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  1. i read Dracula last year and followed it up with a 6 dracula movie binge, and i must tell you, from what i understand of Dracula, the Demeter and Renfield are the most in demand stories of the book. i am absolutely bewildered at the low preview numbers. maybe a little understandable with Renfield because it acts silly and it is less popular than Demeter, but these numbers are like the low numbers that movies based off books from the bible get. however, i will wait for streaming on this, but if Dracula is CGI'd in Demeter, i am riding my bike to the theater!
  2. FYI, in Jason Goes to Hell, Jason is supposed to be a deadite from Evil Dead, so if Jason Goes to Hell rubs you the wrong way, maybe this will help you rank it higher.
  3. i think Demeter should do really good. it is probably the hottest most demanded story to come out of Dracula besides the story of Renfield, and bigger than Renfield at that.
  4. 1999 is my favorite year of the 90s for obvious reasons because of The Phantom Menace and The Matrix, but 1998 is my second favorite and i am looking forward to doing a revisiting of the full year in a few months for the 25 year anniversary and doing a deep scoring. anyways, isn't 1998 the best year for horror? depending on your love for H20, 1998 has Halloween H20, The Faculty, Urban Legend, Bride of Chucky, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Blade, Psycho, Strangeland, Vampires, Disturbing Behavior, Species 2, Deep Rising, Phantoms, Apt Pupil, Ringu... and then direct to video Puppet Master 6, Phantasm 4, The Prophecy 2, Children of the Corn 5, The Dentist 2 and The Clown at Midnight. i always love to think about this combination, right near the millennium!
  5. i was looking for the GIF from Jason Goes to Hell at the end of the film, when Jason is resurrected from "that book", and he jumps up from the basement through a hole in the floor and lands in the kitchen. so the GIF is here in spirit
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