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  1. I hadn't even heard of that film until you mentioned it earlier in this thread so I can't really have an opinion about it. however, the description doesn't make it seem very interesting.
  2. Fiddler is only 3 hours, so no excuse for not watching the best musical of all time.
  3. My own list. As you can see I have no problem adding a lot of songs from the same film if I think it's deserving:
  4. I'm happy for theatres that their making money and normally I would agree with this sentiment. If the movie was at least passable. I'd be happy with a break out, but when it is as horrible as Bohemian Rhapsody is, it makes it hard to root for it.
  5. I didn't overlook it, I nominated it for worst feature. Unfortunately it didn't make the cut.
  6. Obviously, this whole thread is about personal opinions.
  7. I used "transcendent" in the sense of "surpassing or excelling others of its kind". I just meant that Fallout is a regular good movie and Annihilation is much better than that.
  8. I Liked Fallout, and it made my list. But I just thought it was a capable and fun action movie, as opposed to some transcendent one that should be super high on such a list. Speaking of transcendent films... so close...
  9. 25: Searching- Great start to the list, I thought it sounded like a bad gimmick, but it ended up being great. (9th on my list) 24: First Reformed- Started off well but I didn't really connect with how it ended, well acted though. (not on my list) 23: Crazy Rich Asians Meh, it wasn't terrible but it's a conventional Rom-Com story that wasn't very funny and and the chemistry between the leads wasn't really great either. (not on my list) 22: Avengers- A decent Superhero movie, has some annoying things about it but don't mind it either. (not on my list) 21: Game Night- Haven't seen. 20: Incredibles 2- Bad, Boring parenting parts and a an obvious villain reveal. (way off my list) 19: Bohemian Rhapsody- Absolute garbage which is worthy of Razzies rather than on a best of the year list. It just goes from one badly acted stupid moment to the next, and the story the way it was told in this movie didn't really make sense. (in a different galaxy from my list) 18: A Simple Favour- Fantastic movie, managed to be hilarious and make me care about the dramatic parts. Anna Kendrick should have been nominated for an best actress. (5th on my list) 17: Eighth Grade- Haven't seen 16: Paddington- Haven't seen
  10. Deserved, it's better than those three.
  11. Tower


    1.5B-2B yen= $13.6M-$18.1M

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