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  1. Oh yes! Saw GOTG as well, that actually might be my fav marvel film. Can’t believe I forgot that one. Well if we did won’t be soon. He’s in bulgaria now for a year and a half 😕
  2. Naw, really the only marvel films I’ve seen are Iron man 1, avengers 1, thor 3, black panther, captain america civil war, avengers infinity war, and then this one. My bf who loves marvel didn’t see captain marvel and after endgame probably won’t.
  3. I’m not a huge Marvel fan really. So this film was eh for me. However I’m rooting for this to beat Avatar for two reasons: 1. For numbers sake; 2. Because I’ve always viewed Avatar so over-rated it’s not even funny. Marvel at least deserves to reign over it after the years they’ve spent building up to it.
  4. I HAD to come here after seeing these numbers. A shame I wasn’t able to be here more for it like I used too. However I had to literally work three straight doubles in a row: friday 16 hours, sat 14 hours, and sunday 11.5 hours 😭😭😭 It feels great to be here though. Sorry for lack of posts, I got busy with life for both work but also good reasons. 🙂
  5. I’ve been away from this site for awhile due to life reasons, but I agree with these sentiments. We’re like....witnessing fucking history of box office here guys. Take it all in.
  6. It shows you how insane this is. Wasn’t long ago where 200+M OW was the big thing. Then it was 250M, but 300 was always the “impossible”. This film just destroyed all logic.
  7. I’m not a sith, so I never deal in absolutes. However, with that said.... This OW record will never be beat. We won’t see anything like this again (at least not in our lifetime).
  8. Just getting out of theater. Overall a pretty solid movie, woukdn’t say it’s scary but def has some good creepy moment. I think the only drawback I’d have is that it does tend to do a bit too many jump scares which are annoying. Other than that I had a great time, liked the ending better here than other film. A-, 8.8/10
  9. I acutally liked this one waaaaay more than the first one. The first one I watched and really thought it was eh, way overrated. I gave it a C+. The second one I thought was way more funny and a better overall cooler concept. I loved the imagination of how they tackled to represent the internet. Sure, the "bad guy" at the end was dumb in my opinion, waaaaay over the top. But before that it was a really fun movie to watch. I absolutely loved the princesses every time they appeared. A-
  10. Damn. i just realized how long it’s been since I’ve been on here. The holiday season were brutal. what’s up everyone?
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