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  1. First trailer is out. This is not what I was expecting. http://thefilmstage.com/trailer/first-red-band-trailer-for-triple-9-with-casey-affleck-kate-winslet-woody-harrelson-more/ Also, the release date changed again and it's now being released on February 19th instead of March.
  2. I've heard really good things about this movie and Saoirse. Can't wait to see it. Also Domhnall
  3. Not the same type of scenario necessarily, but the BTS stories about the Tony Kane and the American History X fiasco comes to mind. He flew from Germany to Canada and made TIFF remove the movie from the festival (which was supposed to be the premiere), almost paid large groups of people to block audiences from entering movie theaters when it was released, punched a wall and broke his hand after he was kicked out of the editing room and New Line let Norton take over, communicated with the studio exclusively via full page ads on Variety and THR, etc. It's pretty clear that Kane is...eccentric, but I remember reading this and being amazed.
  4. Was finally able to catch this last night. I really, really liked it. It kind of lost me a little bit towards the middle, but the third act was probably my favorite out of the MCU so far. It honestly was the perfect superhero movie post AoU and I'm looking forward to seeing the characters in other MCU movies. Also when did Paul Rudd stop aging?
  5. The song in that ad is stuck in my head now, so I guess it kind of worked? wtf is that Douglas/Rudd one though lmao.
  6. Yikes. I wasn't expecting gangbusters reviews and it's early, but this reception is pretty surprising. Having said that, I'm rooting for the movie and will watch it...Now to join in with the dramatics: Ant-Man OW under Minions 2nd Weekend?
  7. https://twitter.com/search?q=jurassic%20world%20sold%20out&src=typd
  8. I just came back from getting trampled the theater and felt I should comment on the craziness. Crowds here were insane. What's crazier to me is the fact that the theater I usually go to is pretty big, but it's never super, super busy (at least not to the point where people have to line up in advance). We can usually walk up and buy tickets, get popcorn and drinks, and still get a good seat with about 20 minutes (maybe 30 at the most) before showtime even for big stuff like all of the Marvel movies and THG. I watched JW twice. Once last night (which was even crazier) and once today. I went with the roomie last night and we were checking out showtimes at around 5PM and the 7, 7:30, 7:45 were sold out. We got to the theater at around 7ish and got tickets for the 8:15 show, and we had to stand in line for about an hour and there were already like 20 people ahead of us. We went back today for a 3:30 showtime and it was crazy too, but I can't tell if it was less crowded or the theater was better prepared for the crowds. I feel like this is pretty ~par for the course in a lot of places, but we're so not used to this kind of thing lmao. Every one was freaked out and couldn't believe what was happening. And obviously there were the obligatory groups of like 7 people who tried to go in like 2 minutes before showtime and got all huffy when they couldn't find seats together. eta: there was also some poor soul who got confused and stood in line for the 8:15 show without realizing that her showtime of 7:30PM was history until it was too late
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