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  1. the key for EG is not the following weekdays or the 2nd week end. The key is and always for me the 3rd week end. The 3rd WE drop is very very important for legs as Spiderman 1 have showed us long time ago or avatar and its 68m etc... The first week end is the rush fans or curious The second is potential spill over and .or reapeat viewing. The 3rd is when the real WOM kick in the GA not super interested by super heros usually etc etc and after that the wom spread my 2 cents.
  2. yeah lowball sunday as usual but they don t take risk with the headlines as BJ already said sunday is like friday right now ok the evening show are gonna do less but it s endgame so who knows lol. first prediction for monday 35m (conservative)
  3. will love watching endgame numbers on mojo lol day to 100m:1 day to 150m 1 day to 200m 2 day to 250m 2 day to 300m :3 day to 350 :3 lol not an event and 11 years ago TDK did 300m in 10 days and it was EPIC ... now that.
  4. ehhhhhhhhhh not as funny as the saturday of IW rth came in and post a superman gift the american football kick of clark kent he said 82m saturday and i was like WTF lol
  5. i don t understand this GOT thing you think people are dumb? D for me if i m a fan of GOT i lll watch it tomorrow night but BEFORE i have watched EG either earlier this sunday or saturday or friday i mean you can do BOTH in a period of 72h no? or i miss something? It s not like the superbowl kind off
  6. lol GIVE it to me :DD imo right now i m feel like i m playing dokhan battle where i m USA against china for the best performance really a historic date !!
  7. Agree. When there are comments from JC on other movie like SW7 Aquaman WW or marvel he does not say he don t like he says he likes theme but he would like to see others films to shine or be made not just the same superheroes films. But the media and articles on the net always missinterpret his words...... But he was happy when infinity wars break the opening records when he was with zoe zaldana But imo we are not prepared for Avatar 2 i trust cameron always did. He will not dissapoint again.
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