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  1. They'll probably work something out, like maybe the theaters will have it so they get a percentage of the film's Premier Access and early digital sales. It's much harder for them to all boycott Disney because most of their films as of late have been gargantuan hit after gargantuan hit - having a bit of a better track record than other studios that may have a hit then three duds.
  2. With how well Godzilla vs Kong is doing with this hybrid release, this may....may be a good sign for Black Widow, Premier Access price be damned. If these same day theatrical-streaming releases work like it seems to be doing with Godzilla vs Kong. . I can see this becoming the norm in the near future.
  3. King Kong Lives used to air on TNT and Turner South (now a defunct channel but always had a terrific movie line up for most nights if you liked 80s-90s B-movies) all the time back in the early-mid 2000s. Actually had the DVD, and might still have it. Yes, it's really bad, but it's actually rather charming.
  4. It's from the writer of the actual series so that's a plus. Had it on as background noise while doing house work a few years back, it was cute. The film looks to adapt the first season's events. There's a legitimately creepy episode where the characters go into something like an abandoned orphanage that's overrun with wolves.
  5. Saw it on Disney+ and enjoyed it more than Soul. And yes, it goes without saying it's superior to Tom and Jerry. The film will likely lose money, but it's not really its fault, or even really the studio's fault. The virus has screwed everything up. Some markets may be slowly starting to rebound, but it's still screwy everywhere. So some may give it more of a pass.
  6. Looks like it might possibly be a heist movie under all that Jokeresque glam and grunge.
  7. Yeah but Disney Animation has had a good track record since Wreck it Ralph and especially Frozen. Raya will be fine.
  8. Loved the movie overall. Despite being produced to some capacity by Zack Snyder, none of his influences/style is in the movie. This very much felt like a Richard Donner Woman Woman film. I'm kinda glad they went lighthearted and over the top with this one. I don't think they could have taken a grounded and dark take on the script's plot. Pedro Pascal looked like he walked right out of Dallas.
  9. It's got like a 53 on Rotten Tomatoes, so they're not exactly thrilled with it either,
  10. Oooof. On the one hand, I always wanted to see a movie of big scale like Wonder Woman 1984 be released simultaneously in theaters and streaming/digital/etc and last week I was under the impression that they had already come to terms behind the scenes with all these other movies/filmmakers to go through with this. But this...yeah, this is a clusterfuck.
  11. According to this list of October's Amazon drops, Greenland hits digital October 13th. First time I heard word of this.
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