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  1. Normally I wait until the last moment to watch as many films as possible for a list. However, in this case, I have already seen all 25 narrative films from Scorsese and I'm not interested in watching the documentaries (and it would be weird trying to rank them compared to narrative ones), so there is no reason to wait. 1 The Departed 2 Taxi Driver 3 Gangs Of New York 4 Hugo 5 Bringing Out The Dead 6 The Wolf Of Wall Street 7 Shutt
  2. Glad my vote got this placed on this list. I saw this film a couple of days before the deadline and it ended up being my favourite amongst the all the horrors I watched preparing this list, even above the classics that will be very high on this list like Scream and the Evil Deads (good films that did well on my list).
  3. OK, I saw what I could in time, so here is my final list: Rank Film Year 1 Black Swan 2010 2 The Thing 1982 3 Jaws 1975 4 Psycho 1960 5 Peeping Tom 1960 6 The Fly 1986 7 Annihilation 2018 8 What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? 1962 9 Alien 19
  4. In that case here is my non-final list: Rank Film Year 1 Black Swan 2010 2 The Thing 1982 3 Jaws 1975 4 Psycho 1960 5 Peeping Tom 1960 6 The Fly 1986 7 Annihilation 2018 8 Alien 1979 9 The Night Of The Hunter 1955 10
  5. I will send mine just before the deadline, there are too many important that I need to see. I already started with Shaun Of The Dead and the Evil Dead's (they will all be on my list, with the original Evil Dead being the best of them). Coming up tonight is Scream.
  6. And the regional numbers: Jerusalem district theatres screens seats admissions change in admissons change in admissons since 2006 population (M) admissions per capita pop growth 2006 3 16 2,900 688,889 0.87 0.79 2007 3 16 2,900 667,371 -3.12% -3.12%
  7. 2020 admission numbers, but there isn't really anything to say, and 2021 will also be disasterous. Israeli box office theatres screens seats admissions change in admissions change in admissions since 2006 population (M) Admissions per capita 2006 59 313 52,213 9,031,844 NA NA 7.117 1.27 2007 48 275 44,911 9,142,974
  8. I made it a point to watch every film from 2018's top 100 before submitting my list. I want to do the same for next list (but for all 150) which means I have 22 films to see in the next 2 years. I could see them over time, but I will probably shove them all into the last couple of weeks before the next deadline.
  9. Can't complain about a new record placement, hopefully it continues to improve and takes its rightful place at number 1 some day.
  10. The film isn't bad, but not only is it nowhere near as good as The Princess and the Frog, It isn't even as good as Bolt.
  11. Glad to see it drop significantly, I can only hope that it does the same next time and falls entirely out of the top 100. Being the first doesn't excuse being the worst, and this abominable crap is still the the worst animation I have ever seen, and having it above a great film like Princess Kaguya is a travesty.
  12. I usually find WDAS to be overrated on this list, but The Princess And The Frog is an exception. I saw it for this list and it was surprisingly good, one of the few WDAS to be too low, I personally have it as the second best WDAS ever.
  13. Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty are both films I saw getting ready for this list, and both were bad. HTTYD3 is good though.
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