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  1. Hope my BoxOffice Forum Community are all healthy and doing well. ❤️❤️❤️
  2. I pray everyday for my cousins down there to be safe. They are 65+ of age.
  3. Um. Well, seeing as how when one is doing the right thing by staying in doors (vs. some others who just say "fuck it and fuck whoever I give it too"), that would mean me along with others have more than likely NOTHING to do but have sat on the couch literally finding something to do due to boredom of rewatching TV shows or playing games. There's only so much one can do in a situation like this, I'm not exactly sure what it is you are implying. What's incredible is the fact there are some people who literally can't even just stay at home and literally do whatever you want is what is really appalling. And yes, it is DUMB. Literally for 1). Ignoring that a pandemic is literally going on in front of your eyes. Yeah, it sucks it fell on your spring break. Boo fucking hoo, how about real a real fucking crisis like "gee, thousands if not millions of people are about to get laid off from their jobs not knowing that even when this is all said and done they'll even get their jobs BACK." I work at a hotel, sure I can collect unemployment (which THAT isn't even all that easy, as you have no clue what you are going to get if you get anything), however what if my hotel doesn't have the resources to reopen? What if this goes on for months? What then? I think financial hardships not to mention more importantly health should have more concerns vs. the hardship of "my week long vacation of getting hammered and laid are destroyed". Oh please. 2). It's highly ignorant of them to just assume that it ONLY affects them. They clearly don't know or more than likely don't CARE that they could be carriers of said virus. Sure, say what you want whether it's being "over blown" or "over hyped", but the fact is that people are DYING of this disease, and yeah most are the elderly but they are still innocent people that these spring breaker's literally gave ZERO shits about when deciding to NOT give a fuck. So yeah, excuse me over my "energized" post. Because I do have people I care about and I fear that they could become infected with said virus (perhaps my dad contracts it, whom has had lung problems his whole life) due to negligence of others.
  4. Seriously 🙄🙄🙄 I'm sure others have seen this but it really is ridiculous, and infuriating. And of course, the most "shocking" result happened: https://fox8.com/news/college-students-in-florida-test-positive-for-coronavirus-after-spring-break-trip/?fbclid=IwAR2di9t6dEZhPZhtECLQjKoVeZWdj6C6T_l6swMlwR3U-gGMG2PJFQ70Aqc
  5. It's really ridiculous the amount of toilet paper buying/panicking I've seen. Literally every major super market or brand store has literally zero toilet paper. Also in supermarkets good luck finding any beef, literally all were empty.
  6. Really? Keep checking your online site, at least that's what I've been doing. I didn't get an email until about 3 days after so it could just be they need time.
  7. Uuuuuughhh, I really hope not. It's my first time applying, so I have no idea if I did everything right. I filed it and I got back the sum I'm supposedly due, but I got an email saying that there may be "Time sensitive information" needed from me, but when I looked through it I didn't read anywhere that I didn't do send to them (unless I wanted to dispute my claim). So I'm assuming I'm approved and wait it out? Not sure, the whole process isn't really all that clear and you'd think the State/Fed would make it a lot easier at a time like this. 😕
  8. So, fingers crossed that my unemployment check comes in soon and doesn't give me too much hassle. I know friends of mine that are having huge issues getting approved.
  9. I mean yeah, were there plot holes in this? Sure, absolutely (my god, towards the end of the movie where the jail scene was taking place, I literally was eye rolling and getting so annoyed at how over the top it was the entire time), however did it detract my enjoyment of the film? No, I very much was enthralled with the movie from start to finish. I think the biggest jump scares/thrills (as it wasn't necessarily a jump scare in the traditional terms) was the first and biggest being when she poured the paint on him and finally for the first time seeing she is not crazy. Sooooooo extremely well done there, I literally JUMPED off my seat at that. And of course the other being when he slashed the sister's throat in the restaurant, that wasn't so much jump worthy but more "wtf" and slick (of course, the big argument I literally said when it happened was yeah, he's invisible but he's not "untouchable". So you mean to tell me in that packed place that A). Not ONE person bumped into him, I mean he's not the biggest whipped dude in the world but in that suit he's a pretty big build, it seems weird that a waiter/waitress or a busier or hell even a patron wouldn't have bumped into him; and B). when the knife was in mid air before it struck, not one person would have seen it? Again, some would just negate it, but realistically I feel like a knife in mid air in a packed place like that would attract SOMONE's attention. I mean there was a table right next to them, if I was sitting there I DEF would have noticed an airborne knife 2 feet away from me). With that said, yes there are many flaws and many eyeballs, but hey I appreciate the story and what the director did here. Created huge fucking suspense (not just physically but mentally, the biggest for me to grapple was, was it all "real", or was it all in her mind? The film really made you guess a long time which it was, which I really loved). I'd give this an A, 8.8/10
  10. Yeah, that's why it's a huge concern for my dad. He's had pneumonia twice. We are really concerned about him contracting it.
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