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  1. I don’t disagree with a lot of your points about Blue Sky. However, I do think they shut down Disneytoon because they knew they were buying Fox, so they would get Blue Sky.
  2. Disney shut down DisneyToon Studios, which made a lot of their direct to video sequels. I always viewed Blue Sky as a replacement for DisneyToon Studios.
  3. Since the title of the movie is Spies in Disguise, and not anything to do with pigeons, they could always go that route in a sequel. I happen to agree with you, and think this has potential to be a successful franchise.
  4. I didn't really care for this movie. It was very slow, and while I could see what the movie was going for, it just didn't get there for me.
  5. I can’t find any news about a re-release, so I am going to say it isn’t happening. At least not this year.
  6. Are you saying there is a re-release scheduled for November/December of this year?
  7. This is true, but I doubt Cameron cares about re-releasing Avatar. He didn’t seem too upset about Avengers: Endgame passing Avatar. He seems more concerned with not having any more delays on Avatar 2. Disney, otoh, has to figure out if they want to put Avatar on Disney+ or hold it back so they can theatrically re-release it.
  8. Yeah, we can’t all have “adult” handles like The Chad DC, now can we? You don’t understand what a username is, so that’s a problem. You don’t know what a threat is, which makes you pretty ignorant of the law. That’s a problem. It completely went over your head that when I told you to watch Avengers: Endgame that I wasn’t being serious; I was just ribbing you. So that’s a problem too. You aren’t man enough to admit you insulted me when I called you out on it (even though anyone can read what you wrote) so that’s an issue too. You seem to be a guy who doesn’t know a lot and doesn’t understand a lot. My advice: don’t give anyone else advice. People like you are the ones that need advice. Think about my advice.
  9. I mean it’s a clear sign I like Disney, which is true. They do make a lot of movies that I like, and it’s fun to see those movies win the popularity contest that is box office. But I just follow box office for fun. I don’t worship Disney. When Wonder Woman was the highest grossing superhero film at the domestic box office for 2017, I didn’t lose an ounce of sleep nor did I start any flame wars with DC fans who were celebrating its success.
  10. Why would you think I worship Disney? You don’t even know me. You’re the one calling me “grandpa” and threatening violence. I was just correctly pointing out that Disney is the one who will either re-release Avatar or they won’t. Getting a life is an appropriate response to some random dude who is making crazy assumptions and trying to insult me and failing miserably.
  11. You’re an Avatar fanboy crying because your favorite movie isn’t number 1 all-time at the box office anymore. You come off as angry and bitter. Fanboying seems to be your life. My advice is move on with your life, or better yet, get a life.
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