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We Are Hiring New Moderators!

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Hello BOT Community!


It’s been a while since we’ve last hired a staff member. While I believe we have one of the best moderating teams on the internet, we decided that it was time to invite one or two members to join the staff. This fresh blood should help bring new perspective to the staff, should help us moderate content better, and help in other areas like fulfilling Review the Movie requests and staying on top of pinning and unpinning content.


With some current moderators and admins having more real life responsibilities, we feel this is also the right time to bring in these moderators to help around.


As such we are asking people to submit applications to my PM box if they are interested in serving the admin team. I ask that you follow the entire application. If you fail to do so, chances are you won’t be considered for the moderating team for that reason alone.




Name: Your forum username

Age: Your real life age.

Real Life Country: Where you live most of the time.


What do you feel you can add to the forum moderating team?

Basically why should we hire you over everyone else.


What kind of time commitment can you give to the forum?

Take a look at your life. How active will you be as a moderator? Please be realistic here!


What experience do you have that is relevant to moderating a forum?

Whether it’s moderating, parenting, or managing people, feel free to let us know! We don’t need a full resume here.


Why do you want to join the team?

Pretty self-explanatory.


Do you have WhatsApp or Telegram?

Not a necessary thing really but we do make a lot of snap decisions in the WhatsApp Staff Chat.


Name Five Other Members You’d Think Would Make Good Mods:

This not only lets us know who the community would think would make good moderators, but it shows us how connected you are to the community. This is one of the most important questions.




If you have zero interest to be a moderator but would like to name up to five members you’d think would make good moderators, feel free to PM me.


We’ll keep applications open for a week. At the end of the week, I’ll bring together all the applications and nominations to the entire staff. We’ll all agree on which member(s) would make the best staff members. If a single staff member objects to a member, we won’t hire that person.


As a note, we’ll be looking into disciplinary history, the reputation the member has built with the community, and reasonable current activity levels.

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