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  1. Ah, just noticed it wasn't on the Smart TV app myself. I've just been on the computer all day. It's odd, even fast forwarded during the recent Game of Thrones episode in case they attached it to it and nope.
  2. But it is on HBO Go. I'm staring it right in the face on the front page.
  3. Out. This is going to be absolutely huge and no movie will top its anticipation level for a long time I'm not going to be upset if it doesn't have a 300 million opening, but if it does, OHHHHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYY Also the stupid ass leak only showed less than four minutes, all massively out of context and you don't even see the killing blows.
  4. Yandereprime101189

    The New Mutants | August 2 2019 | Delayed again

    This is like the Roger Corman Fantastic Four.
  5. That's probably not gonna happen, it's an iconic scene where is gloating is what does him in. He got cocky and it bit him in the ass
  6. Yeah, but they do a pretty damn job making each of the three male lions unique.
  7. Yandereprime101189

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    It's Fantastic.
  8. Yandereprime101189

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    That's the one thing with Del Toro. He's a wonderful filmmaker, he just seems to be very indecisive in what he wants to make.
  9. I've seen the same complaints back in the day when Jungle Book was being released. People love it. The animators did an absolutely amazing job animating the digital animals body language. And, while it's more subtle, they did do some work with the animal's facial expressions. In the new trailer, you can actually see panic on Simba's face as he runs from the stampede. I'm pretty much expecting the same thing here. My only minor complaint is that there is no rain during the Simba roaring on Pride Rock scene, which likely hasn't been added yet because you can see the sky colored for it.
  10. Yandereprime101189

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    There are times in all the trailers and TV spots where the effects looked at least serviceable if not great, other times it looks like Syfy. They really should have just let Del Toro make 3. You know, once he actually got around to it.
  11. The expressions were impressive in Mowgli. Unfortunately, they looked to human in head/skull shape. There should be a legit balance. I'm just bias due to how much I love the original Probably not the best to listen to me 😛
  12. The thing with Mowgli though is that they don't really work at all. Some of them stop looking like the actual animals, especially Shere Khan. If you really think about it, just about every talking animal movie that's live action don't really try to give the animal's human-like expressions. Outside of POTM movies, but that's because monkeys can be extremely expressive. Just look kat the ones that only really animate the mouths over real animals. That's kinda where this Lion King movie is going for when they say it's live action, instead of stylzing the facial animations, they're going for realism, that way the animals personality will come, as it did with Jungle Book (in which I've seen people also complain the animals weren't expressive in that like they were in the animated film), in body language. Scar just looks really freaking evil. One can say he's scrawny and starving, but he wasn't really the most healthy looking of lions in the original either. Mufasa's body language oozes royalty. You can see Simba shrinking in almost a fetal position as Scar tells him to run away. They do seem to give a bit more facial expressions with Timon though at the end. He actually looks like he's smiling
  13. If ya'll want hyper realistic looking animals with human like expressions, watch Mowgli on Netflix, they will haunt your dreams.
  14. OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSS Well, animals don't have human expressions so yeah. . ..
  15. This really does look like Independence Day with Godzilla monsters and I love it for that reason.

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