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  1. I remember arguing with GiantCalBears, in 2015 when Avengers: Age of Ultron was released, that Marvel superheroes would have more staying power than Harry Potter. Of course I heard his usual nonsense about how I didn't know what I was talking about and Harry Potter will still be relevant for generations as opposed to Marvel characters. It's over 5 years later, and the list below pretty much confirms I was right. Here are the top 20 entertainment franchises, according to NRG. “The Mandalorian” “Avengers” “Stranger Things” “John Wick” “Black Panther” “Guardians of the Galaxy” “The Witcher” “Ozark” “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” “Black Widow” “Deadpool” “Thor” “Iron Man” “Mario Bros.” “Toy Story” Doctor Strange” “Spider-Man” “Coco” “The Lion King” “Hamilton”
  2. My Vote: Casablanca Back to the Future Part II Forrest Gump The Usual Suspects Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi Back to the Future Gone With The Wind It’s a Wonderful Life L.A. Confidential My Cousin Vinnie Memento Unforgiven Goodfellas The Godfather Marvel’s The Avengers Back to the Future Part III Avengers: Infinity War 12 Angry Men Goldfinger Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope Disclosure Apollo 13 Mr. Brooks Quiz Show Primal Fear The Shawshank Redemption Dumb and Dumber West Side Story Terminator 2: Judgment Day Captain America: Civil War Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Anchor Man: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Black Hawk Down The Truman Show Fight Club Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back Frequency Avengers: End Game Old School Rocky III Captain America: The First Avenger Iron Man 2 Anger Management Minority Report Catch Me If You Can A League of Their Own Maverick Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom Almost Famous Top Gun Doctor Strange Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man Superman II Rocky II Groundhog Day Full Metal Jacket Demolition Man EuroTrip March of the Wooden Soldiers The Game Rocky IV The Wizard of Oz Miracle on 34th Street Casino Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Gladiator Kindergarten Cop Billy Madison This Boys Life Fracture Judge Dredd Men In Black The Dark Knight Good Will Hunting Meet Me in St. Louis The Karate Kid Rocky Rounders Saving Private Ryan The Family Man Ghostbusters Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Last Action Hero Red Dragon The Karate Kid Part III The Terminator We Were Soldiers Death to Smoochie Willow The Departed Die Hard Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Training Day The Godfather II Coneheads Spaceballs Mr. Destiny Jumanji Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  3. I think it’s a smart move. The fanboy wars thread was supposed to be a thread to let people argue about their favorite franchises. However, it became a place for personal attacks. I got caught up in retaliating at times when I was insulted, and the mods did what they felt they had to do because they felt I stepped out of line when retaliating, and I completely understand that and hold no ill will. However, the environment that the fanboy wars thread encouraged is what led to those situations. I really don’t post here much anymore as a result. This website used to be about arguing about movies and talking box office. But it has become a place that is about personal insults and picking fights. I think it’s a good idea to bring this board back to what it was. My one suggestion would be to get rid of the “not cool” emoji because it has become a tool to troll posters. If someone disagrees with a post, then let them respond. Being able to just vote down unpopular opinions doesn’t encourage productive discussions.
  4. On this website, it didn’t start with MCU fans. In 2012, there were very few MCU fans here, and a lot of Nolan/DC fans. The Nolan/DC fans were very loud. The success of The Avengers changed the dynamic, and it has evolved into what it is today. When people say MCU fans started this whole thing, it shows that those people just weren’t around when it all really started . . . at least for this site.
  5. Shawn MR used to say that the general rule is that a film is profitable if it grosses between 2- 2.5 times its budget. That’s the best rule of thumb that we have.
  6. It is the reason behind it. His message wasn’t really what people interpreted it to be.
  7. Whining that you can’t get the big budget that you want for your movie is not a legitimate issue. It’s being unrealistic. And the people that support that stance are mostly haters (and some fanboys). Glad we agree that I am right. But getting back on-topic, that has nothing to do with James Cameron. He gets big budgets because his movies make big money.
  8. You can’t compare Scorsese to Cameron. Scorsese is whiny because his movies do not justify the big budgets that he wants for them. So he acts like a whiny baby, and fanboys and haters eat it up. James Cameron is not whiny at all. His movies get the big budgets that he asks for because they make big money at the box office. James Cameron has absolutely nothing to whine about, and he shouldn’t be lumped in with Scorsese.
