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  1. The teaser basically reminds me of the Tomb Raider reboot games and that's a good thing, considering I like the reboot games more than the originals.
  2. Ours had it as the last trailer, it was utterly hilarious
  3. I kinda want mother! to succeed since it looks so weird, but they waited ages to release a trailer and I kinda see IT crushing it next week, though that depends on how well it does this week. Plus at the showing of IT I went to, they had a new trailer for mother! that tells you to buy your tickets after you leave this movie and the audience laughed. The two cold possibly co-exist though.
  4. It's from a Beyonce Fan Site. . . .take with a grain of salt.
  5. Yeah, it ain't going to be The Star. I don't think a movie about the nativity with a bird twerking is going to do wonders. That means it'll fall on Hotel Transylvania 3.
  6. Thor 3 being a little over 100 minutes without credits is close to the first Thor being 104 minutes without credits and the second being 102 minutes without credits. So it's following the course of the previous films. Don't get me wrong, I like my 2 hour plus blockbusters (bloated or not), but sometimes I like movies that are bursts of adrenaline too
  7. Trailer really makes you feel that Spielberg must have wanted to do some big sci-fi action movie for years but kept on doing dramas and the need to make a big movie again built up and up inside him till it exploded and we got this HOT DAMN WHAT A TRAILER
  8. I do believe Warner is doing a Comic Con presentation on their upcoming slate, they did Kong and King Arthur last year, so not out of the realm of possibility that we might get the Meg teaser.
  9. Yeah, it kind of makes sense that the Circle of Life sequence would be close to the original movie. Heck a photoreal remake of the Lion King in general should be very close to the original film with some cosmetic touches and perhaps use scenes that were planned for the original but never used in some cases. It's why The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast both did so wonderfully, outside from a few vocal online outcries, a VERY sizable chunk of the general audience embraced them because they captured their original incarnation's magic. In Beauty and the Beast's case it was exactly the animated movie made live action, with Jungle Book, not only did it follow the original Disney movie, it was almost a better movie (similar to their other remake that year, Pete's Dragon - which is leaps and bounds superior compared to the original) Again, these are merely my opinions and eventually Disney will come across a Disney movie to remake that people aren't going to be thrilled with.
  10. Apparently the Circle of Life sequence had audiences going crazy. 300 million OW confirmed!
  11. How on Earth did I spoil you, I didn't even talk about things happening in the film
  12. Spoilers....baumer Then again, there's always sequel time

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