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  1. Lol, even if this tanked now and didn't even make a dollar, WB would still be swimming in cash.
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread

    You know......I'd be really excited and all about my trip to Florida this coming November....... If it weren't for the fact that I'll be going to Ireland this coming April. I can't fucking wait!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Tuesday Numbers: IT 11.4 M

    Jesus, WB just be sitting back drench in dollar bills. I mean seriously, 35M budget........and they're getting 11M dollar days on a Tuesday lol. It doesn't matter it this make 300M or not, right now all of this is just pure icing.
  4. IT (2017) (only post reviews if you have seen the film)

    Exactly, and I agree The Thing prequel's CGI was laughable, not scary in the sense (of course, the film had other things wrong with it). It's sad that a film that came out decades before it with less technology can still kick films asses today, hense the original Thing vs. the remake. Same. I agree 100%. And people on here have said "Well, it had a low budget so what do you expect?"......Um....Sorry but like, I don't care? lol. There have been films with shitty budgets and have made it work, that's no excuse. I judge a film on what I see, period. I think the only good CGI this film had was at the end when Pennywise opens his mouth to bev and shows her his dead lights, that part I actually liked. All the rest of the CGI, I hated it.
  5. IT (2017) (only post reviews if you have seen the film)

    I mean, I feel like my version wouldn't be that bad as it wouldn't be contingent upon seeing gore or blood. Would it be violent and terror? Sure, absolutely. So if critics would rate it based on that, then maybe. It's tough, I'm one of the minority as I've grown up and watched the horror/thriller classics like Alien, The Thing, Psycho, Original Friday the 13th, and my god....so many I could name. I just don't understand how films that came out 40-45 years ago can still beat movies today. I almost feel like the use of CGI have actually made directors worse, like almost lazy. Back then directors had to FILM a movie a certain way, be creative with their shots to entice terror. Today, I feel like directors rely on CGI to solve their problems.
  6. IT (2017) (only post reviews if you have seen the film)

    Yes! Thank you! I said the exact same thing in my initial review. Every scene where he talked he was great to me, I don't know why they forced all the CGI bits.
  7. IT (2017) (only post reviews if you have seen the film)

    I re-watched it yesterday by myself in what was almost a sold out theater (that's big considering it was Sunday and super nice outside). I think it did help my view of it to a certain extent, though my main gripes still remain with it. I might bumped it up to a C+, 6.5/10. I am glad it's making good money, hopefully the sequel will get the budget it needs in order for it to get better. Plus with them being adults, I'm hoping they won't pull back on the horror and actually amp it up a bit.
  8. And above Wonder Woman. I mean really, if we were to ask months ago with film will have the higher opening weekend, everyone is saying wonder woman, including me.
  9. People thought It wouldn't even make 100M DOM total, lol
  10. I agree, not taking anything away from IT but I think some of it benefited from the fact that August was dead, the most ever. I think people were itching to go see something, especially word of mouth saying it's a blockbuster. This movie had a lot going it's way, it's definitely the rare 4 quadrant movie. Hell, when I went little kids around the age of 8 were going with their mother lol.

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