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  1. was told my list could be any length so just pimping a couple films I wanna see finish high. not motivated to do an extensive list
  2. i will say anecdotally that my movie theatre was packed on Friday night in a way that I had not seen since the pandemic. (Granted my Last Duel showing was also decently full, 20 or 30 people) so idk how representative that is
  3. Idk, I don't have it in me to be all doom and gloom. There are movies on the schedule that I'm looking foreword to and i have hope that they can do solid and more movies like them will be made in the future. (btw having seen The Last Duel I wouldn't exactly say that it's a film that I would recommend to anybody. i think it's handling of the more sensitive subject matter is borderline tasteless and cruel. )
  4. 2022 has a just a good of chance of being another 2019 as it does the opposite
  5. I'm not gonna call movies of a certain scale dead until there are literally none on the future schedule.
  6. perhaps it did. But maybe King Richard, Belfast, and Nightmare Alley or something are all about to make some bank.
  7. I mean it wasn't so long ago that we had 1917, Ford v Ferrari, Little Women, Uncut Gems, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Hustlers etc. all break out in the same year. I can't really believe that the viewing audience has shifted all that much since then
  8. We're gonna show the rape in graphic detail, and then we're going to show it again except more violent definitely feels an out of touch man's take on doing a Me Too movie
  9. I really really do not think Dune can win lol. of things that have already premiered Belfasr,Power of the Dog, and King Richard, and hell even Spencer seem like more likely winners to me
  10. Anyways my suggestion would be to open Fetival thread beginning of October with a mid November close and then open Part 1 in December or hold to start of Jan if we want to
  11. am i supposed to know when Canadian Thanksgiving is
  12. based on not feeling confident about anything else I'm just gonna bet on this being PTA's year
  13. not gonna lie. Licorice Pizza seems like a crazier, more eyebrow raising title than Soggy Bottom lol
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