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  1. Based on what I’m seeing at my store and others, old people can’t seem to stay home
  2. It feels like it would be jumping the gun moving this and some others. If theaters open back up in June or July which could potentially happen this could have the whole summer to rake in money
  3. Michigan not only has the second largest number of cases in the US bit has a higher death rate than most. Looks like I won’t be leaving my house anytime soon
  4. Maybe but it is impossible to do any social distancing in this store. Plenty of old people come in and they are most at risk.
  5. Just realized high school seniors won’t be able to enjoy their last months in school or have a prom or graduation ceremony. That kind of sucks
  6. This will move to Mission Impossible’s date next year
  7. If I wear a face mask while ringing people out, will it Lower the chance of catching anything from a customer?
  8. this movie has an easy out. Move to November while Raya moves to 2021
  9. M So again. You get mad over perceived racism against Chinese people but attack all conservatives and put them under the same brush. You even assume these people are necessarily "Conservative" . Come on man
  10. It might honestly be impossible to prevent the spread of this virus. People are crowding together in stores frantically buying up huge quantities of supplies in panic. There are a ton of other types of businesses that are open too, many of which are not necessary. Like my store. People are out and about and driving all around freely from what I have heard. Saw someone post that they drove 80 miles through California and everything appeared and seemed like business as usual.
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