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  1. Holy shit
  2. KOtM is nothing amazing but it was much better than the first one which focuses more on Bland looking monsters that weren’t Godzilla, cut away from the action, and an Aaron Taylor Johnson so bad that I thought he was challenging the audience in showing how dull and un charismatic an actor can be.
  3. looks fun. Hope they remember why people would want to see it, lots of fights between the title characters In a normal year it would probably make about 130m domestic and 400m worldwide. Interesting that if a movie like this came out in 2005 or so it likely would have been megahyped and been a huge but these days it's just kind of blends in with everything else
  4. It was okay. I don't know that Pixar is capable of making a bad movie. But I keep reading all these reviews that this was Pixar's best movie yet. They must have seen a different movie than I did. The story is okay. Hardly Pixar's best. I don't know that it would even make my Top 5.
  5. it's a bad movie though. Something close to movies like Superman 3 and 4. It should have been rotten from the beginning
  6. Wow who would have thought WW 2 would be a critical and financial failure? wonder if Jenkins will get sacked from Rogue Squadron and whoever is funding that Cleopatra movie is getting cold feet
  7. This is a total finger to the “TS3 ended the series. They don’t need to make more” crowd
  8. So that awesome Buzz Lightyear cartoon I remember is getting retconned? Lame
  9. Also I guess this means we will see some Fox Men characters show up in one of these MCU movies eventually
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