails to leave much of a mark- C- Haunting Hour- A cheap horror movie without anything really intresting going on- D- Extrasensory- Interesting setup. Kind of squandered. Cool atmospheric touches. Ending is kind of a dud- C+ The Mole- Saw the twist coming but still thought it was kind of a clever setup with well acted and somewhat tense thriller. Not a fan of the sequel tease of an ending.- B- When a Stranger Calls- It’s a semi- passable horror movie in month filled with other (both more and less) passable horror options- D+
  6. Ethan Hunt

    Xillix' Critical Hit Y4 Reviews

    Wait what. Baseball Boy got 3 stars

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