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  1. Aaaaaah, nevermind. I actually just got done reading through pages. Peeps should def show off gifts you recieved! (Especially the porn ones )
  2. Saw this last week, and was so glad I did. Super well job film, love how real it felt. Will def get this on dvd right when it’s out.
  3. 9/10 for me, a very well done job.
  4. But I’m def in depending on how the details work.
  5. My boyfriend is seeing this again for second time Sunday. He really loved it. I’ve been meaning to see it myself. Glad to see it doing well.
  6. Is it bad that as a huge SW fan, this film doesn’t really have me interested at all? I just don’t like what I’m seeing from trailers at all.....I’m hoping I’m proven wrong come December.
  7. Nice! This is one of the few films this year I wanted to check out. Heard it got rave reviews, so it’s also nice it’s making that dough.
  8. Ola 🙂 I come on from time to time, but to be fair I hardly am on like I used too due to having a new life with my bf and also with work. 😕 If there ever comes a point where you feel you need someone to step down (due to too many mods) feel free to demote me. I honestly understand as I know I don’t come on here as I used too.🙂 Hope all mods have been good! I see new faces, to that I say hello 🙂
  9. Nice! The numbers so far seem to be a step behind Part 1, but that is to be expected. I’ll be happy with an even in the 90’s, though would really like that 100+.
  10. I won’t over repeat, see my comment It2 thread. I really liked this over part 1, gave this a 8.5/10. B rating.
  11. Oh also, I don’t get the beef people have with the flashbacks. I adored all the memories and moments. It had meaning to the adults then.
  12. Just leaving viewing. My first impression thoughts are that I overall liked this film more than the first one. I think they brought a bit more of horror/scares that work vs the first one. I disagree to these people that say pennywise isn’t in it enough, I thought it was the right amount (coming from someone whose read the book). I guess to the casual fan you expect it, but from the source material he’s in it just right, they even added more scenes for pennywise that wasn’t in the book. I really loved all the adult cast. Like seriously thought this is the best a movie has done when it comes to child into adult transformation actors/actresses. You just felt that these guys are EXACTLY the kids. Just how they look and act. Unlike some critics, I felt the bond just like the first film. I felt the emotion. I don’t want to give anything away but I felt the bond betweeb two pairs, especially one of them. I really liked how the film teased a certain personal drama, but never made anything big about it. Not until the end. The cgi I am for the most part cool with. Sure, some scares were random and not really necessary. However I was good and thought it was an improvement. With that said, for gripes: to be honest I didn’t feel the run time long at all. I swear, not once did I look at my cell to check the time. I was so absorbed in the story of the characters. I think one character I guess could have beeb taken out of the story, and really wouldn’t have changed too much. In the book, this character really didn’t make a whole difference, you’ll know I think once you have seen the movie. My biggest gripe though is the end battle. I do love how the movie jokes about it a lot in hints. Very clever. Does make it feel a bit better. However......yeah, I found it lame. I appreciate I guess some weird sense what they were trying to do, but I would of they try to stick to novel material and perhaps with real prostetics. It just didn’t sit well with me. Other than that, nothing right now jumos at me. I’d rate this a strong mid B, 85/100. It’s definitely a step above the first for me, which I now is of the rare.
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