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  1. That's a pretty remarkable statistic. Moore made so many Bond films that it felt like he lasted a very long time.
  2. Here are the directors with the most movies on this list right now: Steven Spielberg -10 George Lucas- 5 Christopher Columbus- 5 Michael Bay- 4 James Cameron- 3 Cecil B. DeMille- 3 William Wyler- 3 David Lean- 3 Robert Zemeckis- 3 Andrew Adamson- 3 Sam Raimi- 3 Gore Verbinski- 3 Peter Jackson- 3 David Yates- 3
  3. Mexico’s anti-trust commission has approved the deal. Mexico’s telecom commission still has to approve the deal.
  4. I only voted for original songs that were written for the movie they appeared in. Even though I know the rules stated we didn't have to, that's how I chose to vote. So if anyone wonders why there's no West Side Story or Fiddler on the Roof songs on my list, that's why. Also, no Bittersweet Symphony from Cruel Intentions, which I know is making Chasmmi's list.
  5. They won’t increase them enough to equal what Disney and Fox release combined right now. It will lessen some, even if you and I disagree about how much. Disney sold Miramax because Harvey Weinstein did some sneaky tactics that ended up costing Disney money because of his deal with Disney. Once he was ousted, they didn’t know what to do with Miramax and sold it. Searchlight won’t have those issues. And you’re right, it isn’t there for awards, but also not for profit. It’s there to have prestige films that end up on Disney+.
  6. It was all about Netflix. There are articles that have explained this better than me, which I have posted in other threads, so I will try to be brief. Disney and other major studios make a large profit from the cable bundle. They own cable stations, which they sell access to distributors for a fee. Netflix came along and they all sold their shows to Netflix too. Disney being one of the stupidest by signing a deal for their first run movies to be shown exclusively on Netflix. So what happened is Netflix gained clout. They received so many subscribers that people began cancelling their cable service. This cord cutting began to hurt the bundle, which Disney and Warmer and Universal made huge profits from. So Netflix turned from an ally into a competitor. Cable distributors Comcast and AT&T bought Universal and Warner Bros., respectively. Disney came up with a plan of making a streaming service to compete. This way they can have a direct connection to consumers with no middle man distributor ( Comcast and AT&T are middleman distributors so they have this relationship already). However, Disney needs content for streaming and their library isnt massive. This is where Fox comes in. They have a massive library of TV and movies. That library gives Disney the content it thinks it needs to compete with Netflix. This deal is all about Netflix and has very little to do with theatrical movies. The last thing you may ask is why not just buy the Fox library and leave the movie studio alone. My response is that if you gut the library, the movie studio will be destroyed. That’s what Ted Turner did to MGM and they aren’t a major studio anymore. As for Rupert Murdoch, he saw the writing on the wall and wanted to sell while Fox was at its peak value. In a few years, it would be worth much less than Disney is paying for it now.
  7. All of the reshoots and additional post production has to add to the budget. They are spending so much time and effort making this movie that the budget has to be steadily increasing.
  8. But think about what you’re saying. With Fox making less films, those are a few less blockbusters that smaller studios will compete with. They will see a benefit, even if it is only a small one. Disney also is keeping Fox Searchlight as is. So if those are the small movies you mean, those will stay as is. If you are worried that Disney will now dominate awards shows because they will own Fox Searchlight, that is a legit complaint. But I don’t believe that is your complaint.
  9. Just one point, since you’re right about the derailing of the thread. Disney didn’t try to buy Netflix. That was a rumor that certain analysts thought they should. Disney instead chose to compete with Netflix. But in order to compete, like you said, they felt they needed more market power.
  10. My point flew right over your head. Let me try it this way, Lucasfilm did similar tactics to theaters with the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy ( probably where Disney gor the idea for doing it with The Last Jedi, but I have no proof), and no one in the public cared. I am sure theaters didn’t like it, but they followed along. Disney isn’t doing anything new. It’s just new to you because you didn’t know stuff like this was lgoing on back in the day.
  11. My mistake, I missed this post when I commented on your other one. They don’t “care” about theaters, but without the exclusivity window, there will be no theaters. So by them not wanting to shrink the window, they are helping to save theaters as we know them. If you’re a theater, you want to stay in business. As for commanding a larger percentage of the profits and making demands in the biggest theaters, they have every right. When they received less than other major studios, no one was complaining. It works both ways. Lastly, theaters make most of their profits from selling food anyway, not from the actual movie. So let’s not cry too much for the poor theaters. Although if they lose their exclusivity window, then I’ll cry for them. That’s a serious threat to their business.
  12. Yes, I read that when it was written. What’s your point?
  13. If you want a nuanced conversation, then you need to present facts and figures. You’re just coming off as angry.
  14. I am sure they are not. Although no one was complaining in the 80’s when Disney received less of a percentage of revenue from theater owners than other major studios. But now that the roles are reversed, people seem pretty angry about it. It cuts both ways.

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