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  1. It’s not going to do the numbers that blockbuster films have done pre-pandemic. I don’t see Spider-Man grossing $400 million domestically.
  2. The bottom line is this will be the first true mega-blockbuster since the pandemic began. It could be the movie that saves the theatrical experience. I do not know what its box office will ultimately be, but it will rival some of the highest grossing blockbusters in history.
  3. They do, despite the law being crystal clear. There is no ambiguity here. Marvel owns the characters and stories, and Disney owns Marvel.
  4. I can’t imagine why not. It is free if you already subscribe to HBO, and everyone needed HBO to watch Game of Thrones.
  5. It’s tough to justify paying for Crying Macho when it is free on HBOmax.
  6. The math doesn’t add up to me either. The 1980’s created new revenue streams for films. Home video sales were making studios lots of money. They turned films that were failures at the BO into successes, and made blockbusters even more successful. Then came cable television, which was an additional revenue stream. Home video converted into DVDs and Blu Rays. Now, DVD sales have almost evaporated and there is cord cutting with cable. Therefore, streaming services should cover some of the lost revenue from those avenues. If a studio skips theatrical altogether to put a movie
  7. Hopefully this great run at the BO continues and this ends the day and date release argument.
  8. I cant’t think of more than 3 movies for each of those directors that would make a top 10 list all-time. You could say 4 for Cameron if you are a massive original Terminator fan, but to say it’s top 10 all-time seems a stretch.
  9. This is a big win for Disney and an even bigger win for the theatrical movie-going experience. It’s nice to see the box office having a good weekend.
  10. This film is doing well. It is definitely a well-deserved result.
  11. It’s really hard to believe I have been here for over 9 years.
  12. Back when I wrote the quoted post, I did not know that Fox only financed the first Star Wars movie, and that the sequels and prequels were financed by George Lucas through Lucasfilm.
  13. Numbers 36-40 were definitely not my cup of tea. I’ll take Disney’s Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians over any of those movies…or all of those movies combined.
  14. I am sure that this lawsuit will settle out of court. However, Disney does not need the bad publicity. They should silently deal with this so it goes away.
  15. The thing about a potential A24 sale is that the studio does not have a big back catalogue, so it is not really worth a lot. Forget about the Marvel and Lucasfilm sales to Disney. Look at the Dreamworks Animation sale to Universal. Dreamworks Animation had a bigger back catalogue and was making higher grossing films. The MGM sale to Amazon (which is still pending) was a clear over-bid, but MGM has a big catalogue post May-86 films, UA films, and Orion’s film catalogue. MGM has real value. A24 does not bring enough value to the table to justify its price tag.
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