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  1. No Time to Die relies heavily on foreign box office especially in Europe. If European theaters are closed or no one is going it will move again
  2. Ayer was just responding to some guy online that was criticizing him. The original critic was being an unnecessary dick, honestly.
  3. glad to see that James Gunn has apparently rescued this franchise. DC is on a roll this year with ZSJL and now this I am expecting an underperformance though. The first one was probably one of the worst blockbusters ever made and the trailers make this movie look too similar
  4. problem is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will no doubt NOT want to return so that puts a damper on any plans to continue that series
  5. The Twilight movies have awesome soundtracks at least I wonder who is watching them. The girls who read them as kids and are grown up and nostalgic or a brand new audience ? I would think Twilight would be something people would look back on in a “ I actually liked that?” Kind of way than nostalgic
  6. Everyone is going to get Covid eventually unless you stay home all the time. The solution is to get vaccinated to protect yourself. Thats it, If you don’t then that’s on you
  7. Looks like people stayed home to watch… Twilight https://people.com/movies/twilight-films-take-up-half-of-netflixs-top-10-after-series-hits-streaming-platform/
  8. I’m shocked that making a spin off to a franchise nobody liked with a title that brings back memories of the 2009 Wolverine movie bombed
  9. Overseas is probably a different story but I’m n out buying COVID is hurting these movies domestically. Like I said here in Michigan everything is pretty much back to normal (restaurants, malls, bars, gyms etc). I think WOM/interest and streaming options are the bigger culprits
  10. No Time to Die relies heavily on European box office. If theaters in Europe are closed or if people aren’t going then it us screwed. Moving it would not be a bad idea especially considering next year is the 60th anniversary of the franchise
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