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Introduction To St(r)eaming Pile



Okay, here it is!

I want to start a weekly thing where I watch a really shitty movie on Netflix chosen by you guys. I'll watch it and report all the shenanigans back to you guys. I want to set up some kind of format or some rules to follow for each entry. Here are some of my ideas:


Something Good(I have to find one good thing about it?)

Famous Faces(are there any recognizable people in it?)

Actual Dialogue(dialogue so bad, you can't believe it)

Those are my first few ideas, but I want to include you guys with it every step. So please comment and tell me something you'd like to see.


Actually, I'm sure I will at least like it. 


I am talking more about the absolute worst you can possibly find though.  Really shitty movies that you wouldn't dare watch yourself.  


That is what sounds fun to me.

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I'm a huge Arnold fan, gave his come back piece 'The Last Stand' an 8/10. Sabotage was closer to a 3/10 :P I wouldn't wish that movie personally on anyone. Even if you don't watch it for this series, give it a watch. I'ld be fascinated to see if you could actually like it.

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Oh, I saw it hit streaming and added it to my list almost immediately.  I just think it's not quite as bad as what I was looking for.

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Try Delhi Safari.  It's one of the worst things I've seen. 


Also "Airplane Vs Volcano" is pretty special too.

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