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  1. you know, I really liked this movie when I first watched it but looking back things like the ending, the Gabby Gabby character, and the portrayal of Buzz as basically dumb comic relief don't really sit well with me. Anyone else felt that way?
  2. I will say Back to the Future 2 and 3 - both sequels are considered superior sequels and are well liked yet 2 had a massive drop from the first and 3 didn't even make 100m and make the top ten grossing movies of the year Rambo 3 - dropped massively from Rambo 2 domestically. Like close to 80% in admissions. Rambo 2 sold about 42m tickets and 3 only sold about 13m. What happened? Gremlins 2 - Gigantic drop from its predecessor. A flat out flop even. Sold about 9.8m tickets when the original did 45m! Scream 4- I thought it would make more opening weekend than what it made domestic total!
  3. Matter of time before Maguire and Garfield show up also this should mean they should bring back Willem Defoe as Norman Osborn
  4. is this the third time they are making a direct sequel to a money loser? The first two times were Fast and Furious after Tokyo Drift and Blade Runner 2049 after Blade Runner but I am probably missing some
  5. It should be put on HBO Max as a pilot to a web series. I mean I want to go back to the theater but Dune from the beginning would have been a better choice for a web/TV series like Game of Thrones rather than a theatrical franchise where the first film likely won’t make enough at the box office to continue the whole series
  6. good trailer. This movie will bomb if it releases in theaters. They should release it to HBO MAX and have it become an HBO Max series rather than a movie series
  7. the virus will always be "out there" People still die of the flu despite a vaccine. It's not like it will just vanish
  8. Not good for Tenet but I don’t know if it shows people necessarily won’t come out to the movies Or if they didn’t want to come out for this movie since word I am seeing everywhere is that this movie is a confusing mess. A big hyped sequel for all we know could have done well
  9. Interstellar was decent but too slow paced and has some cringe dialogue and scenes (the evil Matt Damon part comes to mind)
  10. Total Recall and Basic Instinct has big stars leading them. Starship Troopers has ... Casper Van Dien. And 105m was a lot back then. Cost more than The Lost World and Men In Black that year
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starship_Troopers_(film) 105 million R rated sci fi action satire movie no A list stars and the director coming off the massive bomb Showgirls? Very interesting. Unsurprisingly, the movie bombed
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