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  1. This is the first movie my theater is giving a shit ton of 3D times for in months. Normally the 3D times were reserved for 9PM or 10PM
  2. Or you know, it doesn't and Lion King because just a big a hit as Aladdin if not more. Look, the movie's going to be fine. The reviews aren't going to affect it that much. As for the animals not showing emotion, which at this point feels like a broken record. That sure seems like a happy cub and his dad to me. This TV spot shows the hyenas actually laughing gleefully, followed by "oh crap" expressions. Also angry Simba and Mufasa This TV spot has young Nala showing fear when Scar announces himself as king. Note the ears laying back and she starts to slowly back up This one has Simba and Nala showing disgust at the prospect of marriage So the animals actually emote They just don't emote like the animated movie. They all emote the same way the animals do in Jungle Book. Yes, the movie had super expressive animals like monkeys and apes (which are facially similar to humans), wolves (dogs are very expressive) and even bears, but if you take a look at Shere Khan and Bagheera, the Lions in Lion King emote the same way.
  3. Yeah, I'll go out on a limb myself. No matter how much I may end up loving this remake, I'll still always love the original. Still, every TV spot, every trailer, every leak, the soundtrack drop, every clip and so on and so forth has greatly pleased me.
  4. I don't know if I agree with everyone that the new Be Prepared is just a speech because there's a point when it morphs into a more sing song style than just standard talking, around the 37 second mark. The original song sorta has that vibe to a degree at the start of it as well, though it does break into a more traditional song fairly quickly.
  5. The following is a scene from The Jungle Book, specifically one with just the animals interacting without Mowgli involved. The humanesque emotions are kept to a bare minimum with the the wolves more expressive due to canines being more expressive. But a lot of what people are complaining about in Lion King is on display here. Sure the animals had Mowgli to bounce off on to balance it, but there are large portions of Jungle Book that is just the animals interacting with each other. All in all, from a visual and technical standpoint, both Jungle Book and Lion King feature things never seen before. We've had CGI animals sure, but with Lion King, we've never had them look this real, never had a movie where it's just them. But in Lion King and Jungle Book's cases, they're some of the first movies where the animals DON'T emote like humans, it's all in the body language and eyes, like real life animals. I think someone said it in the thread earlier that Jon seemed to go a more experimental route with this, and I believe they're right.
  6. Well, the big moral of the original was about growing up and taking responsibility so I'm genuinely not surprised.
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