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  1. Weekend Estimates (May 2nd - May 5th): 1. Avengers: Endgame / 755.655 adm. (-36%) / Total = 2.570.789 adm. 2. The Curse of La Llorona / 47.275 adm. (-29%) / Total = 361.402 adm. 3. Dumbo / 30.035 (-20%) / Total = 1.004.256 adm. Endgame continues it's magnificent run after becoming the fastest movie to reach 2M admissions if became the fastest to reach 2.5M admissions and is on track to be the fastest to reach 3M. Where is heading is hard to predict, yet 4M it's a difficult result but not impossible after the strong weekdays and the weekend hold. As around the globe it will face it's first test when Detective Pikachu hits theaters on thursday. La Llorona in a silent run, has passed 300k admissions a very solid mark more having in mind that it faced th biggest release ever. Dumbo reached 1M admissions milestone being the 4th movie of the year (Ralph, CM, A:E) to do so.
  2. There are many factors, ER has many troubles. And the big diference in local currency revenue is that this time Endgame had no promotions like 2x1 tickets during it's first 4 days something that Infinity War had. Yet thanks the fall of the ER you can't see reflected in USD revenue. Then if you are billionaire in Argentina or elsewhere it's the same you will be billionaire even with high inflation %. Argentina has a high inflation % but also the average increase in salaries are high. For example Inflation this year will be around 35% and salaries increase will be arround 25-30% depending the industry.
  3. Avengers: Endgame is set to one of the biggest second weekends ever with a really powerful hold. In my mind the only second weekend better than this is Minion's one (857k adm.) which was pushed by holiday weekend.
  4. Thursday May 2nd Estimates: 1. Avengers: Endgame 91.905 adm. (-71) / Total = 1.901.204 adm. 2. No one cares A:E had a steep fall something that was expected comming from the hugest Opening Day ever and consuming a lot of demand. Yet compared to Avengers: Infinity War it fell just 5% (56.907 adm. -66%). If it can manage to a weekend hold below 50% will be magnificent. At this point 3M admissions are locked.
  5. Best Opening Weeks Since 2010 (1M++ adm.) Movie Year Opening Week Total Avengers: Endgame 2019 1.810.109 ----- Fate and Furious 7 2015 1.346.671 3.355.209 Avengers Infinity War 2018 1.339.565 2.856.271 Fate of the Furious 2017 1.279.306 2.738.840 Minions (**) 2015 1.177.091 4.933.196 Secret Life of Pets 2016 1.036.889 2.397.195 Avengers: Engame acomplished the best opening week ever, besting the previous record holder by a massive 34%. Also thanks to Avengers this was the best week outside of Winter Holidays ever.
  6. Weekend Estimates (25th-28th April): 1. Avengers: Endgame / 1.188.950 adm. OW 2. The Curso of la Llorona / 66.045 adm. (-62%) / Total = 279.629 adm. 3. Dumbo / 37.380 adm. (-65%) / Total = 955.711 adm. 4. 4x4 / 21.752 adm. (-58%) / Total = 271.183 adm. 5. Wonder Park / 12.897 adm. (-75%) / Total = 136.060 adm. 6. Shazam! / 10.955 adm. (-80%) / Total = 284.735 adm. No words left for the Avengers: Endgame OW. The Biggest ever for a solid 15%. There's nothing in the horizon that will challenge it. All time top 5 Opening Weekends: MOVIE ADMISSION YEAR Avengers: Endgame 1.188.950 2019 Furious 7 (*) 1.024.714 2015 Fate of the Furious (*) 969.168 2017 Avengers: Infinty War 864.202 2018 The Simpsons Movie 769.543 2007 The goal in terms of admissions is finish above Furious 7 3.355.209 adm. something that will mean reach the top 7 places, and the 3rd biggest non-animated feature.
