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  1. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    First few minutes of We Are the Ants are up. DM me your thoughts if you have any. It is gonna be a long long movie.
  2. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    No...you were almost the right with the January 10th 2018 11:55pm. Just flip the first two
  3. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    Hint: Don't think American date spelling....you are on the right trail. It has to do when the script will drop.
  4. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    Nope It is something else.
  5. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    No It isn't an end of the world movie
  6. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine "god doesn't want to be found 55231820110"
  7. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine "Hail Satan, 11020182355"
  8. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine "O$corp Pictures brought LGBTQ+ representation to the big screen and continues to do so. Other studios are merely feeding off the leftovers. "
  9. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    It will be different but more in line with the first film. Completely completely different than the second and third films.
  10. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine "Miguel Bernardeau (Eli), Camila Mendes (Grace), and Alvaro Rico (Jaime), announced to be leads in Poison and Wine spin-off Affluent Millennials. The film is set to open February Year 5. The plot is centered around Eli the minor character in Poison and Wine who clashes with Tyler and Hunter. The film will be set at the elite McClennan University and unveil dark secrets of the school. Film director, Tate Taylor has stated that Casey Cott will return but has not yet announced if Colton Haynes will return. He has stated the film will be much more darker, grounded, and less risqué than Poison and Wine. He described it as a dark "who-did-it" thriller.
  11. That was my point all along. The Conjuring's biggest strength is its low budgets. The Nun is a huge success commercially (that is a fact). Its reception is poor but most people will chalk that up to it being a solo misfire not a misfire of the entire series. Future films (with the exception of a possible Nun 2) will not feel any impact or backlash. Yes, The Nun will see bad legs but its gonna rake in that cash.
  12. I have just been hearing 50% drops on Sunday. Friday-$22.4M Saturday-$17.0M (-24.1%) Sunday- $9.3M (45.3% Weekend- $48.7M Total- $102.6M I am thinking word of mouth is gonna be toxic. Already my Facebook feed is flooded with negative statuses about the film. People turned out big opening day but I think its gonna see some harsh falls.
  13. Glad the reviews are good. Now can it break the YA box office curse of $5-$15 million opening weekend?
  14. Trailers have been amazing for this. Better than the first film I still don't believe in $300M but it does have a less competitive schedule than the first. (No Marvel film opening before it and no Star Wars in December). Thinking a $275-$290 million finish.
  15. 19 so far Locked -Puts us at 30 films Christopher Robin The Nun A Star Is Born Vemon Halloween Grinch Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald Wreck It Ralph 2 Aquaman Mary Popins Returns Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Good Chance- Puts us at 34 films First Man Bohemian Rhapsody Alita Bumblebee Wildcard- Puts as at 39 films A Clock in the Wall Nutcracker Creed 2 Mortal Engines Random Oscar film

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