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  1. I think the winter soldier will be the highest mcu movie. Still can't see it topping spidermnan 2 or logan (or obviously the dark knight
  2. Understand Director:Daniel Espinosa Release date: November 11th Studio: Hunt Productions Genre:sci-fi Rating: pg-13 Budget: 9M Theatre Count: 3,050 Runtime: 94 minutes Cast: Andrew Garfield David Henrie
  3. So... 2 week extension? And then calling it after that no matter what the schedule looks like? Everyone cool?
  4. The tower of Babylon by ted Chiang Uderstand Divison of Zero SEVENTY two letters Hell is the absence of God Liking what you see: a documentary
  5. Jessica Chastain and Anthony Mackie have signed on to lead Colony a sci-fi/Romance/Horror flick from directors Justin Benson and Aaorn Moorehead (Spring, The Endless) Chastain and Mackie play a married couple of expert scientists doing a research mission on a recently discovered planet all the meanwhile attempting to come to grips with what their marriage really looks like after their kids have moved out. The film is said to take inspiration from Alien, The Before Trilogy, and Arrival
  6. Mark Ruffalo, John Cho, Noah Centineo, and Laura Candor are gonna star in Susan Johnson's upcoming road trip comedy titled … Daddy Trip?
  7. Aeroplane over the Sea is definitely one of my most anticipated for the year
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