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  1. Universal better start pumping out those Fast and Furious and Jurassic sequels. Otherwise Disney may get em. Hell, get Brendan Fraser and Arnold Vosloo back together and do Mummy 4.
  2. Outside of the tiger sequence, this movie was an apocalyptic misfire This coming from the guy that loves Michael Bay's Transformers films.
  3. Well, Dolittle looks like Citizen Kane compared to whatever the hell Cats was. Even the craziest things I've heard about Dolittle pale in comparison to the horrors I've heard and SEEN from Cats. I despise that movie's existence. Also RDJ will be fine if this bombs. He probably has a continent made of money right now. I'm sure he'll rest easy.
  4. Reviews on par with The Meg, which I loved so we're getting a mild return to underwater horror. If the film fails, it's not due to Stewart, it's due to the lack of marketing.
  5. Well the reviews are higher than I was expecting. I expected like a 10% to be honest. But hey, it has stronger scores than DeepStar Six, which has a whopping 0% and Leviathan which has 17%. So, to be honest, it's kinda staying true to the spirit of those films.
  6. Kinda mildly hope this actually makes a solid opening, but I just don't see it.
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