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  1. Man, Ang Lee's Hulk got away with murder back in the day. It was coming off the success of Spider-man, and everyone was expecting a big budget version of the TV series (the movie itself musically even references themes from the TV series). Then they got whatever the hell it was trying to be. I was in middle school back then and at that point loved just about everything I saw in the theater, but that was the first movie that made me go "wait, huh." It's even funnier when the tone of the film's end credits, with a blaring rock song that I guarantee you was't Ang's idea an
  2. They'll work out something with Friday the 13th eventually. There's too much money on the table for all sides to not eventually agree to something. . . that or find a clever loophole
  3. Saw it, liked it a lot. The marketing did it absolutely dirty because it's nothing like the trailers advertised it. It's not really an arthouse superhero movie either like so many claim.
  4. Perhaps, but they literally pulled A Quiet Place Part II a week from release back in 2020. Granted that was the early days of covid and everything was closing and shutting down.
  5. After the success this film is turning out to be, RIP every movie released this Christmas. . .cept maybe Sing 2 - that one may tippie toe to success.
  6. And this won't be the only variant either. There's gonna be more and more new variants popping up in the coming months, Covid's here to stay for the long haul during the 2020s. Whether it'll affect releases is another story. Adjustments yes. . . but we'll see
  7. Without a doubt the action was great. Makkari playing whack a mole wih Ikaris against the cliff wall was great. . .
  8. Merch is supposed to be due out on November 1st apparently. Then again, wikipedia isn't the best source of reference. . .
  9. Like I said, it's more superficial. The films are different beasts, but there's a certain...atmosphere to them that they give off. One thing is at least certain from both films reactions and reviews, they were both not what people expected.
  10. I'm excited for this. Marvel's getting either braver or getting crazier and I admire them for it.
  11. They're both 150 minute long superhero films that are vastly different from their predecessors. They both make the decision to give the action a backseat (WW84 has maybe 10 minutes of action) and focus more on the characters/story beats/exposition. They both have highly divisive reactions with people either really liking them or outright hating them and calling them the worst of their respective franchises. Superficial I know, "you could say the same about other superhero films" I know. . . but still. Both were films that people were swearing up and down would be top of their clas
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