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  1. happy 20th to The Mummy Returns which had the second highest opening weekend at the time. I hold out hope for another installment with Fraser and Weisz reuniting
  2. Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Kretschmann? It’s like they have the list of “perfect actors for an Indiana Jones movie”
  3. was Godzilla KOTM that bad? I remember thinking it was pretty solid. Sure there were some extraneous characters that should have been cut (Thomas Middleditch, ZIyi Zhang) but for the most part I though the main characters were more likable enough (thought Millie Bobby Brown was better here than in GvK) and the family unit also felt properly connected to the action. Lots of people complained about Vera Farmiga's character but from what I remember her character is supposed to be a loon. Charles Dance brought a nice sinister edge in his brief role. Scenes like the introduction of Ghidorah and Ken Watanabe sacrificing himself to ressurect Godzilla and Godzilla rising with the iconic theme playing stuck with me more than anything in GvK
  4. the interesting thing about Space Jam is that it wasn't even that big in theaters , it wasn't even in the top ten of its year. Though I did read somewhere that it was huge on VHS
  5. the problem is GvK is benefitting from novelty and timing. That doesn't necessarily mean another Godzilla only movie would do well especially due to the films likely budget
  6. Godzilla vs Kong is definitely benefitting from timing being the film welcoming people back to cinemas. If It was another movie released in a sea of blockbusters during the summer or holiday season it probably would have done better than KOTM though nothing amazing
  7. The human stuff in this movie is unbearable. The action is decent but would have been more impressive in 2001, not 2021 Kong Skull Island is far and away the best film in this franchise and if I had to choose another one of the four it would be KOTM
  8. Finally. I’ve been waiting for Pierce Brosnan to be cast in Any sort of notable film again since forever
  9. could understand moving Black Widow to July 9 for theatrical release. I could understand leaving Black Widow on May 7 for Disney+ release. I cannot understand moving Black Widow to July 9 and giving it a day-and-date Disney+ release.
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