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grey ghost

What Hollywood era did the studios make the most money (adjusted)?

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24 minutes ago, Jay Hollywood said:


It also doesn't techincaly help the actually studios bottom line usually, since its mostly different company arms.


Isn't that mostly a Disney thing, were it is so big they have they have a division just for it, studio like Warner& Sony have have a consumer product line in the studio division revenue (at Warner the video games are also in the Warner Brothers studio division) and a consumer product line in the individual movies accounting helping that movie result.


For example:


(soundtrack and some merchandising revenue are there on that potter distribution leak report) and every sony released movie had one.


That said they are not impressive amount for the most part, so they could be just a fraction from third party licensing that used exact imagery from the movie and sold them around the movie release time, with a lot of it not being accounted to the movie itself outside of those.

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