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  1. Wasnt Geoff Johns supposed to be the Feigi for DC movies and now Hamada? Why cants directors flourish under these guys?
  2. Please no, that'd be terrible. A prior announcement builds excitement, hype and anticipation. Their strategy worked with IW, they should follow it. What Hades said. But I would like to think that DS would win since he has had formal training and more experience. Plus he has/had an infinity stone. However SW got her power due to or from an infinity stone so she would be no pushover either. But where Strange is a more logical fighter, SW is a more emotional fighter and I would go with the brain
  3. Well hey, at least it gives GL a good chance to be well reviewed and and makes a ton of money and being good.
  4. Mission Impossible 6 (10 days out) Midnight - 780k OD - 4.76m (+19%) (36296 screens) Sat - 1.60m Sun - 840k Good increase for MI6 today. However it is lagging behind JW2 in terms of OD PS (6.83m) and screen count (53000 screens). The only other comparison I have is Pirates of the Caribbean 5 which was as following:- Midnight: 1.50m OD: 4.88m Sat: 2.09m OD for both is fairly similar but MI6 lags behind PotC5 in midnight and Sat presales.
  5. Ant Man 2 (3 days out) Midnight - 1.76m OD - 11.25m (+33.45%) (61802 screens) Sat - 3.96m Sun - 2.33m Ant Man still leads almost all of these in screen counts. While Ant Man is more than double Thor Ragnarok and Justice League in OD PS right now, the latter 2 had huge jumps in the last few days which AM wont manage so the end result wont be a double PS for AM but AM will definitely be ahead of all of these I think. Ant Man 2 also leads SMH now after trailing over the last 2 days. Still heading for low to mid 30's I think for final PS
  6. For reference this is where BP was end of Sunday. Ant Man has about 35% more screens allotted than BP at the same point. BP PS increased by 40, 37, 40 and about 67% over the last four days. If AM follows that then it will be around 37m final presales which would be about what SMH managed. If it does reach that then an opening in the 60’s would be likely
  7. Ant Man 2 (4 days out) Midnight - 1.48m OD - 8.43m (+19.06%) (50320 screens) Sat - 3.01m Sun - 1.80m Mission Impossible 6 (11 days out) Midnight - 702k OD - 4.00 (+8.1%) (33107 screens) Sat - 1.38m Sun - 775k
  8. ZeeSoh

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 6 - Crazy Rich Survivors

    Well at first I was like But then later I’m like I’ll see them all in Survivor hell!
  9. So that makes all comedians and pretty much anyone who jokes or is edgy dangerous? Right? Thats your logic. Lets preemptively lock anyone who makes a joke about sex, gender, race, religion, etc. They are all dangerous people.
  10. AM2 is doing very well presales wise. Its running ahead of most SH movies of the past 2 years or so except BP and SMH. It has also so far matched BP’s trajectory, which if it continues doing in the next 5 days it will end up in the high 30’s final presales. That would match SMH’s final presales which would be great for Ant Man. Right now I am thinking an opening weekend somewhere in the 50’s usd although depending on ratings and WOM that could go up or down. However dollar has strengthened considerably in the past few months (almost 9% since IW release) which will impact its OW and final gross
  11. I really really hope we get to see him use some more cool powers like we saw him use against Thanos (that short battle was epic and gave me a fleeting impression of the amazing duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort in OotP). I felt that in the first movie they didnt really showcase his powers effectively. I think so too. And regarding Guardians 3, they’re definitely gonna make that movie. The 2 previous movies made more than 1.6 billion combined. You dont let that kinda money slip away I doubt it would. The anticipation for the IW trailer was out of this world. I had never seen such a thing. Will be very difficult to replicate it again. But if they do then kudos to them
  12. He would already have been in 4 movies counting Avengers 4 next year. Perhaps he is set to appear in Spiderman 2 or some other MCU movie before DS2 which would satisfy the 5 film contract
  13. It seems like its Doctor Strange since news came out an hour ago of Benedict Cumberbatch receiving a salary upgrade. The below article also says that filming for DS2 is set to begin next spring Benedict Cumberbatch lands £7.5m payday to star in Doctor Strange sequel

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