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  1. Moderation:- I am half tempted to thread ban half of you for inane off topic comments. But for now a warning will do. Take this dick measuring contest to the Fanboy Wars thread. It exists for that exact reason. Comparisons are OK and allowed as long as done in a civil manner. Saying things like geriatric trio will crush the Jedi OR that the Rise of the return of the jedi to awaken the force - Dawn of the Revenge will gross bajillion dollar and crush the irrelevent HP/LoTR movies OR posting sarcastic comments about Solo is NOT civil discourse and not allowed. Keep it civil and keep it on topic. Thank You.
  2. It’s rumoured to be Ikarus which is played by Richard Madden. Supposedly the character will be gay, married and have a family. Though I wouldn't hold my breathe for any overt display of sex or sexuality. MCU and SH movies hardly show any such scenes even between hetero couples as it is.
  3. Moderation - People, it says right at the very top and in bold red, that any talk of leaks, no matter how vague has to go under spoiler tags. We literally cannot make it any simpler or easier. @mikee11 has been thread banned for 24 hours for violating the above rule
  4. I’ve clarified my comment and discussed with other mods. You can compare and discuss. Just make sure it is done in a non trollish way (not specific to you, but applying to everyone).
  5. Moderation:- I just moved a bunch of posts to the Fanboy Wars thread. 2 people were just thread banned. You can compare trailers and numbers between movies. But make sure that it does not go into franchise wars territory or break any forum rules. Keep it civil. I am sure comparisons can be done without bias and trolling Apart from this. Any conversation about and related to WW84 is allowed. Whether there is hype or not. Whether the social media numbers are great and it will do 1.5b or the numbers are not great and it will flop. As long as they do not violate forum rules. Thank You
  6. Moderation:- @cdsacken & @dudalb If you have any issues with your thread ban, the validity of it, or the duration of it, you can take it up with an admin like Waterbottle. Complaining about it in unrelated threads serves no purpose whatsoever. It just derails the thread and will not get you any answers. Thank You.
  7. Before going to see this in theatre, I’m gonna do a movie marathon. One movie a day. I have a question for people here. - Would it be better to do it in chronological order or release order? I am leaning towards chronological order but interested to know what people here think - if you were doing a marathon would u include the animated movie Clone Wars or not?
  8. @The Panda why do certain categories require users to pick from a shortlist rather than directly nominating like in other categories? My memory is fuzzy so correct me if I am wrong but last year these categories were normal (in the sense that there was no obligation to pick from a short list). And what is the deadline for submitting our nominations for the short list?
  9. At this point DCEU is in a flux, if it exists at all. I think they are still trying to figure out their overall plan but for now they are focusing more on individual movies rather than a connected universe. These movies may have references to the universe here and there (like in Shazam) but for the most part the movies are self contained. They can’t retcon too much but its clear they are trying to move away from the snyder verse and the story line and future that that was intended to set up.
  10. Decent trailer. I liked the visuals and the colour although as opposed to many here, I did not like the music as much. Trailer also doesn’t reveal any plot and doesn’t give away much except that Steve is alive which everyone knew already. Kristen Wiig looks good in this and I know she is gonna kill it. But it doesn’t tell us who Pedro Pascal is and what’s his thing. His scenes were confusing. Action overall and the slow mo stuff were good too. I liked the full body costume towards the end sans the helmet. The end joke is hilarious and will become great meme material.
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