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  1. i couldn't find tickets all week, but randomly, i found two empty seats, so i'm all set for tomorrow at 6pm. can't wait for this!
  2. for everyone talking about RT or Cinema Scores, that's a terrible thing to do prior to watching a film. if a film trailer gets your attention enough to want to watch it because you think it looks good, seeing that score is going to bias your opinion. try watching the movie first, give your opinion if you like it or not, then check its rt score. honestly, i've been doing it like this for months, and you'll be surprised at how much you'll enjoy a movie.
  3. here's hoping for Incredibles 3, we see the final show down between the family and the underminer.
  4. just realized that by the end of week 4, it'll earn about 82-92% of it's domestic total. I think getting that extra week of avoiding competition is going to help a lot!
  5. Okay, so, knowing how that could possibly hinder its total, I feel that it might be able to still thrive among its competitors. personally, $700m...is locked. right? right!
  6. they should have the sequel pick up immediately after the first film, if possible.
  7. what are the odds of IW increasing today?
  8. No one here thinks it can outgross Black Panther? I'm hoping to see this have a multiplier similar to JW. I mean, if it's opening weekend is just as surprising as JW was, why can't it's run be similar? With a $254m ow (cause you know, it's gonna go up with actuals), i'd love to see it's dom total be at $793m.
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