  7. 340k saturday. Already outsold A:IW with Sunday to go 1,2M adm. OW seems likely at this point. I didn't expect this massive OW. I can't any movie to come to challenge it
  8. As mentioned before Avenger: Engame was huge, well huge can't describe it's performence. It became the biggest OD ever, and the first movie ever to open above the 300k adm. milestone. Argentina TOP Opening Days ever. Movie Adm. Year Avengers: Endgame 310.118 2019 Furious 7 (*) 268.840 2015 Fate 8 (*) 246.005 2017 Monsters University (**) 189.756 2013 Simpsons The Movie (**) 184.956 2007 Avengers: Infinity War 167.160 2018 Avengers: Endgame became Nº1 beating FF7 and FF8 that were released over Easter Holidays. So that make the result even more impressive. Also for the first time in a long time we can se how much it gathered in $: 81M ARS, which means in today's ER 1.72M USD.
  9. Avengers Endgame will have the widest reported release ever with 630 screens. Yo have an idea how big this is,the previous record holder DM3 didn't even reach 500 screens. Despite another stepback in the economy, the mood didn't change. So I still expect recordbreaking numbers.
  10. Weekend (18-22 April) Estimates: 1. The Curse of la Llorona / 171.959 adm. OW. 2. Dumbo / 107.458 adm. (+9%) / Total = 899.486 adm. 3. Shazam! / 54.899 adm. (-3%) / Total = 266.335 adm. 4. Wonder Park / 51.485 adm. (+3%) / Total = 115.798 adm. 5. 4x4 / 50.956 adm. (-11%) / Total = 240.020 adm. 6. Pet Cemetery / 30.442 adm. (-48%) / Total = 244.571 adm. Another poor Easter holiday weekend, better than last years but poor anyways. Despite that The Curse of la Llorona had a very decent OW, and Dumbo held extremly good. Yet for the movies now in theaters the big numbers end on wednesday when Avengers: Endgame madness will start. Right now Avengers: Endgame, has almost locked have the Best non-holiday OW besting A:IW performance, also has a shot to best F7 for the best OW ever. I hope more tracking appears during the week, also the screen count.
  11. A new cinema complex has opened in Argentina last week, is a Village Cinema (owned by Cinepolis) located in the city of Lujan 40km away from Buenos Aires City. The complex will add 1162 seats divided in 6 screens (4 2D, 2 3D). This is the first complex opened in the last 2 years, and there are 2 more to come later this year.
  12. Avengers Endgame has already sold over 300.000 admissions in advance as Disney has informed. The movie is on track to have the biggest OW ever. Also some cinemas will have offer shows 24 hours.
  13. The is another IMAX in Posadas, capitol city of Misiones province. There's a complex under construction with some rumors about an IMAX screen in Neuquén City.
  14. Weekend (April 11th - 14th) Estimates: 1. Dumbo / 162.784 adm. (-39%) / Total = 607.458 adm. 2. Shazam! / 109.421 adm. OW. 3. Pet Cemetary / 105.950 adm. 4. 4x4 / 83.700 adm. 5. Captain Marvel / 38.764 adm. (-50%) / Total = 1.278.814 adm. In a good weekend overall, three movies debuted in the top 5 with Shazam! being the top of the realeses despite the meh OW (In fact the lowest OW for a DCEU and if it's ñcuky it will barely cross 300k adm.). Despite the good run of the release, the high note is for Dumbo which after a strong OW and strong weekdays due to the holiday, held very well and keep it's pace to finish above 1M adm. About Avengers: Endgame Presales there aren't any certain data about how it's doing, as ever, no tracking avalilable :/. The only real fact is that both IMAX screens in the country had already sold out the first week of the movie and is selling tickets for the second week in advance. The movie is easily the most awaited movie ever, sadly Argentina is facing a crisis that may affect it's OW more if we have in mind that Disney won't have any usual promo in the first 4 days of the release. Yet imo it will have the biggest OW ever, or I hope so.
  15. Thursday April 4th Estimates: 1. Shazam! / 14.686 adm. OD 2. Pet Cemetery / 14.132 adm. OD. 3. Dumbo / 13.120 adm. (-57%) / Total = 457.794 adm. 4. 4x4 / 10.605 adm. OD. 5. Palau / 4.104 adm. OD. Poor OD for the widest release of the week, was hard to expect a big opening but this is kinda disappointing. Despite that I don't remember have 4 releases in the 5 top spots, thanks that the amount of admissions sold was good. I hope the big movies can manage to have strong sat-sun bump.
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