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  1. Box Office Casino

    i think i've lost all my points, no? lol
  2. what the fuck is this shit? you're only getting points if you're the top 2, 3rd gets nothing, and everyone else is pretty much fucked. what the hell? you know what makes no sense, the 50,000 bonus for being the positive. why not have first place be 52k points, and second place be 51k points? it's essentially the same thing.
  3. War of the Planet of The Apes over 220 mil DOM Club

    In. Love the franchise.
  4. Box Office Casino

    hell no this happens. i'll take this bet.
  5. Caesar clobbers Optimus Prime (WFTPOTA over TF5) DOM

    I'm in. Even though the 2nd wasn't as good as the first, I get the feeling that the 3rd will be epic.
  6. Horror 2016

    Conjuring 2 and Purge 3 were great this year. Really looking forward to Lights Out and Don't Breathe. Lights Out looks freaky, and I love the concept for Don't Breathe. Both look really good!
  7. Is it possible to do good even if you don't participate in the SOTM and Weekly's? I mean, I'm behind by nearly 400,000 points. Do the final Domestic grosses even help much? I think that one betting question will be pretty interesting. Glad I picked SLOP!
  8. Box Office Casino

    Currently: 1. Captain America: $405m 2. Finding Dory: $402m 3. XMen: $154m 4. Angry Birds: $105m 5. Central Intelligence: $100m 6. Conjuring 2: $97m 7. Independence Day: $84m 8. TMNT: $80m 9. Alice: $76m Wtf was I thinking with ID4, X-Men, Angry Birds, Tarzan, Alice, BFG, TMNT, and Neighbors 2. 8 movies that I completely fucked up on.
  9. What about Sing? I mean, people were expecting $80m for SLOP, but it's exceeding expectations by over $20m. By having, "From the studio that brought you Despicable Me, Minions, and SLOP", I can easily see Sing earning over $300m as well.
  10. Hey @Gopher, I won't be able to contribute money, but I can help in a different way, if you want. I liked your campaign video, but I would've done it a little differently. I really enjoy editing, been editing videos for almost a year now. If you want, I'd love to edit your final movie. I use Adobe Premiere Pro, so the quality will be top notch.
  11. Is this cause of the first act? I mean, that part felt a bit long, but the rest was quick. Overall, it didn't feel long.

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