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  1. Wow that’s a really good trailer. I’ll be there to see this Though some shots look kind of identical to Wonder Woman
  2. The Dark Knight movies from what I have read take influence from numerous comic books even of course make deviations. This movie however is probably competent original with only the names connecting it to the Batman mythos
  3. pretty obvious this probably started off as a drama about a mentally ill guy and they just slapped the name Joker on it to get more attention. That's why even though the opening will be huge, legs could be terrible
  4. nah this will make less. Last one Arnold's return probably helped in overseas markets. Domestically it will go down more. Something like 60m/230m overseas.
  5. Will Smith brought energy and charisma to Aladdin Lion King looks like the original with all the emotion sucked out
  6. Didn’t know they were making a sequel to Zombie Island https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scooby-Doo!_Return_to_Zombie_Island
  7. Waltz back? https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/bond-25-christoph-waltz-returning-as-blofeld/
  8. Reviews coming in fast now and still positive. Makes you wonder why Paramount dumped it and gave it no advance screenings https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/crawl_2019/
  9. If you’re going to expand the story, why not bring back the same writers who worked on the animated film? I heard that’s what they dod with the stage show and it was well received
  10. Still confused how this got good reviews. Felt like I was watching a a parody at times. The part in the end when the CGI Beast and Gaston were jumping around the castle was hilarious
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