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  1. Giovanni will be posted on February 13th just in time for Valentine's Day
  2. Okay, I'll send it to you either tonight or tomorrow! It is not gonna be a 10K+ story like the previous films FYI!
  3. Who wants to be the lucky devil and pre-read Giovanni? I should have the rough draft finished tonight.
  4. Omg I know! I didn't realize how she dragged out until I actually created the timeline haha
  5. Well they are not everybody's cup of tea. The first/second were serious and the third one became self aware. Despite modest box office numbers and negative reviews, the series always leads to a good discussion on here hahaha. @4815162342 you will hate Giovanni FYI, but again you are not the target demographic. Giovanni will tie in and explain some of the "wtf moments". I'll probably take criticism for tieing them up or at least trying to explain them. I'm just having fun and building this crazy and entertaining universe haha
  6. Poison and Wine Timeline 9/13/2016 Tyler and Hunter meet 12/10/2016 Tyler and Hunter go to the woods for the first time 12/24/2016 Tyler meets Nicole 1/24/2017 Student Election 2/24/2017 Tyler and Hunter to go Hunter's cabin 2/26/2017 Hunter rapes Tyler and Tyler ends seeing Hunter 5/12/2018 Tyler graduates college and moves to Boston 11/30/2018 Tyler and Kyler meet 12/1/2018 Adam sees Nicole and Hunter at the banquet 12/2/2018 Tyler goes to the Christmas lights and sees Hunter 12/3/2018 Hunter and Tyler meet to talk and get dinner 1/1/2019 Pierce Family New Year Banquet 2/26/2019 Hunter goes to Tyler's work 3/2/2019 Hunter and Tyler go to the zoo 3/8/2019 Tyler meets Hunter's family 3/9/2019 Nicole attacks Tyler 6/10/2019 Tyler and Hunter in Ireland 6/11/2019 Tyler and Hunter get engaged 6/25/2019 Tyler and Hunter return to America 7/6/2019 Mr. Pierce Funeral and Tyler goes to their new home 5/16/2020 Hunter and Tyler get married 6/1/2020 Tyler and Hunter return from honeymoon 9/25/2020 Tyler quits his job 9/28/2020 Tyler and Hunter go to Dubai 10/12/2020 Tyler and Hunter become popular 1/4/2021 Tyler purchases the penthouse 1/28/2021 Tyler's infamous interview 2/15/2021 Tyler returns to Rhode Island 6/18/2021 Nicole visits Hunter at work and Tyler fights with Hunter and leaves for Vegas 6/20/2021 Tyler returns to Rhode Island and talks with Hunter 6/26/2021 Gala and Tyler's heart attack 6/27/2021 Tyler and Hunter make up 10/31/2021 Nicole attacks Tyler and dies. Tyler and Hunter's story ends.
  7. @CayomMagzine: "Giovanni brings Latin talent to the Poison and Wine Series. Camila Mendes (Brazilian), Alvaro Rico (Spanish), Miguel Bernardeau (Spanish). The cast (like original trilogy) comes from popular TV shows: Mendes (Riverdale), Rico and Bernardeau (Élite), and Cody Fern (American Horror Story)."
  8. Giovanni Date- February 5th Genre- Thriller Rating- R Theaters- 2,958 theaters Budget- 30 million Running Time- 111 minutes or 1 hour and 51 minutes Studio- O$corp Pictures Director- Tate Taylor Original Score- Danny Elfman Actors/Actresses Giovanni- Miguel Bernardeau Eli- Cody Fern Grace- Camila Mendes Jaime- Alvaro Rico Coming Soon!
  9. Hopefully Secret Saturdays and Bartimaeus 2 can coexist just fine. The first made $208.1M domestic and $725.1M worldwide so it should do well.
  10. This trailer totally took me by surprise yesterday. A little to far out to get my tickets but I am definitely seeing this opening weekend. I am pumped
  11. Wreck-It Ralph 2 862 3,246 26.6% Creed II 150 1,406 10.7% Robin Hood 67 468 14.3% My theater today. Started with showings that started at 9am. Wreck-It Ralph II is benefiting from schools being out greatly. It also has more presales than Creed II. Creed II seems to be selling tickets on a walk up basis at my theater. Unfortunately, most of its showings are after 7pm with a decent amount 9pm or later. This is kind of hurting it at my theater. Robin Hood is extremely limited since it is on the smallest screens at my theater and this will limit its audience size. Its showings are pretty well sprinkled throughout the day though and it is doing best at its 4pm and 7pm showtimes.
  12. $5 Tuesday is fueling this weekend's openers at my theater and really throwing off projections for the weekend. Coco's preview numbers. It opened on Tuesday night as well. Coco 283 312 90.7% This year's numbers. Wreck-It Ralph 2 775 1,034 75.0% Creed II 384 792 48.5% Robin Hood 155 312 49.7%
  13. Finally seeing this tonight and couldn't be more excited! Also this film is expanding very well. It is doing better than other limited films. I think if it has a good expansion and PTA this weekend then strong legs and word of mouth will be in store for December/January. Really hoping this can reach and/or surpass Moonlight's $27M number.
  14. Unbreakable Bond: Meet the Cast Cody Fern plays Eli. Eli is a student at the university and also a young witch. Eli is on the student senate with Hunter and Tyler. Tyler and him do not see eye to eye. This causes Eli to hex Tyler and Hunter's relationship out of revenge. Meanwhile, Eli enters into his own dysfunctional friendship with Giovanni. When Giovanni suddenly disappears Eli takes it upon himself to discover Giovanni's deep secrets and where Giovanni disappeared too. Miguel Bernardeau plays Giovanni. Giovanni just transferred to the university and has a black cat named Misty who finds her way into Eli's room causing Giovanni and Eli to meet. Giovanni like Eli is a witch but practices black Satanic magic. He is an extremely powerful witch with a dark secret and motive. He is the one who encourages Eli to hex Tyler and Hunter. When he vanishes without a trace, he leaves behind dozens of clues and thousands of secrets.
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