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  1. huh I would be surprised if this movie had good WOM considering it's like super weird and not at all what it's marketed as (tbc i think it's very good but doesn't seem accessible especially to the crowd it was marketed to )
  2. I think it probably does around the same as space james. But I could see it exceeding that a little and maybe approaching 40M with the reviews seeming very strong
  3. i mean I don't like The Green Knight but it's pretty close to what anyone would think it was based on the marketing
  4. They do a lot of platform but it's not exactly rare for them to release something wide out of the gate either (Hereditary, Midsommar, Zola, It Comes At Night)
  5. Can not believe we're talking about Green Knight having misleading marketing on the weekend that Stillwater came out... because THAT movie is uhhhh a lot of things and many of them are definitely not what's on the tin
  6. the it comes at night thing confuses me. It was exactly the movie it was marketed as I expect the same to be true of Green Knight
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