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  1. Lockdown extended in India for another 2 weeks (3rd extension now) till end of May. By the end of the month we will be 70 days in, in one of the strictest lockdowns. Malls, restaurants (except for deliveries), cafes, gyms, movie theatres, parks, theme parks, beaches, hotels, religious places, schools and colleges, domestic and international flights, metro trains will remain closed. No large gathering will be allowed for any event. Standalone shops not in malls will be allowed to open but with limited hours and possibly odd even working days. Social distancing and masks are mandatory. Sports events can be held but without spectators. Free movement except for essential reason will still not be allowed from 7pm to 7am
  2. H1N1 is a subtype of the Influenza A virus. This virus has multiple subtypes like H1N1, H1N2, H2N2, etc and has led to many diseases such as swine flu, Asian fly, bird flu, etc. Both the Spanish flu and 2009 flu Pandemic was caused by different strains of the same subtype H1N1 of Influenza A virus.
  3. This is the best way to keep Covid numbers low. Just dont count them. Problem solved, pandemic over. State no longer allowed to track processing plant data
  4. Ofcourse. I support the lockdown and agree that without it the numbers would be so much higher. But the government has failed at every step. Be it the migrant issue, miscommunications, police brutality, etc. What I am lamenting is the fact that even after such a long lockdown our numbers are still rising instead of going down as they have in most other countries. And that is solely due to the bungled response by the government and our lagging testing rates.
  5. Yup our (Indian) testing numbers are abysmally low. One of the lowest in the world in fact (per 1m people that is). And now that we are testing slightly more people in the last few days, new daily cases have jumped significantly. For numbers to start jumping up rather than going down after 47 days of complete lockdown is frustrating to say the least. And now staggered reopening’s have begun so expect even more cases. All this goes to show that we have a huge amount of untested cases.
  6. You know I am no fan of the current government but what you wrote is somewhat incorrect. While excise and taxes have been increased which will lead to more revenue for the government, the actual price for consumers will remain the same. Oil companies who had been eating all the profits from lower oil prices will instead give up the profits and take on this additional cost. What is reprehensible about this government is that even at a time like this, when oil prices are low and when the common man really needs some savings, they are not passing on the benefits to the people but keeping all the money for themselves. Even our neighbours in Pakistan have passed on the benefits to their people. Yup the government is using the reduced oil prices to fill its coffers. Instead of passing on the benefit of reduced prices to consumers they are instead making up the difference with taxes and duty. Consumers pay the same price as before, government gets all the benefits. Also thanks to all our taxes and duties, oil in India has always been fairly expensive when compared to some similar countries.
  7. Yup movie became massive in India. All my family loves it and to this day if it is on TV, we will all watch it.
  8. Lockdown extended here in India for 2 more weeks. Will last till May 18 now. Districts have been classified as Red, Orange and Green on the basis of number of cases. Green and Orange districts will see many relaxation whereas Red districts will have no relaxations. Somethings like Gym, Malls, Theatres, Restaurants, Etc will remain closed everywhere though. Most of the major cities fall in Red zones and so do I. By May 18th we would be in almost 2 months of strict lockdown!
  9. Combined with the Coronavirus lockdown (and the associated loss of business and lockdown of productions) this is possibly the worst 24 hours for Bollywood.
  10. One of the best actor of his generation alongside Nawazuddin Siddique and Manoj Bajpayee. Pure acting talent. Passed away just 2 days after his mother passed away. I cannot even imagine how their family is going through right now. And with the lockdown, a big funeral is out of question. I think huge amount of celebrities would have attended otherwise. RIP
  11. Here in Mumbai the lockdown is definitely gonna get extended for 2 more weeks till May 15th. Delhi is already planning on extending and some other state governments are also thinking about it. If it goes till May 15, we would be in lockdown for 55 days.
  12. Actual oil rate is not negative, neither in the rest of the world nor in USA either. Brent Crude is still trading in the 20’s I think. What did go negative was the oil price for May futures contract. When you buy a futures contract for a commodity like oil, you enter into a contract to buy oil at an agreed upon price at a future date. You can technically hold the contract till expiry and then pick up the actual commodity. However most if not all don't do this. The contracts gets traded based on price action. What is happening with May oil contracts is that the day for expiry and thus delivery is coming close. With supply not lessening and demand having plummeted, there is an excess of oil and not enough space to store it. And you cant exactly temporarily close down wells, it costs a lot to close down and then reopen. Now those holding May contracts for oil will suddenly have lots of actual oil that they need to pick up when the contracts expire. They don’t exactly deliver it to you nor can a person afford nor have the delivery and storage. With the big players also having their hands full of oil they don't wanna buy it either. But that oil which you now own has to go somewhere, the production company that produced the oil don't wanna hold it for you. It costs them money and they don't have much storage either. This can lead to the contract holders getting sued. So the contract holders are now panicking and selling it off as quickly as possible and at whatever price that they can get. Even selling it at -30 or -40 per bbl (which effectively means that they will be paying the buyer money to take it off their hands rather than the buyer paying them in a normal scenario) is better for them than holding the contracts till expiry. June contracts are still positive and I believe somewhere in the 20’s Which shows that investors are still somewhat confident that things will go back to normal by June and Oil demand will increase. If situation remains like this for long however you will see a similar thing happening with June contracts also. PS - I am not an expert so excuse if I made any mistake.
  13. DOFP just missed the top 100. I think The Winter Soldier will show up too seeing that Civil War and Ragnarok made it onto the list.
  14. Others have already pointed out but Kerala is perhaps the best state in India. It comes out at the top or near the top in nearly every good statistic for the country. It’s closer to some of the better developing countries out there whereas other states in India like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are more closer to sub Saharan Africa levels or worse. Kerala also has a more educated populace and a state government not as corrupt as those in others. All this has helped them control the spread despite being the first state in India where Coronavirus showed up (due to workers returning from other countries. Kerala has a high number of its people working overseas). Nope they are not real. Numbers are low because not enough tests are being done. We have one of the lowest number of test conducted per million people in the world. Its abysmally low. I’m sure the death count is also higher as not everyone dying of similar symptoms is getting tested either. Although I think our very young population and strict lockdown has helped greatly reduce the infected numbers
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