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  1. I have many angry things to say about Discovery and their so-called 'diversity' but unfortunately I can't without massive spoiler tags. But even that aside, shows have to be held to a different standard than movies because a show like star trek gets five times the amount of time to be with the characters than we do in a movie. Also with a lot of sci-fi shows with diverse casts there's never any actual cultural influence in terms of diversity and the characters basically read like they wrote a white person and cast a poc for the role anyway. Edit: for some reason I read "Star Trek" instead of Star Wars, but the point about there not being any cultural diversity still stands. I'm glad Star Wars has more actors of different races, but none of them actually seem to represent any earth culture involving those races. And this is coming from someone who has liked all of the new Star Wars movies to some degree.
  2. Not childish when a lot of the people who voted "not interested" and then post things like: "Boring politically correct mess, wouldn't recommend. Critics are bought , a good movie doesn't need to be politically correct to be good. Should've made black panther white, just like they're making all good white characters with a black replacement nowadays." And this person didn't like Wonder Woman either because a previous well established female DC superhero is automatically "social justice" when she gets her own movie: "I haven't seen the movie, as it's not out yet where I live, but after all the social justice nonsense that has gone on about this movie, I have no intention of seeing it. It's the exact same case as with Wonder Woman or the Ghostbusters reboot." Also this one, where the poor white dude whose icon is himself shirtless laments the fact that white dudebros like himself aren't allowed to falsely deflate the ratings on a movie that most people haven't even seen yet. Whoever will stand up for white dudebros if we take away their bots? "After all the bullshit and p.c. culture being forced upon the public, i will not watch this movie. The racist bullshit coming from the p.c. world, that claims to be inclusive, is too much. If anyone believes the rating on here to be a true indicator after all the threats, they are insane." And my personal fave: "Too far out there for me to suspend my disbelief enough to sit through" ...lol. Superpowered humans, magic and aliens are fine, but y'know, a country full of advanced black people defies belief. The term for these comments isn't "childish". It's "racist".
  3. Do you seriously think nobody opposed Obama? I think the number of racist images/comments about how Obama should be lynched and the comparisons of him and his family to animals belie that particular argument. And yes, there are other minorities in the US who do and will care. I'm not black, I'm Latino, and I see the movie as a net positive because it gives me hope for further representation for my own minority culture as well (which is very underrepresented, especially when you consider how large the overall Latino population in the US is). Regardless of how this affects Black Panther overseas, using rhetoric about how white people in the US don't actually have some advantage is either ignorant or very tone deaf.
  4. Oh, I'm not expecting 100%. My initial guess for RT score was between 90-92%. Also I get bored by most Marvel movies. I don't even care about that first bad review though it seems like the internet surely does, lol. But I DO dislike a review that starts casually throwing around the notion of 'crazed Africans" because that kind of blanket negative characterization DOES come across as racist.
  5. Though for the record, I'm OUT on this club. I think Black Panther will do great, but Infinity War will have to go a lot lower than expected for BP to pass it. If BP gets within 50m of IW's take, I'll be happily astonished.
  6. Okay, I know I'm very late to this discussion but I really have to call out this nonsense. YES. Films like this are revolutionary precisely for having a minority focus. The very fact that people rail against a movie like Black Panther for having a minority cast or Wonder Woman for featuring a female lead IS revolutionary. Check the definition: adjective 1. of, pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of a revolution, or a sudden, complete, or marked change Note: "A complete or marked (evident) change" here. You know what's a big change? Not having every freaking superhero lead be a white man. also: 2. radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure,principles, etc. note here "outside established procedure". Current "established procedure" in superhero films is white male lead does heroic things. Woman are generally love interests. POC are 'sidekicks'. So yes, it is outside of "established procedure" because established procedure is completely centered around white men. And of course none of that definition matters anyway because the argument that "it's got black people/women/other minorities in it but that means nothing unless it meets some suddenly bizarrely high standard" is bullshit. Plenty of movies starring white people are terrible, cliche, boring tripe that use the same old tropes over and over again. If it's okay for movies starring white people to do this, why does every movie starring a woman/minority race/lgbt person have to be deep and profound? Why can't we have trashy gay romance stories or by the numbers superhero origin films where the main character is a woman? People try to dictate what we can and cannot have as minorities and to those people I say f*** that. You can have 200 stupid repetitive films without being hassled much, so why can't we get a few? That's just a variation of the belief that a woman/poc/lgbt person can't simply be equal to a white man, that they have to be 200% better than him to even be considered close to his level.
  7. Mostly I just find it interesting that she pointedly compares it to Wonder Woman by giving WW's script effusive praise, but doesn't compare it to other Marvel movies? Of course her entire phrasing in her opening is "it succeeds at being black". Also wtf was up with her line about crazed Africans? The rest of the review aside, that comes across as needlessly racist.
  8. lol, that's some revisionist history right there. Most people didn't think it would even hit 200 million.
  9. Agreed that comparing animals to the holocaust is wrong, but barnum had significant human rights violations too, considering he got his start by buying a black woman as a slave after slavery had already been abolished.
  10. Coco finally had a daily gross more than Ferdinand after beating it's PTA pretty much every day for two weeks. Good for it.
  11. I will say it makes a bit more sense than aforementioned event in another movie, given the location it's taking place and the circumstances of the event happening at the time. But it does seem convenient about the exact timing.
  12. Coco (2017)

    So, about that nitpick?
  13. Pretty sure he can't share here because it might be spoilery, but he did say he reviewed it in RTM thread.
  14. I love how it conveniently glosses over how Barnum got his start by buying an old black woman, using her as a side-show exhibit until she died and then made a ton of money holding a live autopsy of her body for the public.

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