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The Panda

Facing the "Never Say No To Panda" Propaganda

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If you're like me, you've seen a lot of footage of ravage Pandas ruining the lives of people while you hear the man sing, "Just you know whyyy".


Well, this topic is to counter that propaganda, we must present our evidence here!


I believe that since the video maker was Japanese he was attempting to take highly edited footage of Pandas to make them seem like the aggressors!  They're trying to say that China is the aggressive one to Japan!  But we all know it was the empire of Japan that attempted to slaughter the Panda species in WW2.


I personally know the Never Say No to Panda Panda, in fact I may even be him!  And I know that he was seeking vengeance on Panda abusers and those who hated my species!

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