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  1. Sent my list. Although I have seen more than 50 horror movies, all of them are mostly recent ones. I have hardly seen any of the old classic ones and didn't have time to catch up. So submitted only 25 movies
  2. ZeeSoh

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1) Avengers 4 2) Captain Marvel 3) Fantastic Beasts 2 4) Spiderman into the spiderverse 5) Spiderman Far From Home 6) Godzilla 2 7) Wreck it Ralph 8. Glass 9) Aladdin 10) Beautiful Boy
  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark v. The Exorcist The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King v. The Godfather Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back v. Jaws Star Wars: A New Hope v. Titanic
  4. ZeeSoh

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    ) Avengers 4 2) Captain Marvel 3) Fantastic Beasts 2 4) Spiderman into the spiderverse 5) Spiderman Far From Home 6) Godzilla 2 7) Wreck it Ralph 8. Glass 9) Aladdin 10) Beautiful Boy
  5. @tribefan695 doubt you’re gonna get more. Wanna continue?
  6. Fox Will be Ready to Close Disney Deal Jan. 1, Says Peter Rice Excerpts from the article Fox will be logistically ready for its pending mega-deal with the Walt Disney Co. to close Jan. 1, top exec Peter Rice told employees Wednesday. According to sources present in the meeting, Rice reiterated that the deal is still on track to close sometime in the first half of 2019, either in the first or second quarter. But he said that structure of New Fox — down to elements such as human resources and payroll — will be ready to go by Jan. 1. Regulatory processes will likely drag the ultimate closure beyond that date.
  7. Would be incredibly stupid to not do movies that consistently generate 1.5-2.0 billion dollar at the BO (and millions more from home video and merchandise). We may not see another Avengers movie within 3 year after A4 like they normally come out. But once they have figured out the overarching narrative for the MCU post phase 3 (like the infinity stones narrative for the first 3 phases) then we will see more of these grand team up movies. Plus they are getting the X-men and F4 now. No way they dont do a team up movie where the Avengers meet the former 2 teams.
  8. I’d rather them introduce newer characters than recasting existing ones. MCU has shown that they can introduce obscure or weird characters and make them incredibly successful. Plus they are gonna get a treasure horde of characters to choose from now that they are getting X-men and F4 back. There is no reason to go back to the same characters (unless there is a natural progression, like Bucky or Natasha taking over the CA mantle)
  9. Disney-Fox Film Structure Coming Next: Alan Horn Atop Divisions, Streaming Big Priority Basically the takeaway from this is that - Alan Horn will retain his position atop the studio with everyone like kennedy and feige,etc still reporting to him - Stacey Sneider who is the chief of 20th century fox is out after the deal - Vice chairman of 20th century fox Emma Watts will stay and shepherd adult themed slate of films for Disney -Fox 2000 will continue generating movies for Disney after the deal - The fact that the reshuffle is happening means Disney-Fox are very confident that the deal will go through without any hiccup - As mentioned earlier, decision on EU approval which is a biggie will come by October 19. - rumours are going around that the deal will be finalized by November of this year (which seems a bit early) and that China approval (which is a pretty small thing and the deal will go through nonetheless) will come by Q1 of 2019.
  10. One last thing. I really dont care much about the above point. Anyone familiar with CBM would know what you said. People who may have read the very older comics would know that there were problematic prints consisting of misogyny/sexism/homophobia/racist portrayals/etc. But that was a reflection of what society was at that point. I’m glad that that is not where we are now. I’m glad that comic books for a long time now have stood for inclusiveness and good values. Heck we now have a migrant non white teenage muslim female superhero in Marvel called Kamala Khan. Thats where we have come to. And that is why i dont care about the past or the origins. I care about the present and the future. But most importantly I care about enjoying these things without going into deep analysis and without having to hear from or engaging with a troll.
  11. Beyond making assumptions about KKK influence the author of the article provides no evidence of the fact that there was any direct influence. And the presence of similar tropes in both BoaN and comic books is by no means an evidence. Such tropes go way back in storytelling before cbm’s or BoaN (and KKk). I provided ample references in one of my precious post on how such tropes predates BoaN. That JCS guy keeps harping on about Alan Moore as if he is the end all be all of CBM’s. Well I went and read what inspired the original creators of CBM’s like Batman/Superman. There is a clear link going back from Batman/Superman/early SH to The Phantom to The Shadow (which was itself inspired by Dracula/The House and the Brain/Judex) to Zorro and then The Scarlet Pimpernickel. Both the latter of these have inspirations from some real life figures in the 19th centure and before as well as some others such as Sprint Heeled Jack from Penny Dreadfuls. All of which presates BoaN. So yeah i would rather place more trust on what the original creators cite as evidence rather than some author or writer that came later who found similar elements. Correlation does not mean causation. Again it is irrelevant where the tropes or influences came from. Even if some aspects were influenced I have issued with it. If you see one of my previous posts on this topic I clearly mention that even if KKK or Birth of a Nation had influenced early comic book it matters not because comic books took it and used it in a good way. My issue was with the insinuation that this is somehow bad. That this discredits all comic book readers or those who watch the movies based on them. That somehow left leaning people lose all credibility if they read comic books. And you are a long term member here so I am pretty sure that you and any intelligent person can clearly see that the purpose of the guy was to troll. He and other cameron tards have repeatedly made it clear they dislike SH. I have no problem discussing this thing with a rational person who actually wants to do so. But you cannot tell me with sincerity that that is what that guy wants to do. Hell one of the things he insinuated about me in the very first post after my reply was that I somehow was a racist trying to hide the alleged racist past of comic books simply because I happen to have avatar of a white cbm character. Then after pointing out many references both before and after BoaN, he conviniently misquoted a single paragraph from my post and distorted it. And then somehow he brought the freaking holocaust into the midst accusing me of being a holocaust denier. You cannot tell me that there isnt something wrong with this guy. I have no interest discussing this with him or his ilks. I have them all on ignore. Which is pretty much why I did not quote him in my original post or why I havent replied to these trolls since.
  12. Bingo. I realized long ago that these cameron trolls on these board are almost all worthless of my time and hence I have every single one of them on ignore. The only reason I ever responded to that brain dead original post was how hilariously inadequate it was. And when I provided ample references, one of the tards partially quoted a single paragraph conveniently ignoring pretty much everything else i said. Thats when I realized that even facts are useless against these tards and its useless to waste on them. I would advice the same to you. Save your time and energy.
  13. I understand The Last Avengers as a title will be very impactful and indicative but could also be somewhat deceptive if they release more Avengers movie after 4-5 years. Or it might work if they plan on retiring the Avengers name and introduce a new team name or something to reflect a new era of MCU.
  14. Let people enjoy IW some more. Let them buy blurays and toys and stuff. Let them talk about it. Then let the hype and anticipation for A4 build to the crazy levels seen before IW 1st trailer release. Chris Evans tweet already got people talking. Next step a poster release. Then the title reveal. Then something like the fan teaser thing IW had. And then a trailer date and countdown and then a trailer finally. It was so much fun seeing so much hype and impatience for IW trailer and getting swept up in it. I wanna experience that again.
  15. ZeeSoh

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1) Avengers 4 2) Captain Marvel 3) Fantastic Beasts 2 4) Spiderman into the spiderverse 5) Spiderman Far From Home 6) Godzilla 2 7) Wreck it Ralph 8. Glass 9) Bad times at El Royale 10) Beautiful Boy

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