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  1. I’ll check with the senior mods if merging the spoiler thread with the main one is standard practice or not. If there is no opposition, I’ll do it
  2. Korean Law to Limit Film Releasing Monopolies This is going to impact big hollywood movies. Opening day and opening weekend grosses in particular will see a drop. Movies may likely develop longer legs but overall this will lead to lower grosses for big movies as people may not prefer to wait too long to see a movie, opting instead to pirate. Multiple viewings may also get affected. Theatre owners will not be happy with this.
  3. Moderation: This topic has nothing to do with this movie. Please take any off topic chats to appropriate thread and keep this thread for discussions on the Black Widow movie only.
  4. While the music and songs are nice in that movie (and the movie is decent too), they are nothing special or different imo. Something like Dil Se from the maestro A.R.Rahman. Now that is special! But I’ll include KHNH in my list for u (and also because I cried a lot when
  5. You need to send a list to captainwondyful by PM. The list should be at least 15 entries long (max 50). The lists should be ranked from 1st onwards. There is no need for explanations, although you can write your comments/feelings for 1 or more movie which could be included when Captain reveals the ranking. If I had to pick a few amongst the thousands I’d go with something like 1) Hum Aapke Hain Kaun 2) Mughal E Azam 3 Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge 4) Dil Chahta Hai 5) Dil Se 6) Hum dil de chuke sanam 7) Taal 8. Dil toh Pagal Hai 9) Aashique 10) Rock On I will definitely be including these in my top 15-20.
  6. Yes they are family dramas and romantic movies but that doesnt mean they arent musicals. I agree that in many bollywood movies the songs are there just for the sake of being there but in many movies they do serve a purpose. For example many of the songs in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun are tied to the story of the movie and progress the movie along. In a movie like Mughal E Azam, a song like “Pyaar kiya to darna kya” is an important part of the movie. A song like Tadap Tadap ke from Hum dil de chuke sanam is important and progresses the story forward. I am sure you can find many many such examples in a lot of movies. But here is what the OP had to say about eligibility I think those criteria means that a lot of bollywood movies will qualify
  7. Ooh I was not gonna submit a list as I havent seen a lot of musicals (outside disney animations) but if I can include Bollywood/indian then I can definitely make a list. All Indian peeps and those who see Bollywood movies, I hope you guys submit a list as well. @Charlie Jatinder @grim22 @marveldcfox @lorddemaxus @a2k @Nero @SURAJ @oMeriMombatti @Steven @Lordmandeep @NamakFiskKa @Premium George @Sunny Max @CoolK @druv10 @THUNDER BIRD Movies like - Mughal e Azam, Maine Pyaar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Bombay, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Aashique, Kabhi Kabhi, Dil se, DDLJ, Hum Dil de chuke sanam, rock-on and many others really deserve a place on this list. So I hope you guys submit a list
  8. Done. Edited the title with updated numbers
  9. 😂 Even though I live in India, my sleep patterns operate on an american/European time zone. Partly due to the fact I used to live there but mostly due to my previous work. Im trying to change that now
  10. Thanks a lot guys and thanks to those who nominated me. Honestly surprised I got selected. Congrats to @Eric Addams and @captainwondyful
  11. Saw it yesterday and liked it. My friend on the other hand loved it (even more than Endgame and he wanted to see it a second time which he doesn't do with movies). Theatre was almost full on Sat morning which is quite good considering its the 4th day of release here. Joaquin Phoenix’s is incredible in this. His performance really deserves all the praise.
  12. Thanks Eric and Finnick for the noms. I have submitted an application, lets see how it goes. I also nominate @Eric! @TalismanRing @captainwondyful @Porthos @cax16 All these ppl are active, upstanding, long term and fair members of BOT. Any one of them will make for a great mod Aww thanks JCS! If an endorsement from JCS himself is not enough to get me a mod-ship then I don't know what will be. Might as well give it to me now
  13. @DAJK to his team members.....separately Meanwhile @JJ-8 dodging the votes and elimination like
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