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  1. If they were going to make it live action and change up the design a lot... why not make him look more like an actual hedgehog at least? Random fur coloured spikes makes somehow even less sense.
  2. This is an area where I can definitely actually make a knowledgeable comment. I'm a trans guy and I'm in a community of a lot of trans folks. There was a comment earlier that it's actually less of an issue for the trans community when you have a cis guy playing a trans guy or a cis woman playing a trans woman. I can verify that this is true. The trouble with casting a woman to play a trans man is that a trans man is A MAN. It's very insulting to say that you need to cast a woman for the role, especially when most trans guys are really hard to tell from cis guys, especially given how many
  3. I'm curious how the heck they're gonna do this. There was word that they wanted to make an animated adaptation at one point and that honestly might have been an easier sell.
  4. I mean it's to I2's overall benefit numbers-wise that it's behaving like a CBM rather than an animated one, considering the usual cap on what animated films can make in the US. It would never have opened as high as it did if it played like an animated film. But then you can't expect a movie to open like a CBM and then play out like an animated one. Given that I2 is playing more like a comic book film, how much are people anticipating AM&TW to affect it next weekend?
  5. What CoolEric said. Lion King adjusted is listed in several of the animated top grossing film lists.
  6. I guess I got lucky. There's three AMCs within 20 minutes of me and a fourth big one if I'm willing to cross the river into Kentucky.
  7. I'm not sure Moviepass' decision to add charges for popular movies is going to endear them with the audience. http://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/moviepass-surge-pricing-imax-plan-bring-a-friend-1201977305/
  8. I don’t know. Most of the comic fans I deal with haven’t brought it up, and a lot tend to get behind on comic movies that aren’t the big tentpoles. One guy I know didn’t even bother seeing Doctor Strange and Ragnarok until Infinity War came out. Also people are acting like a prediction 450-500 is somehow majorly lowballing when only 4 animated films and like 7 superhero films have even crossed 400m, much less 500.
  9. Also does it really have a 2 hour running time?
  10. I hardly think there’s enough people ‘begging for a sequel’ to account for over a 250% increase over the first one.
  11. People making insanely high predictions for this. I’d say 450-480 is a pretty reasonable range with a shot at 500m. There’s only 5 animated films that have passed 400m domestically (4 if you don’t count The Lion King’s rerelease). It’s like people are forgetting just how rare it is for a film to hit 700m. This is especially true when you look at the first film’s box office numbers and video sales stats both of which massively trail Nemo. Nemo sold 41m copies on video and The Incrdibles sold barely half that, yet Dory only rose 30% from Nemo even with inflation. Saying I2 will
  12. Ninjago is not a spinoff of The LEGO Movie. The show has been around for like 7 years.
  13. Yeah. I think the Ninjago movie was a misstep since the series is ongoing. It seems like most of the time putting out a movie for an ongoing series just lowers demand for the movie, especially in this case where there wasn't even a lot of incentive for Ninjago fans to see it since it's basically not in the series continuity.
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