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  1. They were interviewing Vin on the Today Show this morning. He pretty much stated the 10th film is the last, so apparently they may have scrapped the 2-part idea.
  2. No Snake Eye's backstory was featured in those two films and it appears to be wildly different in this one.
  3. I mean, literally every third act battle in the MCU is packed with CGI (even Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier had CGI heavy finales) so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. It's not really a bad thing.
  4. From the tracking here I either see F9 underpreforming or pulling a Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom where everyone thought that it seemed to be tanking but ended up not. Hobbs and Shaw did something like 60+ million opening weekend so I'm expecting around that at the moment. .....I wish I could word that better.
  5. Sony could have totally pulled a Craft Legacy on Peter Rabbit 2 and just dumped it during the Easter weekend on streaming.
  6. So I guess In the Heights the theaters are a Quiet Place. . . . I'll leave now. . .
  7. Eh, at this point, I can't really guess properly. With the pandemic, it's hard to really give a proper number. Every movie is a wild card.
  8. Like how does it feel like a lost cause? I don't understand. It's doing well overseas in a handful of countries, despite the Chinese drop. It might at least do 600 million globally when all said and done. A Quiet Place 2 was Hollywood's first sign that the box office is on the right path. F9's going to be the real test. If F9 fails, that might make the studios real skiddish over their blockbusters.
  9. Glad to see this doing solid numbers. This may bode well for Black Widow, F9 and other films
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