  9. Decade in Review The decade of the 2010s has ended. It was a very big decade for this list. It's time to review how the studios did in this decade. A movie's current ranking will be listed in parenthesis. Disney To say that Disney had a big decade would be an under-statement. Disney dominated this list during the decade. Disney began the decade with a monster 2010. Disney had the top 3 domestic grossing films in 2010: Toy Story 3, Alice in Wonderland, and Iron Man 2. Disney had purchased Marvel at the end of 2009, but they had to distribute their first Marvel film, Iron Man 2, through Paramount because of a distribution agreement that Marvel signed with Paramount before Disney bought Marvel. However, Disney still had the top 3 movies at the box office (although Iron Man 2 is no longer on the list because so many other movies were added that it was knocked off the list). Disney ended the decade with the top 6 domestic grossing movies at the box office: Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, Toy Story 4, Frozen II, Captain Marvel, and Star Wars: Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker. For the decade, Disney added a total of 25 movies to the list. That is the most any studio has on the list for any decade. It is even more amazing that 12.5% of the top grossing movies of all-time come from 1 studio in 1 decade. The first big factor that helped Disney was the purchase of Marvel at the end of 2009. Superhero movies dominated the box office in the 2000s, but Disney did not have any superhero movies. The other major studios had been getting rich from superhero movies though, and Disney wanted to get into the superhero game. Marvel, which was an independent studio, had Iron Man (currently number 159) on the list. It is always a huge deal when an independent studio gets a movie onto this list. Marvel also had a distribution deal with Paramount. So Disney's first few Marvel films would be distributed by Paramount, and Disney would pay Paramount a distribution fee, before keeping the rest of the profits. Despite this, Disney jumped into the superhero game, and it paid off in a big way. Disney's first superhero movie was Iron Man 2. It was number 3 domestically, and was on this list, before getting knocked off the list. However, Disney did add plenty of superhero movies to the list. The most successful was Avengers: Endgame (16). But, Disney also added: Marvel's The Avengers (29), Black Panther (31), Avenger's: Infinity War (36), Avengers: Age of Ultron (101), Iron Man 3 (122), Captain Marvel (132), Captain America: Civil War (139), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (168), and Guardians of the Galaxy (193). That's 10 superhero movies. Disney went from having no superhero movies on the list to having the most superhero movies on the list in one decade. Marvel changed Disney and helped pave the way for a dominant decade. If Marvel paved the way for Disney's dominant decade, then Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm cemented Disney's status as the dominant force of the decade. In 2012, Disney purchased Lucasfilm. George Lucas financed the Star Wars sequels and prequels through Lucasfilm. This made Lucasfilm the most successful independent studio on this list. Lucasfilm has 5 Star Wars movies on this list. No other independent studio has more than 3 movies on the list. If there was any question as to whether Lucasfilm could deliver blockbuster films while being a part of Disney, they were emphatically answered. Disney added 4 Star Wars films to the list in this decade. Disney added Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens (11), which is he highest grossing film of the decade. Disney also added: Star Wars: Episode VIII- The Last Jedi (44), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (62), and Star Wars: Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker (88). Disney was more than just Marvel superhero films and Star Wars movies in this decade. Disney also added: Incredibles 2 (49), The Lion King (63), Beauty and the Beast (78), Finding Dory (79), Toy Story 3 (102), Frozen II (110), Frozen (120), Toy Story 4 (125), Inside Out (178), Alice in Wonderland (186), and The Jungle Book (190). Disney was such a dominant studio at the box office the last decade. For 25 of the 200 highest grossing domestic adjusted films of all-time to be from Disney in the same decade is a level of success that is difficult to comprehend. As if Disney could not be any more dominant in the last decade, Disney capped off the decade by buying Fox in March of 2019. Fox While Disney may have been the most successful studio of the last decade, it was not the only one with success. Fox's run as an independent studio ended this decade. It was bought by Disney. However, Fox added one more movie to the list before it was bought by Disney. Fox added Deadpool (183) to the list in 2016. It will be Fox's last independent movie on the list. Currently, Fox has 20 movies on the list. It has the 2nd (Star Wars), 3rd (The Sound of Music), 5th (Titanic), and 15th(Avatar) highest grossing films on the list. Fox's impact on Hollywood in general, and this list specifically, has been massive. This is the end of Fox's legacy as an independent studio. It is now part of Disney, and it may have a very successful future as a part of Disney. However, one of the great major studios is no longer independent. Universal Universal had a big time decade at the box office. While it was overshadowed by Disney, it did add 6 movies to the list. That's actually a big number of movies to add for a decade. It added: Jurassic World (30), Despicable Me 2 (137), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (144), The Secret Life of Pets (171), Furious 7 (194) and Minions (198). Warner Bros. Warner Bros. had another solid decade. It wasn't as big as the previous decade, where Warner Bros. was putting up all-time blockbusters at will. However, Warner Bros. did not let up on the box office this decade either. It added 4 movies to the list: The Dark Knight Rises (73), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (124), Wonder Woman (143), and American Sniper (173). Sony Out of the major studios, Sony usually struggles the most to add movies to the list. Sony has less movies on the list than: Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox, and Universal. However, this decade, Sony did better than Paramount and Fox. Sony added 2 movies to the list: Jumanji: Welcome to he Jungle (164) and Spider Man: Far From Home (169). Paramount Paramount had a tough decade when it comes to this list. Currently, Paramount has 23 movies on the list, which is 3rd most of any studio. It's only trailing Disney (54 movies) and (Warner Bros. (27 movies). However, Universal has 19 movies, and is approaching fast. Fox has 20 movies, but it's no longer independent, so it will only be adding movies for Disney in the future. Paramount did add one movie to the list this past decade: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (161). Lionsgate Independent studios have a tough time adding movies to the list. The major studios are so dominant that it's tough for an independent studio to break through. When an independent studio does, it is very difficult to repeat the process by adding another movie to the list. There are currently 24 independently financed movies on the list. Lucasfilm has the most with 5. In the past decade, Lionsgate managed to add 3 movies to the list. All of the movies came from its Hunger Games franchise. No independent studio has 3 movies on the list from the same decade. Even Lucasfilm doesn't have more than 2 Star Wars movies on the list from a decade. Lionsgate added: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (108), The Hunger Games (112), and The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay- Part 1 (197).
  10. The list has been updated to reflect the addition of Star Wars: Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker. Bonnie and Clyde has been removed from the list.
  11. I saw no marketing for it either. I read about it online in an article on either The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, or Deadline. I forget which one of the three websites, but if I didn't read that article, I would not have known about it either.
  12. A few months ago. It’s very new. I remember reading about it finally coming out in like August or September. But it doesn’t include premium formats, so I still like AMC A-list better.
  13. Exactly! And they aren’t coming all the way to Earth to see Cats.
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