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  1. Corpse calculates the exchange rate for each week separately, so it won't exactly match the current exchange rate.
  2. I can see that sending 50 is a bit much for some, as long as you send 25 I won't halve the points. obviously you can still send a full 100 and get scored for all of them.
  3. I had to google who that is, and he seems to be a Youtube reviewer. I'm not sure why he would make a particular difference to this list, especially compared to the many reviewers on Youtube, some of whom are bigger than redlettermedia, like Jahns or Stuckmann.
  4. This discussion should really be in the black and white thread, so I answered there.
  5. There is no expectation that you submit a full 100, even I'm not going to quite get there, but I don't want to discount half of the list that Jake Gittes will have just to equalise it with people who haven't seen as much. Keep in mind that if you submit a top 50 you still get as many points for each film as a top 100. But if people here want this changed they should say so and I will make it less onerous. @TalismanRing @flynn2000
  6. And no one sent me any for the black and white list yet. (Technically a few people said they would send a list, but still).
  7. I need to see more films from 1999. but from those that I have seen, it was a great year.
  8. The first is the number 1 film of 2018, the second is the number 10.
  9. Those are fine. In general, if you to know if a film is eligible, just check its IMDB page and make sure that in the technical specs it is listed as only black and white.
  10. Sorry. I just copied that list from somewhere else, I don't really know who else should be tagged.
  11. You should really learn to separate your personal opinion from general opinion.
  12. I don't know which films you refer to, but if they released in colour I think that would be disqualifying regardless of how they got there.
  13. Sunset Boulevard and All About Eve are both great, so here are some other great films to consider: 12 Angry Men: Obvious one but I have to make sure nobody forgets, it's just too good to be left out. Double Indemnity: The best of the film-noir crime genre. The Apartment: I don't usually like romcoms, but this one rises above its genre. The Grapes Of Wrath: Such a well made drama with such great acting, especially for its time.
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