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  1. Because our PM and the government is completely inept and useless. And they don't give a single fuck about people because they know that they can get the majority Hindu vote regardless of how much they fuck the common man by stoking communal tensions and taking a hardliner extremist position. They did the same thing 3 years back in 2016 during demonetization where they declared the 2 highest denomination notes to be invalid and gave the people hardly 1-2 hour notice. That stupidity fucked up our economy and its repercussions are still being felt.
  2. Well fuck, just found out. I am already getting bored of the lockdown and its only been 4 days. 21 days is gonna be torturous No wedding or religious gatherings are allowed. Temples, Mosques, Churches, etc are supposed to be closed, though I am sure some might be working anyways. This means my birthday is gonna be totally fucked. No cakes, no party, no going out But on a more serious note, with such an extended lock down people are going to die. We have millions of daily wage earners, or people who earn money by selling things roadside or at traffic signals and even beggars. These people have no means of earning any money and sustaining themselves or their families. Heck even those labourers earning some money are fucked because they have no place to eat. Here in Mumbai we have millions of out of state workers, primarily men, who work and live alone (their families back in their villages/towns). These people do not cook at home and depend on cheap restaurants that specifically cater to them. With the lock down, many of these have closed and so these people have no where to eat. Yesterday a pav wala (person delivering bakery products, eggs, etc) mentioned that he has not eaten for 24 hours as there is no place for him to eat. This lock down is going to kill or hurt more people than Coronavirus. But on the other hand if these strict measures are not taken then Coronavirus will kill loads more people. There really is no right or easy path here. And as usual poor people are the ones that are gonna suffer the most.
  3. Im sorry but this both side nonsense is complete trump apologist bullshit. It’s not like the person doing the othering is some random right wing person, its the freaking president of the US.
  4. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, etc is all filled with these nationalist blind followers (bhakts) of our dear leader and his party. Questioning anything about him or the government will get you labeled liberal, apologist, conspiracist, and the new boogeyman i.e. Muslim. Good thing you are not within the country otherwise anything other than blind praise of our dictator and his government will get u labeled anti national, un patriotic and probably get thrown in jail on sedition charges. It may have started as sarcasm but you can bet ur ass that it will be taken seriously by blind bhakts and unkills on whatsapp and spread around as if true
  5. #IndiafightsCorona is trending worldwide as if making noise like complete maniacs is gonna get rid of the pandemic
  6. Chutiyas in our area started 5 minutes early. But participation here seemed low which I was very happy about. Only people from one society adjacent to ours went crazy and were making noise like morons. Youths, perpetual morons, were out on bikes honking horns. I even heard firecrackers go off in the distance. People were out on the streets for this nonsense rendering the curfew useless. Now just to clarify, I am mocking those who believe in the nonsense that this will kill the virus due to clapping or after 12 hours. If some people came out to genuinely cheer emergency service workers then good on them.
  7. Then those people are talking out of their ass and have no idea what they are talking about. If there were no lockdowns or similar strict measures taken and if things were to be left free to take its course then the death rate would be much higher. Even right now with strict measures in place, medical facilities and staff are getting overwhelmed. Look at the news coming out of Italy for example. If there were not strict measures the cases will rise exponentially and so will the people needing hospital visits. Many will not get treatment in time (as they are able to get now). The fatality rate will absolutely shoot up from around 1% predicted right now to much higher. There is no way just 300-800k people will die in such scenario. I ignore such people and I suggest you do too.
  8. It’s mind boggling that people are arguing its better to let 1-3 million Americans die rather than let the economy tank as if that many people dying isn't gonna fuck up the economy anyways. Even last year people were saying a recession is coming (before Coronavirus started). All the bond yields inverting and stuff was signalling as much. That combined with so many people dying would have led to a huge recession even without the lockdowns.
  9. Btw this has been doing the rounds in India And its being circulated not just by illiterate people but also by well educated people holding higher degrees and stuff.
  10. There are too many to quote so I’ll just say to those discussing cases and absence of deaths in India. One of the main government org responsible for testing and stuff just today directed that those who have come to the hospital with respiratory problems, fever, cold like symptoms, etc be tested for Coronavirus. They came with this order just today. Meaning before today, even if u showed up to the hospital with these symptoms (which are all symptoms of Coronavirus) you would not necessarily be tested. That should give an indication of how ridiculous handling of this thing has been so far. And as far as I know, deaths due to Pneumonia so far had not been tracked. I dunno if they have started now or not.
  11. What do u mean doing nothing? You mean to say advising people to stand in balconies and roads and making noise like a total moron tomorrow evening is doing nothing! If only we can be so lucky! Lol that number is absolute hogwash. If u think USA is lagging behind in testing people then India is nowhere in the picture Given our population size we have barely tested anyone. Im sure our ratio is one of the worst in the world. Combined with the fact that the people here have no sense of hygiene and are not practicing social distancing (for the most part, although I am seeing fewer people out since 1-2 days. Still yesterday when I went out on a supplies run, one area was as busy and crowded as always). Heck daily I read news here about people with suspected infections running away from isolation in hospitals and at home. The federal government is doing a bad job and are hiding things so as to hide their incompetence and also to not cause panic. The true numbers are much higher.
  12. There is so much misinformation about vaccines and cures and drugs going around that it is advisable to do a bit of research before posting any potentially false or dangerous information. There is currently no conclusive Scientific evidence that Ibuprofen aggravates the disease (anecdotal evidence is not scientific) but more importantly WHO does not recommend against taking Ibuprofen at this point as the article incorrectly states
  13. I never said to time the market or wait for it to bottom out. Im saying that if someone has the money and can forget about it for a few years then they can invest even right now. Because the markets have fallen so much that even if this is not the bottom it wont matter. In a few years when markets recover, they will go back to their previous levels and higher. Diversification is always a good idea no doubt. I mentioned Boeing to give an example of a solid company that has fallen harder than the general market so the upswing could be better as well when things go back to normal
  14. For reference Dow has fallen about 32% so far from its recent high in Feb. (December 2018 crash was about 16% or so). Since this is a downturn caused by a pandemic rather than an economic or financial issue its difficult to compare it to the great recession. But these numbers show that the Dow can still fall a whole lot. Btw for those with some money lying around and those who can afford to be away from it for some time (months to couple of years) this is a golden opportunity to invest. Even if markets fall further, they will recover to previous levels and maybe even higher in a 1-3 span. Just go with a solid company that wont go bankrupt that has fallen a lot (like Boeing or so). Or if u don’t wanna research then just do it in one of the indexes.
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