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  1. Well things happen to be getting more and more interesting as it goes along!
  2. The way Illumination markets their films, Grinch would overtake Ralph in a heartbeat imo.
  3. I thought this movie was really good. It was a shame that it flopped.
  4. I think the flash fight score was calculated at noon so we might be in for the results later today...
  5. Count me in, this prequel series has a lot of good will. Saw the first prequel twice at my high school so you know people will want to see it.
  6. And I'll add one more to my list: New Mutants. Apparently, there's a lot of confidence surrounding it, so I'll keep watch of it with an optimistic eye.
  7. I don't even remember, it was some kind of Box Office website. But their credibility might be gone forever...
  8. I think this is the first year where many superhero films will underperform as a result of overcrowding. But Fox and Sony will be the ones that will probably get the worst of it. I feel like an average consumer, and I feel like I have a better chance of watching Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-Man & The Wasp, Black Panther, and probably Aquaman because of the rare underwater setting that it inevitably boasts. And you know, I don't think I am alone in my opinion. I don't feel alone when I say that X-Men Apocalypse was mediocre enough to make me skeptical about the other X-Men films. I don't feel alone when I say that if Deadpool wasn't for me personally, then Deadpool 2 likely won't be for me personally. And I don't feel alone when I say that I have know idea how Sony is gonna pull off Venom as a beginning to some kind of weird Spider-Man universe shindig. Maybe I don't sound like an average film consumer if I'm willing to share this in depth of a post, but I did want to share my thoughts at the very least. If this is true then consider me a really sad individual, because I'll feel sad, because 2018 will have little by the way of variety.
  9. So I read beforehand that Unforgettable could have reached $19 million but now it'll struggle to reach $5 million. The really will be a brutal weekend.
  10. As a high school senior, I thank you for this.
  11. @RandomJC You were a valuable player from the beginning! And you really weren't that bad at the game! Shame to see you go.
  12. Some people just can't catch a break from the threat of elimination, can they...
  13. It's coming in 29 minutes! I mean 28 minutes!
  14. Declare Shaw is the Vegeta of this franchise, I think...