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  1. $5 Tuesday is fueling this weekend's openers at my theater and really throwing off projections for the weekend. Coco's preview numbers. It opened on Tuesday night as well. Coco 283 312 90.7% This year's numbers. Wreck-It Ralph 2 775 1,034 75.0% Creed II 384 792 48.5% Robin Hood 155 312 49.7%
  2. Finally seeing this tonight and couldn't be more excited! Also this film is expanding very well. It is doing better than other limited films. I think if it has a good expansion and PTA this weekend then strong legs and word of mouth will be in store for December/January. Really hoping this can reach and/or surpass Moonlight's $27M number.
  3. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    Unbreakable Bond: Meet the Cast Cody Fern plays Eli. Eli is a student at the university and also a young witch. Eli is on the student senate with Hunter and Tyler. Tyler and him do not see eye to eye. This causes Eli to hex Tyler and Hunter's relationship out of revenge. Meanwhile, Eli enters into his own dysfunctional friendship with Giovanni. When Giovanni suddenly disappears Eli takes it upon himself to discover Giovanni's deep secrets and where Giovanni disappeared too. Miguel Bernardeau plays Giovanni. Giovanni just transferred to the university and has a black cat named Misty who finds her way into Eli's room causing Giovanni and Eli to meet. Giovanni like Eli is a witch but practices black Satanic magic. He is an extremely powerful witch with a dark secret and motive. He is the one who encourages Eli to hex Tyler and Hunter. When he vanishes without a trace, he leaves behind dozens of clues and thousands of secrets.
  4. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    Kyler isn't in Unbreakable Bond
  5. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine "Unbreakable Bond has officially completed filming. Post production has begun. Actor Cody Fern dropped a hint that the film not only takes place in the Poison and Wine universe but in another O$corp film universe and a major TV show universe also. It ties in 3 properties. He mentioned they film has dozens of Easter eggs."
  6. I can give you it when I am finished. Doing Unbreakable Bond first and then doing Christmas Time Again. Took vacation this whole week so I am hoping to knock them both out!
  7. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine: "Unbreakable Bond will change the course of the Poison and Wine series. Can't wait for audiences to experience it!"
  8. Yes, it follows Eli. He says a very small character in the first film. He was on the student senate with Tyler and Hunter. He and Tyler had a small conflicting plot line. Also Christmas Time Again is another spinoff to the Poison and Win trilogy. It follows Kyler (from Truth Is) back when he was a senior in high school. Unlike Unbreakable Bond, Christmas Time Again is only connected to the Poison and Wine trilogy by Kyler alone. No mention of Hunter, Tyler, or the university.
  9. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    Unbreakable Bond Playlist
  10. Alrighty folks, who wants to pre-read Unbreakable Bond?! It is significantly short than the main Poison and Wine films so don't worry about time It also isn't full fleshed out and detailed.
  11. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    Don't worry guys, it includes opening and closing credits. Also not all the songs are played fully. For example, during a flash mob scene they sing RuPaul's Christmas Party which is 3 minutes and 44 seconds long but in reality during the film you only here the first minute and 46 seconds.
  12. Hiccup23

    CAYOM Magazine

    @CayomMagazine "22 Christmas songs will appear in "Christmas Time Again". They range from recent ones such as Christmas Party by RuPaul to old classics like The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole."
  13. Got it! Yeah Bartimaeus 2 is about the same 18-month gap as well. I feel the March date will benefit it more than November. Less competition and gives lots of space between our major $200M grossing fantasy projects.

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