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  1. No one was expecting this to break to 300-400m though. There was a fair sized contingent of people who didn't even think this would hit 200m because it's featuring Latino characters and concepts that some hardcore Christians would find uncomfortable talking about with their kids. As much as Mexico is a catholic country, it doesn't mean their holidays, especially dia de muertos are really accepted as 'christian' in any way.
  2. I don't think most people who would actually go see a movie about a latino kid in the land of the dead would be looking at a conservative site like Drudge for info.
  3. Wouldn't it read "head of WDA" rather than "Head of Pixar" though?
  4. He didn't really work on either of them. I imagine it'll be worse on TS4
  5. So, I've been seeing a lot of doubting regarding Coco's domestic box office, and a particular post about how JL would curb-stomp both Thor and Coco in numbers. But I have a lot of faith in Coco and I think based on its reviews and performance that Coco is going to take JL down. Points in Coco's favour: -Excellent reviews: RT reviews have been out for some time from Mexico and are rolling in from the US and the current score stands in the mid-nineties. The average score is 8.1 which is pretty high -Family films have been surprisingly light this year. Wonder is a good indicator that familes WANT more good movies to watch. -Coco is from Pixar and though the brand isn't as strong as it has been in the past, it still does generally instill trust with people/families. -Coco is doing gangbusters in Mexico and is now the top grossing movie of all time there. It should appeal to a Latino audience (which makes up approx 18-19% of the current US population. The vast majority of Latinos in America are from Mexico). -It's more cohesive than JL, comes from a studio that engenders more faith in quality and has better visuals. So far from being under Cars 3, I'm thinking this will come in at over 250m and stands a decent chance of going higher.
  6. I'd be pretty thrilled with that. Honestly even with those numbers it's already surpassed what I was expecting and I couldn't be happier.
  7. So, with 9m Friday and a reported 12m Sat (estimate so far) what do you think the Sunday drop will be?
  8. Honestly, if the media DID decide to focus their attention more on promoting how well Wonder is doing instead of on how poorly JL is doing, I don't see that as a bad thing. It'd help get more awareness out there for Wonder.
  9. I'm not sure that'd be the case. I don't personally care for a lot of Whedon's work (he's especially bad writing women or people who aren't white guys in general) but reviews were just as bad with Snyder's films and at the very least the positive aspect of most of the reviews is that the tone is lighter or more fun in these than in the previous two Snyder directed movies). The individual character personalities fact that it's 'fun' is apparently the only saving grace with most critics and likely will be with the audience too.
  10. Most of Timm's best output came when he was teamed up with Paul Dini and has gone downhill since Dini left. I think in some degree they just made a well balanced team.
  11. Oddly I grew up watching JL cartoons (most awesome cartoon of the 90s, seriously) and that's why I'm so disappointed by DCEU. Wonder Woman is the only one I feel they go even close to being as good as the JLA/JLUA WW. They need to bring Paul Dini back.
  12. Anecdotal evidence. The majority of my friends liked it, except for one guy who refuses to watch it because it's a reboot. That's anecdotal too, but clearly there's a wide range of whether people liked it or not. It really depends on the people you hang out with. One of my friends who enjoyed it the most was a Brit. He was actually the one who recced it to us.

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