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  1. They weren't lying when they said the original was the biggest animated event since Lion King in that one trailer.
  2. I'm In My big question is which one will be the top.
  3. So, it's the sequel to my favorite Disney film since The Lion King. My ass is there DAY ONE - Evening Early Showing.
  4. Something I've heard over the years is that sometimes these trailers and sneak peeks are created months in advance and can sometimes use old CG. It's possible they used an early version of the genie's effects.
  5. Still don't think it'll matter, Lion King and Avengers will make up for it. As odd as it is, even if Disney loses, it still ends up winning.
  6. What will make or break this movie is honestly how good the musical numbers are portrayed, specifically A Whole New World. The trailer scores give a taste of the music in the film.
  7. If Aladdin bombs, they'd only very briefly have cold feet until Lion King roars and makes bank.
  8. Hey, you know that pic they released of Will Smith in costume? That's probably him for 90% of the movie. And again, 90% of the population knew from the moment Will Smith was announced that he'd probably be a Blue CGI Will Smith. It's not the design that people are having problems with, the CGI maybe, but not the design. It's because Robin Williams left such a legacy on the character that no one else will match. As for Jafar's one line, I'm going to throw a bone to the movie and say that maybe he's not trying to come off as threatening to Al at that point in the film. Still gonna see it regardless. I saw similar talk about the Beast and Lumiere back when Beauty and the Beast was in marketing.
  9. What people expected the genie to look like? A Blue Will Smith What the genie actually looks like? A Blue Will Smith Questionable CG aside, he's basically exactly how I expected he would turn out.
  10. They literally looked like they used actual footage of a lion for the final few seconds of the Lion King trailer. It's VFX are going to be fine
  11. I'm almost wanting to say what did you all suspect he was going to look like because I knew this day was coming.
  12. So how long before someone makes an emoji here out of the genie's face? That said, they nailed Carpet
  13. I like the fact Fate just threw in a random race scene at the beginning and it feels like the studio is saying "here's your racing scene, now shaddup and watch The Rock punch a missle and zombie cars littering the streets"

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