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  1. Yeah, evacuation is sorta a bad idea. You'd just send the potential infection somewhere else. You can evacuate from a hurricane for the most part. A virus not so much.
  2. Saw it, liked it, but did anyone else think they changed the pitch of Harley's voice in this one. She has the accent in Suicide Squad but she didn't sound as much of a cartoon character as she did in this.
  3. Actually you do. Disney Plus does offer special features, and should one buy it on like Fandango Now, Amazon or Vudu, you do get most if not all of the special features lately. I'm pretty sure with, say for instance, they let Mulan (less likely) or Onward (potentially more likely) out early, they probably already have the Blu special features already created made for those. But you're not wrong either, they may not release the features for those.
  4. It's Blu was rumored to come out in May and Warner digital titles usually release 2-4 weeks before Blu so that might actually happen.
  5. The virus is bad, but I don't think it will be the cause of civilization to collapse. Not unless the virus mutates into stronger strain that kills almost all people that get infected by it.
  6. From a technical standpoint, Frozen 2 is the best animated film of 2019. In the animation department it beats everything that came out in 2019. Absolutely gorgeous.
  7. Genuinely hope this is successful (oh it will be) enough that Disney considers this to be a new normal.
  8. Hell, moving a 100 million+ movie from theaters to streaming has been done before with Warner with Mowgli. Was supposed to hit theaters, then came out on Netflix. Granted it was really, really, bad. I don't see them doing it with Mulan (I see them dumping New Mutants or Artemis Fowl) on streaming, but yeah, having Mulan debut on their (without even adding a Pay Per View price) would be phenomenal. You'd get more signups.
  9. Delay it till October, which it should actually be released. Releasing Scooby-Doo in May is like releasing Wolfman on Valentine's Day.
  10. I knew it was going to get bad, even if I seemed to brush it aside, but I never expected it to be this bad. Jesus...hopefully this is a once in a lifetime occurance and they get it under control soon.
  11. It's amazing how things can change over 24 hours. Everyone's saying it, but saying it anyway, not good times at all. Just waiting to see what our state officials do.
  12. Just drop the theatrical release, charge 19.99 to 24.99 to purchase on the various streaming sites and call it a day.
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