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  1. Hobbs & Shaw (2 days out) Midnight - 7.09m OD - 26.2m (31.26%) (115462 shows) Sat - 9.30m Sun - 4.77m A comparatively smaller jump once again. As we saw yesterday H&S has advantage when it comes to its Midnight PS as well as show count but lags behind similar sized movies when it comes to Sat/Sun PS. The weak jumps have me thinking final PS will be more in the mid 60's region rather than touching the 70's. Typical increase for tomorrow is in the range of mid 40's to 50's. Lets see if the weak increase trend continues tomorrow.
  2. Hobbs & Shaw (3 days out) Midnight - 5.51m OD - 19.96m (25.85%) (94400 shows) Sat - 6.83m Sun - 3.82m Quite a weak jump today as well as yesterday. It's the weakest jump of all movies listed below in comparison. All numbers in tables are for PS 3 days out. OD PS Midnight Sat PS Sun PS Show Count Final PS JW2 21.47 2.53 11.08 5.60 83144 60 CM 21.37 4.13 9.41 3.71 73297 73.08 Hobbs & Shaw 19.96 5.51 6.83 3.82 94400 Spiderman FFH 17.97 5.08 7.48 3.84 82292 67.03 Venom 17.84 2.53 8.25 3.32 82969 60.1 H&S is showing signs of frontloadedness. It has the highest midnight PS right now of all these movies whereas its Sat PS is the lowest of em all. OW internal multiplier may not be that great. One thing it has going for it is that it has the highest show count 3 days out compared to the other movies. Final show count could be quite good. Competition is weak too which should help the OW and legs. Final PS it seems is heading to high 60's at this point, but it could be lower if H&S continues to have low increases. Still seeing this heading to 85-95m range atm. Let's see how it goes over the next couple of days.
  3. ZeeSoh

    Week 33

    Damn it. As expected I missed this and so did many ppl it seems as only 19 ppl got in their predictions vs 26+ last week.
  4. Yeah I wanna sleep but usually by the time I wake up the deadline to predict is over. So If I sleep I will miss this week but I am very sleepy 😴
  5. Ah ok I finally got it. The first 2 will get 3 and 1.5 added to their weekly score and vice versa for the bottom 2. At least for this week I had mistakenly assumed that u added/subtracted those points from their Flash Challenge percentages which is why I was wondering on what basis u did it. But its clear now. Thanks
  6. In a flash fight do the percentages matter towards something other than determining the positions? For example if Fancyarcher had the most accurate predictions then he will be placed first amongst all who played the flash fight. Wouldn't it be redundant then to add 3% to his score seeing he already has the highest percentage and already #1? Same with say Mrgamer, if he already has the lowest score, whats the purpose of deducting 3% from it?
  7. So Fancyarcher got +3% this week because he had the most accurate predictions out of all and Mrgamer got -3% because he had the least accurate predictions?
  8. Part A No 1. Will Angry Birds make more than $14M? 1000 No 2. Will Angry Birds make more than $20M? 2000 No 3. Will Angry Birds make more than $17M? 3000 No 4. Will Angry birds have the highest PTA of the 5 biggest new releases? 4000 No 5. Will Angry Birds' Sunday total be more than double the next highest new entries'? 5000 No 6. Will 47 Metres make more than $12M? 1000 Yes 7. Will Good Boys make more than $12M? 2000 No 8. Will 47 Metres make more than Good Boys? 3000 Yes 9. Will Bernadette make more than blinded by the light? 4000 Yes 10. Will Hobbs and Shaw stay in the top 3? 5000  No 11. Will Lion King cross $500M domestic? 1000 No 12. Will toy Story drop more than 40%? 2000 Yes 13. Will Once Upon a Time stay in the top 8? 3000 Yes 14. Will Bring the Soul drop more than 70% 4000 15. Will the Angry Birds movie crossover into Star Wars? Luke will slingshot a bird to destroy the Death Star this time around Part B: 1. What will Angry Bird's OW be? 13m 2. What will Dora's percentage drop be? 47% 3. What will be the difference in dollars between 47 metres and Good Boy's OW totals? 9m Part 😄 There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 2. Hobbs & Shaw 3. Angry Birds 2 5. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 7. Dora and the lost city of gold 9. The Art of Racing in the Rain 12. Spider-Man
  9. @SLAM! how does this weekly challenge average bonus and penalty (+/-3 and +/-1.5) thing work?
  10. Oh huge trouble from The Kitchen. I think I predicted like 20% jump for it lol.
  11. Hobbs & Shaw (8 days out) Midnight - 2.2m OD - 7.60m (19.12%) (68232 shows) Sat - 3.05m Sun - 2.21m Slowing down but very slightly, showing some signs of slight frontloadedness which it hadnt for the first day or two. Still heading for a 60's PS I think and an OW in the 80-90's region.
  12. Hobbs & Shaw (9 days out) Midnight - 1.90m OD - 6.38m (22.45%) (64966 shows) Sat - 2.80m Sun - 2.10m Decent jump again today, still heading to 60's PS I think.
  13. Hobbs & Shaw (10 days out) Midnight - 1.52m OD - 5.21m (23.45%) (61138 shows) Sat - 2.53m Sun - 1.99m H&S has slowed down after its good start. It has fallen behind the 5th day PS of SpideyFFH as well as CM. Good part is that its PS started more days before these movies hence it has more time to cover any distance it might fall behind. Yes it is possible, I would say even likely given current PS.
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