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  1. Guess we have to have a massive suspension of belief to think that a huge chunk of the Death Star (with throne room intact) blows through a planet's atmosphere (which is not Endor), doesn't at least partially burn up upon entry and barely leaves an impact crater. On top of that, it doesn't affect the planet at all to have something that big impact it. I mean i know it's a make believe sci fi film, but this seems a bit too much to take https://www.yahoo.com/news/jj-abrams-reveals-why-death-132600021.html
  2. But Sucker Punch bombed and they still release an extended cut The Snyder Cut could make money on home video thanks to DC fans
  3. if they can release three different cuts of Oliver Stone's Alexander and even Snyder's own Sucker Punch then they can release the Snyder cut
  4. so Marvel sees Joker making money in October and immediately grabs that date for future movies and shuts DC out. Ruthless
  5. I can’t see how it doesn’t. Joker is still making money overseas correct? It will be decently over 700m
  6. over 700m for Joker is insanity. With China it might have made 900m or close to it.
  7. I'd say Joker has probably the most shocking overseas performance of all time
  8. How is it that everyone knows that movies like Charlie’s Angels and Dark Fate wpuld bomb except the people that made them?
  9. One thing is for sure, this will make less than Joker overseas
  10. Mission Impossible 2 director joins Marvel hate train! “John Woo fears Marvel movies "Will make young audiences get lost when it comes to knowledge about film"” www.yahoo.com/entertainment/john-woo-fears-marvel-movies-185250924.html
  11. Well it helped it was ten years ago before social media took/cancel culture took off. Who knows how it would have gone down if it happened today
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