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  1. Tuesday Numbers: Tomb Raider - 2.72m

    Average like its run so far
  2. can't see why it would increase outside of China. Something like 60 domestic +150 China +150 OS -Ch for 360m seems likely
  3. sequel depends on legs I think. If it falls apart pretty fast the studio probably will feel it is not worth hedging their bets on even if this is not a financial failure
  4. I like the idea of finally using a major X men villain besides Magneti but it felt like they made it about Magneto again i remember kind of enjoying Apocalypse when watching it in theaters but it’s definieky a blur to me now
  5. The embargo has already dropped. Otherwise sites like Variety and Hollywood Repirter wouldn’t have reviewed it yet. What they mean is there will be more screenings
  6. agree with you 100%. Guardians 2 was not only way better than the first but probably one of the best Marvel films

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