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  1. @ cayom magazine Tom Wilkinson and Daniel Kaluuya join the cast of Zero Project along side George MacKay and Jenifer Lawrence
  2. 1. Ms Blakk for President 2. Laika 3. Tower of Babylon 4.Toons v Reality 5. Countdown City 6. The Scavenger Wars Part III 7. Notorious 8. Birdwing 9. Roman Fever 10. Fatal Attraction
  3. I shall only vote because I want to see The Last Jedi at the top
  4. The Layover- 25 Adult Swim Bomb scare-24 In the Doghouse -23 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-13 Higher Ground- 20
  5. The Final Cut- 23 Scooby Doo: Cult of Creepers- 21 Ms Blakk for President-2 First Month- 13 Until Dawn- 25
  6. Panda earning the award for laziest fake out in the history on the most effortful list in the history kinda feels right
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