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  1. Lets hope you save yourself from the 51st rewatch then 👍
  2. Alita (1 days out) Midnight - 2.18m OD - 16.73m (57.83%) (96496 shows) Sat - 6.58m Sun - 2.93m OD PS of some other movies 1 days out Venom - 34.09m (126049 shows) Black Panther - 26.78m (73969 shows) Ant Man 2 - 23.68m (106251 shows) Spiderman Homecoming - 20m Aquaman - 19.6m (118514 shows) Guardians of the galaxy 2 - 15m Great jump today in PS as well as Show count. Bodes well for a big increase tomorrow as well. Jump tomorrow could be in the 80-95% range giving a final PS of 30-32.5. OW could have a range of 45 at the low end to 75 at the extreme high end. Obviously OW will be somewhere in the middle so I am gonna go with mid 50's as the likely opening.
  3. - Relatively low ticket prices - nearly every state having its own film making industry churning out hundreds of movies every year - english speaking population is confined mostly to cities - low per capita income - strong local movie culture and competition All of these are factors that prevents Indian gross for foreign movies in USD compared to China despite similar population. Good thing is that with a rise in economy and per capita income, more and more people can now afford and are going to movies. Ticket prices are also increasing. Gross of both hollywood as well as local movies have shown a steady increase over the years. Down the line (dont know how many years, maybe a decade or so) India will be where China is right now in terms of USD gross for hollywood movies
  4. Spiderman is by far the most popular solo SH in India. Maybe Tony Stark has overtaken him in recent years but I doubt that. Spiderman movies have consistently done well here since the Raimi movies
  5. Ruth Carter won best costume award in SciFi/Fantasy film for Black Panther at the Costume Designers Guild Awards
  6. When I saw the movie I was super super young and I didnt know who or what Godzilla was. So I didnt see it through the prism that its not an accurate Godzilla portrayal. And I still dont. I saw it as a cool action/monster movie. But I understand your point. I can see why people who liked Godzilla would hate that movie.
  7. Alita (2 days out) Midnight - 1.45m OD - 10.6m (36.77%) (66523 shows) Sat - 3.85m Sun - 1.87m OD PS of some other movies 2 days out Venom - 24.75m (102995 shows) Black Panther - 19.2m (55026 shows) Spiderman Homecoming - 13.75m Ant Man 2 - 15.42m (79765 shows) Bumblebee - 13.53m (107029 shows) Aquaman - 13.08m (86403 shows) Guardians of the galaxy 2 - 9.3m Jump today is inline with most of the above movies. Show count still lags behind almost all of them (considerably behind some recent movies like Bumblebee and Venom). Midnight/Sat/Sun PS is also at this point behind all of the movies listed above. Based on todays data I'll say Ps heading to around 30m and an OW of high 40's to low 50's. Of course ratings matter a lot here and if ratings are great then it can go as high as high 60's to low 70's but if ratings are bad or average then mid 40's could also happen. But looking at audience ratings on RT and Cinemascore, I think the ratings are gonna be good. Douban already has ratings out and it is decent.
  8. ZeeSoh

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1) Avengers Endgame 2) Captain Marvel 3) Godzilla 4) Us 5) Frozen 2 6) Spiderman far from home 7) Star wars ep9 8. Dark Phoenix 9) Shazam 10) Once upon a time in hollywood
  9. They did a great job with Kong Skull Island's late marketing. No reason why they can't replicate that success here too. They are likely waiting for Captain Marvel to get out of the way. Wouldn't want the marketing of the two to overshadow each other when they can simply wait and then have an empty field to themselves
  10. You are not a very good liar. And for someone so apparently disinterested, you sure do talk a heck of a lot about them. I remember you posting how bad IW was doing in some countries threads
  11. I am sure BOP's algorithms account for such things. Because they also give out positive/negative ratio so I am sure they have a way of only counting relevant tweets
  12. Is it really? I recently saw a thread on reddit comparing twitter numbers between this and CM (obtained from BOP) and they were fairly decent and not obscenely far from CM numbers. Add to that the fact that CM comes within a few weeks as compared to this plus the fact that we havent seen a 2nd trailer for a long time plus its not a well known superhero in the vein of Batman/Superman makes the number look good. That bodes well for this.
  13. Ofcourse it was Netflix decision to end the shows. But I dont think it is a coincidence that all 5 shows were terminated one after the other soon after Disney decided to jump in the foray.
  14. Expected, you never disappoint. Your irrational hatred for anything Marvel has provided a lot of comedy. On the other hand the though of how much burn MCU’s utter dominance over all these years must have caused you is one of the greatest pleasures this board has given me. I’m really looking forward to your posts when Endgame comes out

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