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  1. I doubt it will ever happen, but if it did, it would make shock-waves and potentially be a new chapter in how we release movies.
  2. Frozen 2 is still riding on the coattails of the original Frozen's success. Frozen is still massive and is probably bigger than anything Disney's released before or since, outside of Marvel.
  3. It's not like Disney can't renegotiate that deal. Stranger things have happened this year. I mean last year for Disney Plus' release they literally made deals with Starz to get many of its animated movies, INCLUDING Frozen on the service at launch. They made deals with Turner/Warner Bros which currently has the first run network TV/cable rights to MCU films to have every MCU movie at that point up to launch (with the exception of the Netflix films). Hell, Infinity War hit the service Friday and debuted on TNT Saturday. It's not like Disney can't do the same with HBO.
  4. If that were true, Universal, which has a very similar deal to Fox in that they send their new movies to HBO, they wouldn't have released Trolls 2, High Note, Irresistible and King of Staten Island for digital rental/purchase, They can still put it on streaming services to purchase. Though it's rockier now for Universal since they have Peacock now and everything this year-onward was supposed to go over to it. The usual release strategy for Fox is: 1. Theaters for 3-4 months 2. 4K/Blu/DVD/Digital Purchase 3. HBO/HBO Max roughly 7-9 months after theatrical release. 4. TV (usually FX)/Other Streaming Services Two-Three Years After Theatrical Release. So one could purchase the digital movie to watch on Amazon, Vudu, Itunes, Fandango Now, Google Play. The contract only stops Disney/Fox from putting the service on Hulu (which it would still technically end up on if one subscribed to the HBO add on) and Disney Plus. And it can be argued by Disney and Fox that those contracts only really work if the movie is actually theatrically released.
  5. At this point, I've made peace with the fact that theaters are likely not going to really open for the rest of the year and that films will either be pushed into next year or the studios decide screw it and release them for digital purchase/streaming. Universal apparently apparently saw this coming.
  6. Adding up the running time of each episode, it's 219 minutes. 3 Hours, 39 minutes. I think that's the longest making of of any Disney movie.
  7. The making of documentary series on Frozen 2 that Disney Plus produced is absolutely amazing. Incredible to see the evolution of Show Yourself
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