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  1. Think I can count all of Ridley Scott’s financial hits on one hand. Alien, Gladiator, Prometheus, The Martian, and Black Rain. Am I missing any?
  2. while I think Ghostbusters 3 can do well didn't you also feel No Time to Die would explode, and that obviously hasn't happened. Both franchises appeal to a more older crowd
  3. https://www.showbiz411.com/2021/10/15/box-office-disaster-looms-for-ridley-scotts-star-studded-the-last-duel-made-just-350k-in-previews-thursday-night Last Duel budget might be 200m. Looking like a gigantic bomb
  4. Last Duel is definitely a money loser. Honestly most of Ridley’s recent movies with the exception of Prometheus and The Martian Have been flops. Hell even Kingdom of Heaven bombed back when these type of movies were the rage
  5. Tom starting to look his age. His Mission Impossible days maybe coming to an end
  6. A slasher movie with a surprising large budget of 40m. If it had a Blumhouse sub 10m budget it would have been a decent moneymaker despite dropping so much from the originals
  7. Will see this but that’s kind of a bland trailer. Not sure how well this will do
  8. it’s still a 250m with a mediocre opening and will be one of the lowest attended Bond film despite a huge marketing push if they didn’t want to deal with the pandemic effects they should have delayed the release again
  9. still think they would have made another back in the late 90s or early 2000s if it weren’t for Bill Murray’s reluctance
  10. Seeing Scream 1 in theaters with a new remaster was like watching it for the first time.
  11. look I liked the movie, but if you think the studio is going to be happy or not notice a weak domestic gross and this being one of the lowest attended Bond movies, I don’t know what to say
  12. 56m is not good in any shape or form for a heavily marketed Bond movie with a 250m budget
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