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This is the thread where you will find all SOTM questions that have been asked.Again, I'll lock this for now, but re-open it once SOTM 's have started. But please keep the discussion in this thread simply to SOTM discussion.I want the main thread to be where all the game discussion takes place.Thanks.

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Due May 6th at 6pm.


By the end of the game, will the combined WW grosses of Pain and Gain, The Big Wedding and Mud be within 265 million of Iron Man 3's domestic gross?


Call it correctly:  10,000

Call it incorrectly:  -3000

Abstain:  2000


Good luck.


All answers go in this thread.


EDIT:  This was changed to WW for the three films and kept as domestic for IM3.

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By the end of the game, will IM3 pass.......


You can choose only one of these answers.  In order for you to be right, it has to pass the film you choose.  Totals for these films listed below are and will remain as of this posting.


Due by Sunday May 12th afternoon at 3pm.



1) Deathly Hallows 2:  381.011 mill 3000 if correct -3000 if incorrect

2) Spiderman:  403.706 5000 -5000

2) The Lion King:  422.783 mill:  7000, -7000

3) The Dark Knight Rises:  448.139 12 9000 -7000

4) Star Wars A New Hope:  460.998 10,000 -7000

5) Star Wars The Phantom Menace:  474.544 15,000 -10,000

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What day will Iron Man 3 pass 400 million domestically?


Call it on the exact day:  10,000

Call it one day off:  7000

Call it two days off 5000

Miss it by 3 days:  -5000

Miss it by more than 3 days:  -8000

Say it will not pass 400 mill:  10,000

If you say it will not pass 400 and it does, you lose -5000.


There is a time bonus as well.  If you lock your answer in before Saturday May 25th at 3AM, and you are correct (within 2 days) you get a bonus of 3000.  You do not qualify for this bonus if you abstain.


This is one of the big SOTM questions....good luck


Abstain:  2000 pts


Question is due on Sunday May 26th at 3pm.

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Now You See Me is getting all kinds of good buzz.  This question is about that buzz.


Pick What film NYSM will pass in gross.  There is no abstaining in this question.


Due Sunday June 9th at 6pm.  No exceptions.


1) Once Upon a Time in Mexico: 56.35M 2000

2) Last of the Mohicans:  75.5M 4000

3) Flightplan:  89.7M:  6000

4) Panic Room: 96.3M 8000

5) Seven:  100.1M:  12000

6) The Watchmen:  107.5M:  15000

7) Basic Instinct:  117.7 20000

8) 5 Mill above Basic Instinct:  25,000 (this would give it greater than a 4 multiplier)


Choose answers 1-4 and you are incorrect, you lose 5000 points

Choose answers 5-8 and you are incorrect, you lose 10,000 points


Risk reward folks!

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This is for domestic only, the gross is for domestic only.


Lady in the Water:  42.2M

The Happening:  64.5M

Unbreakable:  95.0

The Village:  114.2M


Remember, you are picking what film it will finish closest to in gross.  Just because it might pass the gross of a certain film, does not mean that it doesn't finish closest to that film.  Let's say you choose The Village and it finishes with 104 mill, you would be wrong.  It needs 104.5 mill to finish closer to The Village.  So get your calculators out and figure it out.


Choose correctly (and there will only be one right answer), 15,000

Choose the wrong answer -7000 points


Choose to abstain:  2000 points


Due by Sunday June 9th at 6pm

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1) Will MOS make more than 7.5 mill at midnight? yes
2) Will MOS make more than 42 mill OD? yes
3) Will MOS make more than 47.5 mill OD?yes
4) Will MOS make more than 98.5 mill OW? yes
5) Will MOS make more than 110 mill OW? yes

Each part you go for is worth 8000 if correct.
Each part you go for and guess incorrectly will cost you 5000 points.
If you choose to abstain from all five questions, you will receive 8000 points.
If you choose to answer all five questions, you must be correct on all five questions. There is no bonus for getting all five correct as you get 40,000, which is tied for the biggest SOTM amount ever given out. However if you get even one wrong, you will lose 20,000 points. The only way you can lose more is if you go for all five and answer all five incorrectly, that would cost you 25,000 points.

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