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  1. Moderation: Belblazer has been threadbanned for 2 weeks. Please put anything even vaguely spoilerish in spoiler tags people. And remember actual spoilers are not allowed even under spoiler tags, they need to go in the Eternals spoiler thread. Posting spoilers will result in thread bans or worse.
  2. MODERATION: Please ensure that whatever article summary or tweet that your are posting here does not contain story spoilers. @imbruglia that article you posted had multiple story points spoilers. Granted that they were not very specific, still edit out those sections next time or put them under spoiler tags please.
  3. When you guys book tickets could you not see the seating charts before to check which seats are reserved and what not? Or is it only that Fandango was late to introducing such a thing? I ask because here in India you can not only see the seating view for each and every movie but you can also select and reserve your seats when you book online.
  4. Movie Distr Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D - (1) Halloween Kills Universal $2,002,520 -27% 3,705 $540 $56,870,340 6 - (4) The Last Duel 20th Century… $398,893 -29% 3,065 $130 $6,143,585 6 - (6)
  5. Trailer was ok I guess, but without the title and the names I would have thought it is just some other generic action movie. The set pieces from the games looked cool but apart from that nothing stood out. I was very disappointed that the iconic Nate's theme from the game did not make an appearance. That being said I am still excited for this movie as I am a huge fan of the game series (second fav after the TLOU series). If anyone has not seen the Uncharted fan film with Nathan Fillion in it then you should. That looks so so much better. He would have been perfect as Drake.
  6. Movie Distr Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D - (1) Halloween Kills Universal $2,742,380 +1% 3,705 $740 $54,867,820 5 - (5) The Last Duel 20th Century… $565,788 +35% 3,065 $185 $5,744,692 5 - (6)
  7. No, I was in Canada from about 2006 till 2013. Besides I only got into MCU around the time of Avengers. Before MCU I was a big potterhead. I dont recall seeing any of the phase 1 MCU movies in cinemas (except Avengers).
  8. Cinemas are finally opening in my state (in India) on October 22 (just in time for Dune). My city and state are the biggest markets for Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies in India so its a big relief for the industry. I have not been to the theatres since Feb 2020! - No food/beverages will be allowed inside screening hall - Only 50% capacity, staggered show times - All employees to be vaccinated - No vaccine mandate for moviegoers. However, cinemas inside malls will be inaccessible to unvaccinated or partially vaccinated as entry into a mall requires full vaccinat
  9. Hey man, everything’s fine now but covid was bad for work, business as well as my health (got infected a week before I was eligible to get vaccinated 😂)(stamina levels still not back to normal months after delta infection) so had to take some time off. But hoping to get more active now!
  10. Congrats @Cap and @Eric the Friendly Ghost on the promotion!!!! Well deserved
  11. Not in Maharashtra where they will remain closed for at least another month Mumbai and Maharashtra are the biggest money makers for the film industry.
  12. With news channel providing such drama and comedy will people even go watch movies when they can watch the clowns on the news channels. Anyways do you think they will allow theatres to operate from October @charlie Jatinder? I suspect that even if theatres open they wont do that well at least for the first few months, say until Christmas.
  13. Since this is animated and not really considered canon Disney should accelerate this and release this sooner so that there is more content on the platform plus for the MCU too.
  14. Yup new unlock guidelines just came out from the centre. Cinemas will remain shut till at least end of September
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