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Subscription Changes

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Hello all! First of all, the theme issues should be fixed now and you should be able to access the forum as normal. If there's any area that isn't working as expected, please let us know by submitting a support ticket!


I am also happy to say we have changed the way you can subscribe to the forum! First of all, if you aren't subscribed to the forum, on every page you should see to the right options to subscribe. This is for monthly subscriptions only. I'm not entirely sure if there are any automatic charges or not but you should be able to cancel at any time. 


If you want an annual subscription you will have to do it the old-fashioned way: click "Donate" at the top (rather than one of the drop-down options) and you will see all the subscriptions at an annual rate only. 


Current subscribers should not have to change a thing: it should work as before unless you don't renew your subscription in which case you will have to subscribe using the new way or the annual way.

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If you use a subscription from the "Donate" button you will sadly see the subscriber block for now. Apparently, there is no way to hide it from staff members or per user group.  


If you subscribe using the new subscription system, it should go away. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and the block might or might not be removed (you can access the same information by hovering over "Donate" and clicking "Subscriptions") for said reason.


In other news, I have increased the like limit for each paid account tier and given Gold Accounts unlimited likes.

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