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  1. I expect Ben Affleck's star making role that proved himself to be a bonafide leading man to appear on this list
  2. Movie definitely looks too “clean” and “shiny” like a lot of modern movies
  3. Will Smith's name is above the title. Looks like they will be marketing this as a Will Smith movie
  4. I know money isn't everything but Aladdin made more money than BATB back in the day so I would say the nostalgia level for a lot of people is probably similar .
  5. John Marston

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    lol the budget is 60m. Might get good reviews but will probably lose money
  6. surprised people are predicting low on this. Nostalgia and Will Smith's genie will get butts in those seats
  7. smart trailer. Everyone in the comments sections are talking about how nostalgic they feel and how they are "they feel like they are going back to their childhood"
  8. John Marston

    Biggest bomb of 2018

    Another lol
  9. John Marston

    Biggest bomb of 2018

    Solo won this with flying colors. Less than 400m worldwide on a 275m budget and it wasn’t even on the list!
  10. John Marston

    Biggest bomb of 2018

  11. John Marston

    Wednesday numbers

    First bad number for V

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