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  1. Americans are not alone in this stupidity. Just last week it was reported that at least 36 people died after drinking hand sanitizer in India with police suspecting that many more cases have gone unreported. This was just one state in the country.
  2. lol me too, people in the west dont realize how shitty our system and our situation is simply because we have a democracy. But in regards to your last line, its not necessarily that Trump is better than Modi, its that our system itself is bad. If Trump was in India he would be just as bad as Shah and Modi because our system would allow him to be whereas in US he is restricted in a lot of what he can do. Similarly if Modi was in US he wouldn't be as terrible as he is in India simply because he wouldnt be able to get away with a lot of stuff that he could do in India. Anyway's we are getting a bit off topic here with Indian politics, if we want to discuss this further lets take it to the India thread and keep this one for Coronavirus.
  3. Imagine a Trump but with more political acumen like Mitch Mcconell, more bigoted like David Duke. And now imagine this Trump with even larger support base who are far more rabid, with almost all of media as your lapdog, with complete control over police and other federal body which you use against your opponents, with even the judiciary in your pocket. This Amit Shah guy is much worse than even this. He is religious fascist who took part in and orchestrated communal riots which resulted in 1000's of dead people, have had part in fake encounters and multiple scams. He had a major hand in formulating discriminatory policies like CAA and scrapping Article 370 in Kashmir which have led to months long protests all over the country (which only stopped due to the Coronavirus) as well as many dead people including communal riots in the national capital (where he had control of the police and allowed the police to ignore atrocities against the minority with the police going so far as taking part in the atrocities themselves). He is also trying to implement other policies like NPR (national population registry), which will potentially strip untold number of people of their citizenship and send them to internment (read concentration) camps. At best it will cause headaches to millions of people and strip hundreds of thousands of their rights and make them second class citizens in their own country. This NPR combined with the CAA act effectively means that only muslims will be targetted and sent to camps. In effect India is trying to become more like China.
  4. The failure of the lockdown and one of the major factor for the economic downturn is government incompetence rather than over reaction imo. A lot of the issues around lockdown such as the migrant issue could have been avoided if the government had a solid plan at the beginning. But instead we got a hastily and last minute announced lockdown. A lot of economic issues could have been mitigated had the government taken concrete measures. Blame US politics all we want but at least they came up with policies that helped people and small businesses. Instead all we got was PM cares money blackhole where the donations got siphoned into buying MLA’s and an economic relief package that was completely useless. Other countries also used the lockdown to significantly ramp up medical facilities whereas we hardly did that. Our testing capacity and rates were very low in the beginning and for a long time as well. Its only recently that testing has ramped up but it still lags if per capita testing is considered. Other countries had implemented strict lockdowns too but they succeeded in flattening the curve. It’s not due to over reaction or lockdown that we find ourselves in this pickle, its government incompetence.
  5. While it is true that a lot of people are asymptomatic or only have mild symptoms, there are still thousands upon thousands that do suffer enough that they need hospitalization. And these hospitalizations are not cheap. I have heard from multiple people, including relatives and friends as well as from news that a stay at the hopsital costs lakhs of rupees (huge amount of money for average Indians). Most people in India cannot afford that. One of my relative had to pay 3 lakh for few days stay at hospital. Another aquaintance had to spend 7 lakh. A friend of a friend had to spend 11 lakh at the hospital. These are not small amounts Not to mention the studies coming out discovering long term brain/lung/heart damage. That alone should scare everyone including those with mild cases. And obviously there are those who have lost their lives. India’s and the worlds death toll is increasing everyday. Just because most people are fed up and not following safety measures does not mean tgat it is OK to do so. In fact situation is more dangerous now than it was ever before. When the lockdown started in India we had a total of 500 or so confirmed cases, right now we are getting 55000+ confirmed cases every single day!
  6. Cinemas will remain closed in India for August at the very least. Government will decide by end of August whether to allow reopening of cinemas in September or not.
  7. Yeah no reopening date set, just the lockdown has been extended for another month. I think they will allow cinemas to open from Sep 1 unless things get much worse. But there will probably be lots of restrictions and I doubt people will show up in large numbers seeing that cases are increasing everyday and we havent even hit our peak yet. But it will be nearly 5.5 months by end of August since cinemas and restaurants got shutdown. I dont know how long these places will be able to hold on without any revenue or relief from government (at leasts restaurants are being allowed to run for takeaways).
  8. She is a disgusting person. Earlier (Few years ago) I had thought that maybe she Is right and is being alienated for speaking out against nepotism and what not but now I understand that she is not getting work because she is batshit crazy and people dont want to work with her. Not to mention the fact that she and her sister are both extremely toxic and bigoted people. It is shameless of her to try and milk SSR’s death but most people dont see it. They are too busy outraging against KJo/Bhatt/etc to see they are being manipulated. i hope she gets ostracized and doesnt get anymore work.
  9. News just came out, cinemas to remain closed for another month along with schools, colleges, bars, large gatherings, etc. Thankfully gyms will open from August 5. I have lost 4 months of paid membership due to Coronavirus but now I am wondering if I should go or not. Gym’s are enclosed spaces and it is difficult for me to exercise in a cloth mask. I am considering buying an N95 mask for the gym. Also the nighttime curfew is gone from August 1
  10. How dare you insult Dil Chahta Hai like that, I am just kidding lol but it is one of my fav movies of all time. To me it was one of the movies that helped pivot bollywood from traditional, safe, old looking movies to something fresh, modern looking and youth oriented that is not bogged down by traditional values and sanskaar. Lagaan is over rated though. Its too long and would have been better without the nonsensical love triangle plot and all the singing and dancing. Taare Zameen Par is a good movie. It tries to tackle an important issue and deserves praise just for that. You should see it if you get a chance. As for SRK, CDI and Swades are better than DDLJ but the latter is obviously far far more popular.
  11. Since I am not in USA (or the west), most of the campaign advertisement is not directed towards me and doesn't reach me. Things like print ads, billboards, TV ads, merchandise tie ins, etc. The only thing I get are online advertisements and those are usually limited to trailers and short clips. That combined with my short memory means that I barely have any movies whose campaign was memorable. And the only ones there are, are recent movies like Deadpool. So I dont think I will be able to contribute to this list. Just trailers I could do
  12. I wouldn't expect accurate reviews for that movie given SSR’s death. It could be hot garbage and people still wouldn't criticize it (at least not harshly). According to IMDB ratings not only is it the best Indian movie ever but it is also the best movie of all time lol. It has a rating of 9.8 over there 😂
  13. Top 5 gonna be LOTR:FOTR The Dark Knight Empire Strikes Back Raiders of the Lost Ark Schindler's List 4 of which were in the top 4 last time too. I hope FOTR wins
  14. Some of his earlier movies, before he started overacting and then super tough hero guy, were good. Movies like Andaz Apna Apna, Maine Pyaar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Karan Arjun, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, etc. Also SRK had most of his biggest hits in 1990 and early 2000’s whereas Aamir and Salman had most of their biggest hits in the late 2000 and 2010 decade which would have given them a huge BO boost. I am sure if we compare tickets sold/inflation adjusted BO for Indian markets alone, some of SRK’s biggest hits (like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) would be up in there amongst the top. Perhaps @charlie Jatinder has some idea.
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