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  1. Going by the release window, doing the rough math that means Shang-chi will either Debut on digital services, Tuesday October 19th or Disney+ Wednesday October 20th or Friday October 22nd.
  2. Using the 45 day window, doing the rough math, Eternals will either Come out on digital services Tuesday December 21st, or come on Disney+ Wednesday December 22nd or Friday December 24th.
  3. It just has to be good and gel with the audience, Frozen (which was still doing strong in my theater up till it's Blu release in March 2014), Frozen 2 and Moana all did great because they hit well with the general audience. Encanto looks like it will too - it also has the multiple female leads hook that Frozen had. Make the Disney Princess crossover Disney. It would literally be the animated equivalent of The Avengers.
  4. Venom's runtime without credits was 92 minutes. If you don't count the Spiderverse preview, with credits it's 107 minutes. The 109 minute time makes more sense. It would still be 90+ minutes without credits (likely 95 minutes), but it's better than just altogether 90 minutes (that means it would be anywhere from 78-82 minutes without credits). Could be worst, this could be Winnie the Pooh all over again. 53 minutes without credits.
  5. Chapek's words with Shang-Chi made it seem like it's gonna show up on the service after the 45 day window is up. But they'll likely release it on digital and 4K BR too. And with how they worded Encanto, yeah, they're definitely gonna go that path. Now the Fox films will be released on digital services first before HBO Max due to the HBO deal.
  6. Disney's currently in experiment mode with Disney+. They're successful enough that they could release the movies for free on the service. But yes, I'd pay the Premier Access fee for Shang-chi, Eternals and Encanto without question.
  7. Note the theatrical window press release doesn't mention anything about Antlers. I'm sensing a Hulu release incoming. Rosaline (and very likely Predator 5) are Hulu releases too.
  8. Mhm, they usually release their monthly content update between the 15th-17th
  9. Godzilla vs Kong was initially 140 minutes on AMC and that was with it being rated PG-13 almost a year in advance before it's actual runtime was revealed. Justice League was 150 minutes briefly on some theater sites before it's 120 minute runtime was revealed. 90 minutes is the standard placeholder time for Fandango. It's not impossible, when you compare it to similar Sony horror-tinge franchises like it's Screen Gem films, Resident Evil and Underworld. . .but it's 50/50
  10. It's not even a bit scary but I'll be damned if that third act isn't nuts.
  11. Pretty sure that's the standard placeholder time and the movie will probably be about the same length as the first.
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