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  1. Fans (of anything, not just movies) have a way of seeing bias or trolling where none exists. I do too. Which is why its good to have a neutral perspective. For example Joker/BOP threads currently have more people thread banned than any other active threads that I know of, with bans in the double digits. Wouldn’t be much point in having a discussion thread if super positive fanboys posts are the only thing allowed. At that point there’d be no difference between us and fanboy forums/reddit.
  2. Moderators are users too and have full rights to support a movie, post their dislikes and whatever they want to post as long as it is within forum rules. Like any users, mods are allowed to have their biases as long as it doesn't affect their moderation. Just because some users have their knickers in a twist crying foul over perceived biases doesn't mean that there is one.
  3. Thats great for 1917. I am glad it is doing well in India. I saw it last Saturday and it was amazing in IMAX
  4. Moderation:- I know this is an unusual and slow time at the Chinese box office but please refrain from off topic post about climate change and Coronavirus. You can talk about Coronavirus here but only if it pertains to the box office. We have thread on climate change at https://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/27994-climate-change-global-warming-general-thread/ And a thread on Coronavirus at https://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/28761-coronavirus-2019-2020-wuhan-outbreak/ Please take all off topic chats to the relevant thread.
  5. You have a much much much (I cannot say much enough) higher chance of dying from normal seasonal flu than this.
  6. There is no player of the year category and you didn't even make the top 5 in Survivor lol
  7. 1. Will The Gentlemen make more than $9M? 1000 Yes 2. Will The Gentlemen make more than $12M? 2000 No 3. Will The Gentlemen make more than $10.5M? 3000 No 4. Will The Turning make more than 10.5M? 4000 No 5. Will The Turning make more than Gentlemen? 5000 No 6. Will Bad Boys drop more than 57.5%? 1000 No 7. Will Bad Boys make more than double the OW total of the two main new entries? 2000 No 8. Will Dolittle finish above 1917? 3000 No 9. Will Star Wars cross $500M ON Saturday? 4000 No 10. Will Knives Out have the lowest percentage drop in the top 12? 5000 Yes  11. Will Jumanji drop more than 30%? 1000 Yes 12. Will 1917 cross $100M by the end of the weekend? 2000 Yes 13. Will Parasite stay above Jojo Rabbit? 3000 No 14. Will Little Women decrease more than 30% on Sunday? 4000 Yes 15. Will I live to see another sunrise? 5000 Yes Part B: 1. What will The Gentlemen's Weekend be? 10,2m 2. What will Just Mercy's percentage drop be? -35% 3. What will TROS's PTA be? 1700 Part 😄 There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 2. 1917 4. The Gentlemen 6. Jumanji: The Next Level 8. Just Mercy 10. Knives Out 12. Frozen 2
  8. That headline is so misleading, no doubt it’s that way to create controversy and get clicks. QT literally does not say anything like that nor does he single out Marvel or superhero movies. In fact there is nothing controversial in what he said, that ridiculous website is just looking for clicks.
  9. Saw this without having watched the trailers or anything, turned out to be a good decision as I had no clue what the movie was about. The trailers spoils too much. I had a blast with this movie. It was so much fun and so funny at times (especially with the maids). Samara Weaving was great in this and the rest of the cast was good too.
  10. Moderation:- @Marcos12 stop accusing people of being racist. If you see any such posts then report it rather than calling people out willy nilly. It’s Ok for people to not like the cast or anything about a movie without being called racist and what not for it. Next time will get a ban @Thrylos 7 please report any offending posts rather than posting an offensive reply.
  11. Incredible movie. Possibly my favourite of 2019. And i’m glad I saw it in imax rather than home. I found it to be better than Dunkirk. And the one shot thing worked for me. Someone up said it felt like a video game at times and thats exactly what I told my friend at intermission (we have them here). I said this will make an excellent video game and reminded me a lot of FPS games at times (especially the tunnels in the trench scenes). Score and acting was good all around as well.
  12. 1. Will Bad Boys make more than $24M? 1000 Yes 2. Will Bad Boys make more than $32M? 2000 Yes 3. Will Bad Boys make more than $28M? 3000 Yes 4. Will Doolittle make more than 17.5M? 4000 No 5. Will Doolittle make more than 22.5M? 5000 No 6. Will The Gentlemen make more than $12M? 1000 No 7. Will the three largest new entries combine to more than $65M? 2000 No 8. Will Doolittle's OW total be closer to Bad Boys or Gentlemen? 3000 Gentlemen 9. Will 1917 stay in the top 2? 4000 Yes 10. Will TROS stay above Jumanji? 5000 No  11. Will Frozen stay above Knives Out? 1000 Yes 12. Will Frozen have a bigger percentage drop than Spies in Disguise? 2000 No 13. Will Parasite Increase? 3000 Yes 14. Will Little Women stay above Underwater? 4000 Yes 15. Will the Academy decide to award Alita all the Oscars in order to stop the protest balloon flying over the Awards? 5000 Pls no, Jimbo fans will be even more intolerable then. Part B: 1. What will Bad Boys's Weekend be? $45m 2. What will Star Wars' percentage drop be? -50% 3. What will Just Mercy's PTA be? $2,850 Part 😄 There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 2. 1917 3. Dolittle 5. The Rise of Skywalker 7. Little Women 9. Frozen II 11. Underwater
  13. Called someone at Disney a cuck (may have been directed at JJ/Rian/Iger) and blamed KK for it. And then called a user here an inappropriate thing. I've hidden the posts obviously
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