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  1. The flashing lights aren't in the movie too much are they? Not so much a problem for me but still interested
  2. That may happen at some point in the near future if the only thing in the future keeping Sony afloat is Spider-man films, Jumanji sequels and Hotel Transylvania sequels.
  3. Can't wait for Spider-man 3 to be executively meddled with all over again. and causing it to be rebooted four years later with a new actor as Spider-man. Perhaps Disney is greedy (they are) but the only reason Homecoming and Far From Home weren't huge messes was that MCU/Kevin Feige involvement. Without them . . . .huyyahg.
  4. The reactions aren't even that bad though, most of them seem to be positive. Still, it's a wait and see kind of thing
  5. *shrugs* It probably was going to get creamed by the other releases when it was released anyway, so either bomb or get cancelled and dumped. Eiiiiither way, what happens the following days to it will be interesting.
  6. Yeah, let Universal just dump it on 900-1000+ screens and let it get lost in the crowd of whatever is released then.
  7. Well, the designs of the family aren't really the problem, it's the normal people they interact/terrorize. Those people really shouldn't look like something out of Tim Burton.
  8. It's kinda sad really, one of the earliest films, setting up various comic book movie tropes, dying like this. Should have ended it with Days of Future Past and Logan.
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