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  1. Honestly Beauty and the Beast should be rotten. With its terrible singing and poor performances besides Luke Evans, unnecessary story extensions, horrible special effects and set design, and really really out of place humor. Critics went really easy on it
  2. John Wick is like a mini Bourne franchise in how each installment in the trilogy increased Flopachu looking at a harsh drop
  3. Not too fond at how Endgame is making less than Infinity War on the same day hope with no Deadpool, it can have a better hold than IW fourth weekend
  4. Not sure about 850m anymore for Endgame. Looking more like 835
  5. still has chance . But It can't afford another another one of those 50% drop next weekend.
  6. Dumbo managed to double its budget. Too bad they spent so much on it Domestic: $110,823,289 32.2% + Foreign: $233,100,000 67.8% = Worldwide: $343,923,289 Domestic Summary
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