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  1. My prediction OW - 85-90 million I have a small inkling it might pull an It and gross over 100 million too.
  2. The CGI is still rough, but yeah (7 months away though), I'm still gonna see it. The score, the voice of the cave and the silhouette of Jafar are what makes the trailer for me. But when the Lion King trailer drops. . . .OH BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
  3. Meh, just let Disney keep doing this. Most of them are making large amounts of money and outside of Marvel, all their original movies (which people always seem to clamor for original movies online) seem to bomb, so why not keep doing reboots and remakes
  4. I was expecting A Star is Born to put up much more of a fight, what with all the reviews and hype. Even if it made $40 million+, Venom pretty much ate its head off, then piled the body in the corner.
  5. Well, I guess in the end, Venom did make a lot of. . .
  6. I ended up being underwhelmed. There was so much buzz and hype towards this movie that I felt I was in for something special. And those first twenty-five minutes worked well. There's a sequence very early on between Cooper and Gaga that is electrifying. But after that scene, I just felt that the movie didn't live up to the hype. Vastly, vastly underwhelmed, and it's weird because the reviews are so damn good. Personally, I blame, without going into spoilers, Rafi Gavron's character.
  7. Most interesting box office battle of the year
  8. Mr. Fox chairman, I don't feel so go....
  9. The whole thing with Venom having to be rated R has been silly to me. With Wolverine and even Deadpool it kinda makes sense that they could be R. But Venom? No.
  10. The trailer basically shows me that I'm in for another Predator movie and I'm gonna see it opening weekend. It also shows the Predators actually being far more agile and vicious than previous entries.

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