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Season Three of Box Office League is here!!! Sign up in thread.

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Some of you may know me as the Summer / Winter Game guy. Some of you may know me as the guy who does lists and countdowns that take a reliable 4-6 weeks to complete from reveal one until first place. 


However, way back when, I was also the creator of the 9th most prestigious Box Office Game in all of the forum, Box Office League. 


So, I thought that as we cannot really do the winter game right now, why not bring back Box Office League for a third season as this can be sustained by the Box Office numbers that are currently existing (just about :) ) 


So, what is Box Office League? It's simple.


Entrants are placed in a league format (depending on numbers) the top x players progress to a play offs for the chance to become ultimate champion. Every Week is a 1v1 showdown vs another player in the league with point scored based on who has the better prediction and the accuracy of said predictions. 


With the exception of play offs, no week has more than 5 simple Box office based predictions to make. 


The total game run time is dependent on the number of entries obviously, but the maximum number of weeks it will last is about 11. 


Once a final list of entries is in. A fixture list will be drawn up. If more than 9 players join, players will be drawn into groups. Either way after the regular season, the top x (depending on number entries) players will proceed to the playoffs from which the champion will triumph and be crowned. 


All predictions are done by PM. And the second post ill give more details in scoring for those interested in the inner workings :)


Links to previous Season:





I will post the more exact scoring system and such a little later once interest has been gaged. (Expect one of those annoying tag all posts in a few days. 



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