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  1. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    FYC: Eve's Bayou is a real hidden gem (only 7k votes on IMDB), highly recommended.
  2. I don't know how much I'm allowed to write here and there isn't a review thread, so I'll just say that while it I still liked the film, I didn't like it nearly as much as the original. Also: 1) Arrival 2) Sicario 3) Prisoners 4) Blade Runner 2049
  3. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    @Stutterng baumer Denbrough started this, so he should answer these eligibility questions really.
  4. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    I get your point and if Life Is Beautiful were the only film where this were an issue I'd agree. But a general rule has to be made and since some foreign films were released in the US many years after their home country or not at all, using the US release date would create worse problems overall.
  5. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    It was first released in theatres in 1997, so yes.
  6. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    So I just saw Gattaca, and I found the world it builds and themes it deals with really interesting. the main story itself though was not nearly as good, and felt somewhat bogged down and had some problematic parts. Overall a good film that will do reasonably well on my list, But it's nowhere near as good as Mononoke or LA Confidential.
  7. That's a typo, BOM gave the Sunday number only instead of the weekend.
  8. If it made $63.2M in Japan and $61.1M in the UK, then Japan is a distant second and not the UK.
  9. Interesting but problematic, using the modern concept of GDP for hundreds or thousands of years ago isn't very reliable or meaningful. Also, the graphic doesn't mention it isn't measuring the GDP of actual countries, but rather the land that corresponds to modern political boundaries. This is why the UK or Spain are so low back when they were giant empires, and why Italy or Germany are on the graph many years before they existed.
  10. I went for JW, but I wouldn't be surprised if IW wins. There is a reasonable case to be made for Han Solo, but I would be surprised if it actually won. Anything outside of those 3 I would be shocked to see win.
  11. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    I think it's up to you, but personally I go by the version I like the most.

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