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  1. Going from top 3 of the 21st century to not even top 30 IS disappointing. Outselling Avatar 1 admits is like a once in a decade event that requires a fuck ton of hype (EG/TFA), outselling Avatar 2 admits isn't THAT much of an accomplishment. You know how TDKR is kind considered a disappointment domestically? Same kinda applies here imho. So yes, you really do not want to disagree with u/AgentCooper315. And no I'm not saying this to hate, I'm saying this because I'm an avid Disney/Avatar supporter and Avatar 2's performance domestically wasn't as great as I was expecting.
  2. Wtf does this even mean. "You can literally get the same CinemaScore as GOTG 3 (but it's R-rated so an A in this case is more impressive) but not have nearly as good reception" huh? Also this is kinda unrelated but what exactly proves GOTG 3 has better WOM domestically than Wakanda Forever? They have the same CS, similar PostTrak, same verified RT, same RT score, same MetaCritic. General audiences don't use stuff like IMDB or Letterboxd.
  3. This is making me realize why my GOTG 3 comparisons were asinine GOTG 3 did not have a hook like this
  4. "DS2 had bad legs" isn't evidence that audiences aren't interested in the multiverse bruh what is this lmao. That just means the movie itself had mixed reception. To test pure hype/interest you gotta look at the OW, a massive 187M and even with all that bad legs it still did 955M WITHOUT China. 90M opening day, literally in the top 10 opening days of all time. The Marvel multiverse brought a B-list character to an Avengers level OW, nearly 200M. With good reception DS2 would've been in range of TLJ OW. And this is fucking DOCTOR STRANGE 2 we're talking about, the sequel to a mere 200M domestic total film. And yet it was THAT massive. It always damn annoys me when a movie had a big OW and then bad legs and then people are like "it's having bad legs that means people are not interested in the movie" like no that's not how it works lmao.
  5. Well since Avatar is Disney I am personally a supporter of Avatar and want it to do well. But I am personally disappointed in the domestic performance, even this guy named u/AgentCooper315 on Reddit who tracks admissions and stuff agrees with me. This is what he said in PMs. For the record, I do agree that Avatar 2's box office performance was a tad disappointing especially as a James Cameron and Avatar fan. I was personally hoping for at least 70M+ domestic and was willing to settle with 60M+ but even though it falls in line with sequel drops like Last Jedi and Fallen Kingdom I can't help but be a tad disappointed with doing less than Rogue One. Europe was absolutely amazing however. Did much better than my wildest dreams. Latin America and Asia were a bit disappointing though This is exactly what I think And no I don't literally think it's the most disappointing sequel performance, I only said it because the actual most disappointing is super obvious (Marvels).
  6. I wanted to say this in the DPW thread but I'm gonna say it here: A franchise where 6 of the last 7, soon to be 7 of the last 8, movies all opened above 100M is definitely not dead. The top 3 post-pandemic OWs all belong to MCU movies.
  7. It's average when your predecessor did 74M admissions and is in the top three biggest tickets sold of the 21st century. Different movies have different standards/expectations.
  8. Does @Legion Again have an updated prediction after this trailer? Also I swear that's been your username for like so. . .so long. Usually you change your username to make it themed as whatever recent film is out, like when Frozen 2 was out your name was "Arendelle Legion" and when DS2 was out your name was "DS2HaterLegionConfirmed"
  9. Ok now this is pushing it a little. You're basically saying >235 weekend is more likely than <110
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