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A recap of what has been scored and what still needs to be scored (pre-season/SOTM)

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Hello players, as the game is now in the final few weeks, I thought it would be good to recap what has been scored so far and what of the preseason and sotm hasn't been scored. You'll see that there is still quite a few questions to be scored still.What has been scored:SOTM 2: By the end of the game, which film will The Avengers pass in ADJUSTED domestic gross?SOTM 3: What day will The Avengers pass 500 mill?SOTM 4: By July 1sts actuals, will these films surpass these totals?SOTM 5: After actuals come in on Monday July 23rd, tell me what the grosses for all three films will be.SOTM 6: Tell me, by July 30th atuals (for the weekend) of these three films, which finishes closest to 60 million. What finishes closest to 50 million and what finishes closes to 40 million?SOTM 7: Spider-man midnightsWhat will ASM make for midnights in NA?SOTM 9: This is a five part SOTM. By now you know the drill. You can go for one, several, all or none. 1) Will TDKR make more than 30 mill at midnight?2) Will TDKR make more than 74 mill OD?3) Will TDKR make more than 81 mill OD?4) Will TDKR make more than DH2 OW?5) Will TDKR make more than 190.5 mill OW?Preseason Questions that have been scored:Question 1: Will the Opening Weekend (3 day) record be broken? The current record holder is HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS 2 WITH $169,189,427.Question 2: Will the opening day record be broken? This includes all monies earned from midnight as well, but will not include any money earned from early start times like 8pm and so on). The current record holder is DH2 WITH $91,071,119.Question 3: Will any film this summer open to a worldwide opening weekend of more than 400 million? (THIS WILL INCLUDE ANY 5 DAY WEEKENDS. WHATEVER IS REPORTED FOR THE ACTUALS ON MONDAY EVENING WILL BE THE NUMBER WE GO BY).Question 4: Will any film make more than 60 million this summer in FRANCE?Question 8: Will at least 2 films, listed as a comedy by Box Office Mojo, make more than 100 million dollars this summer?Question 10: Which combination of films will make more money domestically?Question 11: Will any film make more than 30 million in Russia this summer?Question 13: Will at least three films gross more than 100 mill opening weekend?Question 14: Will The Avengers or The Dark Knight Returns have a better Saturday drop than The Hunger Games?HERE'S WHAT HAS NOT BEEN SCORED:SOTM:SOTM 10:By the end of the game, how much will TDKR gross? Plain and simplePRESEASON:Question 5: Will any film make more than 85 million dollars this summer in the UK box office? Question 7: Will at least 2 films make one billion WW this summer?Question 9: Will at least 2 animated film have a WW gross of more than 700 million dollars?Question 12: Will TDKR and The Avengers combined make more this summer than the other top 5 films combined (domestic only)?Question 17: The four part horror questionSo there is still lots to score here.

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