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  1. I said this before but no one really answered. Would Disney have lost more or less money if they saved Solo for their first big exclusive on their streaming service?
  2. I feel bad for Howard as well. Wish he had been brought in to save TLj instead. Would have delivered a more crowdpleasing movie than Johnson that’s for sure
  3. Maze Runner 3 definitely deserved to not be dumped before Superbowl weekend and the director of those movies absolutely should be given a big blockbuster or even a Star Wars movie. He knows how to create a large scale feel, great action, good shots all on modest budgets of 34-62m. Unfortunately those aren't really trendy movies so I doubt he will be considered.
  4. TLJ absolutely is one of the reasons Solpmis flopping. Along with the disinterest. If it was just one of these reasons the numbers would be just average. Boyj of these combined are what is chasing the shitting horrible numbers you see
  5. When you realize XXX: Return of Xander Cage and Resident Evil Te Final Chapter will make more overseas than a Star Wars movie
  6. That’s too bad because from what I hear he saved the movie from being worse than it could have been
  7. That was the dumbest consensus wver check our expectations at the door? This is fuckkng Star Wars, not Transformers 6
  8. TLJ didn’t hur the franchise they said. It was a beloved movie they said
  9. Deadpool 2 is no failure but fans have the right to feel disappointed that it is dropping 66% on a holiday weekend

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