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  1. I absolutely love this movie and I do have to say, the entire third act battle is god-like. The film's so damn good it makes the rest of the DCEU obsolete.
  2. *sees Rotten Tomatoes score* OH GLORIOUS DAY
  3. The cat moving Fury's hand away with its paw had me laughing.
  4. Lion King was a global phenomenon when it was originally released. Even several years later, when it was first released on DVD, it seemed to be the most marketed and hyped up DVD release of all time (and that 2-Disc set was amazing)
  5. My apologies, I realized that just as I posted. My hype train is a tad bit aggressive and I need to tone it down a bit 😛
  6. You have valid points and I'm not going to belittle you for those points, but I will say, outside of movies that are made for rewards, every movie is made for the sole reason to make money. That goes for the original Lion King as well. It's become obvious that Disney is weaponizing nostalgia and it's working wonderfully for them
  7. You know, I see the movie being more in line with the director's previous remake, The Jungle Book, which was very close to the original film, but at the same time was very different - it dealt with the elephants differently, the King Louie sequence was completely different, how Mowgli and Baloo met was different, etc. Heck, the third act of the Jungle Book live action is nothing like the ending of the Disney movie. I'm expecting something along the lines of that, the same classic story but with some unique changes. At the same time, I want it fairly close to the original film. The original film is absolute perfection in my eyes so messing with it too much wouldn't be a good idea. One could say it's pointless, but it doesn't matter, it's been made, it's coming and it's going to make a lot of money, and this is going to happen to plenty more Disney animated films (It will happen to Frozen within a decade) and these remakes are going to keep happening as long as people keep going to the remakes and reboots rather than other studios original films. And there are plenty of original films still being made, but the problem is.........no one is seeing them.
  8. HELL YES, THIS IS THE ONLY MOVIE I CARE ABOUT FOR 2019. THE ONLY ONE I CARE ABOUT I actually staggered back to the couch and fell over my eating table when it came on.
  9. Unless they massively expanded Nala's role, I do get a bit of a kick over the Beyonce fanbase acting like Nala is the main hero.
  10. Was going to see Ralph with the family but we had to leave 10 minutes in, there were massive sound issues with the theater. I know theaters are supposed to be loud, it's kind of its thing, but the film was blastingly loud, ear-drum popping almost. Our theater has never EVER been that loud. Will still see it this weekend, but Jesus
  11. Get people to watch sports on channel Disney owns by showing preview to big Disney movie....... Yep

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