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  1. Come now Charlie just because he overshadowed your favourite doesnt mean you gotta put him down 😜 Dangal is a great movie. Better than most bollywood movies of the past few years. Chak De India is also good but Dangal is better
  2. Him. Although I can understand the confusion with my Hela avatar. But I've been a Cate fan ever since I saw her play Galadriel. I've been under the weather so largely have been lurking for past few days now. And yeah there are already so many people tracking and analyzing this. But the other movies, people are not so interested to track so I track those. Besides I've avoided giving any predictions because this, with its 5 days OW and record breaking PS run, is new territory. And I generally avoid making predictions like the wild and super optimistic predictions there are in these thread. So I am waiting till the last day when all the data is available to analyze.
  3. ZeeSoh

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1) Avengers Endgame 2) Spiderman far from home 3) Godzilla 4) IT chapter 2 5) The Lion King 6) Once upon a time in hollywood 7. Dark Phoenix 😎 Good Boys 9) Tolkein 10) Frozen 2
  4. This is a good move on Sony's part. It gives it more breathing room by pulling it away from TLK a little plus it will now have the advantage of 4th of July holiday rather than opening after it.
  5. For those who use desktop, you can easily download blockers for Youtube. For reddit there is Reddit Enhancement Suite which will also help block words from titles. For Twitter you can block as many keywords as you want from settings. For those on mobile though. Options are limited. You can still block words on twitter. I just blocked 35 keywords. But nothing for youtube/reddit. So stick to the subscribed channel on youtube app on mobile and stay off reddit (if you cant stay off reddit then tweak your setting so that you dont see thumbnails, you can also specify that you want to see posts and comments with only positive ratings (make it high number to further reduce spoilers) and stick to the hot section on your subreddit rather than sorting by new).
  6. I mostly only use mobile for browsing, so on the mobile app there is a section for videos from subscribed channels. This is entirely seperate from the recommended videos section which I am going to avoid entirely. So when I open the app I am going to directly go to the subscribed content without looking at recommendations. My subscribed channels are very few and mostly science channels so I am safe in that regards. I am not even gonna scroll down to the recommended videos and comments that show up under the video you are watching
  7. Well I was planning on abandoning Internet on Monday when the premiere was scheduled. But it looks like I’m gonna have to go dark right now. No Reddit and Twitter from now on. Although I may just ban the keywords on twitter and surf that way. Facebook/Instagram are OK for me as My friends/family are not into SH movies and wont spoil. But no reading comments or watching random videos anymore. For youtube, I tried looking for ways to block videos with certain keywords but its not possible on mobile (there are addons for desktop though). So from now on I am going to stick to videos from my subscribed channels only. No comment browsing whatsoever. I wish I could abandon this forum completely till I see the movie but I dont think I can. I dont wanna miss the buildup to the most hyped movie ever and the early numbers from OS and the unmatched presales run. So I am gonna run several pages/hours behind as someone suggested so that any spoilers would have been deleted by then. Mods is it possible to auto block everyone except a few people? 😝 @DeeCee Maybe getting a few temp mods just for spoiler control until release might be a good idea. Finally gonna get on with reading as Talismanring plans to do. I have not read Origins by Dan Brown. Have been meaning to for a long time but seems like the time is now.
  8. Well yes. As I bolded in my post which you quoted, I pointed out that I am specifically talking about initial or “live” viewing figures only. I even mentioned that repeat or subsequent viewing figures would take that number much higher. Perhaps even higher than the 30m you mentioned. Any implication on my part that “only” 30m people watched an episode around the world even when including repeat or subsequent viewing were not intentional. Perhaps I worded it wrongly. But this all started because someone said 1 billion people would watch this live on opening around the world. My point in posting all these numbers were in that context. To show that that is absurd.
  9. Thats an outright stupid lie. The numbers makes no sense and were immediately disproven by the tweet posted by raulbalrezo The link I posted on the last page by the NY times said that the average viewership for last season was around 30m. It did not say anything about it being just in a week or just in USA. The viewership numbers for the series finale was 16.5 when including HBO go and NOW. The record number in UK was around 5 million and 1.2 in Australia at the very max. Viewership in the US did not exceed 12 million for initial broadcast in the US for the last season. So that 30 number is most likely worldwide. Although of course repeat viewings would take that number much higher. But I never was talking about overall numbers but just the initial ones. The point being, that 1 billion number is so nonsensical it cannot be true. As I mentioned viewership would have to jump 3300% from last seasons finale for the numbers to be anywhere close. As shown by that Variety reported number, initial viewing figures in US were 17.4 million. I doubt the international numbers would be much higher than that.
  10. That is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way that many people watch GoT let alone watch it live. Even Superbowl at max gets 110m viewership. Only broadcasts that consistently gets these kinda numbers are sports broadcast on tv which does not require special memberships Here are season 7 numbers - https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/28/arts/television/game-of-thrones-finale-sets-ratings-record.html The average viewership was just 30 million per episode. Season finale was just 12 million according to Nielsen (16.5m including HBO app and Go - numbers for the US I assume). So unless viewership grew by 3300% between last seasons finale and this seasons premiere, it wont even come close to 100 million let alone 1 billion
  11. Shazam is behaving remarkably like this movie. Similar budget Similar opening weekend Similar expected Dom gross Similar expected OS-Ch gross The only difference being that F4 made 2 mil in China and Shazam is gonna make 45.
  12. ZeeSoh


    Drop for the week before was 44.42% without China and drop this weekend is 40.74%. It will likely be a better drop once actuals come in tomorrow and I will update my post accordingly. 35% drop this coming week is possible especially if people rush out to see it before Endgame as I mentioned earlier. But for now I am gonna say a drop between 35-40% seeing that no big movie is opening this week.
  13. Overall Last weekend (OW) - 102.3 This weekend - 35.9 Drop - 64.9% China Last weekend - 30.58 This weekend - 4.78 Drop - 84.37% Without China last weekend - 71.72 this weekend - 31.12 drop - 56.6% I know that the numbers make it seem like a harsh drop but that China drop is making it look way worse than it actually is. For comparison Captain Marvel fell 61.88% with China and 57.21% without China on its 2nd weekend. So Shazam had a slightly better OS-Ch drop. Of course Captain Marvel had a huge rush to see it plus it is much harder to hold better with much higher numbers. But regardless outside of China and South Korea the drop for Shazam is normal. Captain Marvel is heading for around 700m OS which would be about 2.31 multi from its opening OS weekend. Same legs as that would give Shazam an OS of 235. Assuming around 150m domestic would lead to a final total of 385m Worldwide. But Shazam will have to face Endgame the week after where it could drop upto 60-70%. Overall I see around 230m OS (including Japan) for a final.
  14. ZeeSoh


    Overall Last week (01-01 April) - 25.536 This week (08-14 April) - 13.9 Drop - 45.567% Without China last week - 23.456 this week - 13.9 drop - 40.74% China's run is over hence no China section for this week. A very good drop this week OS-ch. Next week should see a similarly low drop as well. Perhaps even lower as some people may go out to see it ahead of Endgame. How it holds during the week of Endgame's release is a question mark but if it doesnt completely collapse, or perhaps gets a boost, then 700 is within sight.

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