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Season 2 Preview

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Welcome everyone to the second season of Box Office Alliance, the only partner-based box office game on the entire forum. I hope you all enjoy what should be a very interesting and competitive season, and we can all expect some changes from last season, some improvements (hopefully), and some new methods of fun-based competition. So bring your box-office skill, cooperation, and competitiveness as we start SEASON 2.

First up, the game will be held in this forum. However, I will PM each group the questions and deadlines so that they are aware of each week's game. This way, participation will be well maintained. I have had some complaints from last season, when players answered all their questions in those PMs. Because edits are not shown in PM, rumors circulated that some players were editing predictions after the deadline. I like being able to keep the predictions in PM, however, because that way everyone's predictions are not near replicas of each other and I know I can expect more participation as a lot of members do not even post in the thread(s). This season I am going to try maintaining answers in PM format BUT I will be sure to check every Friday right at the deadline, and if I notice any changes in the final numbers I record for the users, then those users will face punishments or eliminations for cheating. If this system doesn't work, all answers will move into the thread(s) instead, with reminders in PMs.

Secondly, there will be a new deadline. The deadline will be EVERY FRIDAY AT 2:00 P.M. EASTERN TIME, 1:00 P.M. CENTRAL. You may have to adjust that to your time depending on your location.

Thirdly, this season will face less options for the winning team. Previously the winning team could choose from one of six options. This hindered elimination as The Challenge wasn't held every week. Now, there will be three options: The Challenge (obviously), the Creator Challenge (this has never been chosen, by the way), and a forthcoming surprise. Every week should be able to feature at least one elimination, so with sixteen players (and possibly more) we should have a fairly long-lasting season, hopefully. But I will not let it drag on too long.

Fourthly, the point system. This was a new concept I introduced last season that made the game quite different from its predecessor at Box Office Mojo. There were some complaints concerning the point system. Points made it easy to award those who predicted best with more immunity from The Challenge. This season, however, immunities will be handled differently. Because I reward the top 3 teams each week, every member on the top 3 teams will be immune from The Challenge for that week, and the winning team will choose from the remaining members/teams. This may change as we come down to less teams, but we'll discuss that when we get there. BUT, sometimes a team suffers one miserable week, and this may make even a good team vulnerable. That team may be chosen for The Challenge unexpectedly. For this reason, certain numbers of points will still be rewarded to all participants on the basis of box-office skill and rank for each week. Remember, teams are dynamic so the team you start on may not be the team you finish on.

Fifthly, there will be some surprises this season. Every week will not necessarily be the same as the week before. The game, like the teams, will be dynamic. Expect the unexpected. (And to all those who participated first season, expect this season to be more surprising!)

And finally, I must reveal how partners will be determined this season. So far, sixteen members have signed up. That's 8 teams. Maybe we can get 20 members and 10 teams, but I'll settle for 8 teams. Everyone will receive a partner. Last season I let you guys choose your partners. This season, however, choosing will be a different matter. I don't want everyone who played last season to grow so comfortable with their former partners that they don't explore other options, so the method for choosing partners is different. I will post that in the next thread.


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I don't know what time zone you are in, but I'm in Central timezone. I use both Central and Eastern. The deadline is Friday at 1:00 P.M. Central, 2:00 P.M. Eastern. If the game is posted on Wednesday, that usually gives you roughly 48 hours. If it's posted Tuesday, you generally have about 72 hours to answer. Most people tend to wait until Thursday or Friday to predict.

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Thank Ueka, usually get my pred in early but I remember last season having trouble working out exactly what time I had to have them in and was really late a few times.

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The teams will be revealed tomorrow. If you want to try to pick your own partner, then you may answer the questions that were sent via PM. Otherwise, a partner will be selected for you, but all partners shall be revealed tomorrow.

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